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Discussion on Shutter - Photography & Art WordPress Theme

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Hey KubiStudio,

For a client who is using your theme, the interface for the home page slide editor seems to have stopped working – the controls to drag & drop / add / delete items have stopped working.

We have our home page set up like the Shutter preview: http://preview.themeforest.net/item/shutter-photography-art-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/9096785?_ga=2.268096141.2017289871.1638545174-408953358.1638545174

When we go to edit the home page slider elements, the Console panel in the browser displays a bunch of errors mostly looking like:

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).live is not a function

Just hoping you could give me some advice on next steps to fix this error – what the quickest way is to fix it. I’m comfortable in PHP and adding functions to WordPress, but it would take me forever to debug this problem.

So if there’s a quick fix or even a workaround, that would be great.

Another possibility – are you developing any similar WP themes and asking people to migrate to a new theme? The product page for Shutter says that it hasn’t been updated since Feb 2018 / Wordpress 4.9.

I have confirmed that we are using Shutter version 2.2, and we are using very few other plugins on the Wordpress website.

Thanks for your attention to this.

Hi. I have some issues on my website: 1. Images are cropping on mobile view. I use the horizontal gallery. It looks good on computer, but not on mobile or iPad – it crops the images i half. 2. After last wordpress update, I can´t add images to the galleries or move images around (change possition to above or below) 3. There are some black icons shown on my products gallery. If it is a theme issue – how can I remove them? https://www.stylize-photography.com/vare/bogen-transformation-af-heidi-sinnet/ Thanks

Hi, why doesn’t adding products to the cart work in your demo? I would like to buy the theme but I saw that the latest update is on March 1, 18 and I am afraid that WooCommerce and other features do not work


We have tested our theme with latest version of WooCommerce and it works perfect. In case you need anything we’re here to help you.

Best Regards

Hello, you just deleted my previous messages (nice censure by the way !) Still nothing done on the “Add raw” issue. I will continue to tell to everyone that your theme is not working.

We have sent you an email with solution on how to proceed.


hi, i fixed the issue with your plugin. Thanks a lot. PS : the new functions.php did a critical error to the website so i get back to the my old one + the plugin and it works like a charm. Best regards and sorry for my restlessness

Glad to here that it worked :)

Best Regards

Fullscreen slider template page has stopped working. Hope there is a solution.

good job my friend

Hello, i wanted to make new projects on my webside but when i go to projects option, we can’t add images anymore for sliders (botom page of projects pages)... so their is no images on our projetcs, wich is the purpose of this them ! can you help me / us ? seams that im not the only one to have this issue, i bought it last year and its the second big issue i got.


Please contact us via stonedthemes@gmail.com and we’ll help you.

Best Regards

Hi, I already did it 2 days before your answer here (mail of 13 febr 2021 at 21:23). You didn’t answered to me yet and we need to fix this serious “add raw” source code problem. By the way, you have another source code problem : when we go on a site using your wordpress shutter them with a phone, the pictures of a portoflio gallery page are on top of each other. Best regards

Hi there. This theme is no longer working with the latest WordPress and has multiple site breaking issues for one of my clients.

Please let us know how to proceed as right now the theme is not working.

Thanks a ton, Joe

The slider function no longer works, particularly with Wordpress 5.6. My website homepage is now broken and I had to redirect to one of the gallery pages until I find a new theme. Buyer beware.

Hello, our hosting service wants to migrate the site to PHP 7.3. Is this theme compatible with that?

We already replied to your email.

Also: Is there a way to click on the image once it is fully displayed and have it go to full size (same effect as right click > view image)?

Is there a way to have images NOT cropped in Horizontal Small Template?

The Theme is compatible with wordpress 5.3.2?

Yess it is :)

How can I disable the maps on the contact forms?

Hi, i bought the shutter theme and started to create my website. But it’s not working with my phone. Only the first page is working (and looks like the page on computer) but i can’t go to the menu and so access to the others pages. Why please ? the theme shoud be responsive… Thank you.


Looks like you have missed to set a menu in manage locations in Appearance -> Menus go in Manage Locations and set a primary menu that should fix the problem.

Best Regards

Hello ! Great theme. Is it compatible with wordpress 5 ?


Thank you :)

Yes it is compatible with WordPress 5

Best Regards

How do i display text on the normal pages with template design set at Panorama Alt? the text doesnt appear anywhere?


Please write us via support tab from the account you purchased theme and we’ll help you.

Best Regards

Is there a way to randomize the order of images in the galleries? Specifically the Fullscreen Slider Page


There isn’t any option for that but if you have programming skills you can do some tricks with the code.

Best Regards

well done! good luck to you! ;)

Than you :)

Excellent support!,/strong>. Author replies fast and understand what you want.

Thank you :)

Glad we could help you :)


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