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Wow, this theme is really really amazing!!! It look so gorgeous. But there’s one problem that makes me struggle, it’s that I can’t display full albums, am I right? I’m a photographer for festivals and clubs so I need to place 300 pictures in one time. Could you confirm me if this is possible or not with your theme?

Thanks in advance and wish you a great selling rate!


replacing the default lightbox (which, btw, is PrettyPhoto) shouldn’t be that hard, just a matter of changing a few lines. By the way, PrettyPhoto offers the ability to have social features too via an option (like/retweet).

I’ve seen the update for the ability to download images. But the core function of this theme still act as a single image previewer (on each portfolio item (photo) are the EXIF details, how can I resolve this when inserting a full album?)

There’s something that says me this theme won’t work for full albums…. convince me, ok?

Hey there,

the image download option is indeed optional, and by default entries created in the Works section do not allow the download of the featured image.

Generally speaking, this feature is unlinked to the EXIF thingy.

Also, to manage full albums, personally I’d use WordPress gallery feature, but it’s up to you to decide whether this theme fits your needs or it doesn’t ;)

Mmm. Delicious. :)

Good luck.

Thanks! :)

— The Happy Bit

Nice work! Good luck with sales.

Thank you :)

— The Happy Bit

Great looking theme, I do have a question regarding the first comment.

Regarding your question, Shutter offers support for WordPress’ native gallery functionality, which lets you put multiple images inside of a blog post and display them in a nice fashion, eg. with a sequential popup view.

Would you be able to make a sample page in this theme with a native gallery setup? I’m obviously familiar with how it works out of the box, would just like to see it running on this theme. Ideally, I’d like to have 50-75 images per album, would you recommend this be done as a portfolio item or blog post? Definitely leaning towards purchasing this if the 50+ image setup would work seamlessly.

Thanks in advance,



you can find an example of a blog post with a WordPress gallery in it, by visiting our demo at http://thehappybit.com/themes/?theme=Shutter and navigate the menu through “Blog” > “Filtered by category” and open the “Magna Porta” entry.

Of course that’s a simple example showing only three pics on one row, but WordPress galleries support up to 9 pictures per row.

Also, being a gallery, it’s completely navigable within the prettyPhoto lightbox plugin.

Fantastic! I appreciate you taking the time to add this. Just to clarify, this will still allow a featured image to be shown similar to other blog posts. And just touching base with what someone else mentioned, Prettyphoto does allow for Facebook/Tweet integrating into the Lightbox, would that and a potential “Save Image / Download Image” link be easily adaptable with the current Prettyphoto setup?


integrating Facebook/Twitter is something that Prettyphoto already does, and it’s a matter of removing one line of code in our script file.

The download feature instead is meant for works featured images only.

Hi THB , Great theme, looks very slick. If its not too much to ask, is there anyway you can add a “Download” option besides the images so the viewer can download any picture he likes? is it possible?

Hey eskimo888,

thanks for the nice words! :)

Downloading featured images of portfolio items isn’t currently implemented, but we’ll definitely put such feature in in our next update.

thanks, ill wait for that update. Actually none of the themes i’ve seen on themeforest have such a thing. Might work great for a wallpaper site too (with the download option)

Yup, you’re right, it would add a nice touch to the theme, thanks again for the suggestion! :)

Looks neat. Just one little thing…I’ve noticed you’ve paginated the filterable items. You should run a jQuery test so you aren’t showing any filter links if there aren’t any items for that filter as it will return 0 anyway.

good luck with sales man!

Hey there,

thanks for the compliments! :)

Good point there about filter elements, we’ll make sure to include a fix for that in our next update!

I love this one, nice man!

Thank you! :)

Very nice template, nice work! After the purchase and installation by cons I have a concern on the function.php file that I have with your template … :(

Hi there,

thanks! :)

Head over at our Support Forums at http://support.thehappybit.com and we’ll be glad to help, in case of bugs and other requests!

What is your concern, by the way?

Hi, nice work!

Can you make html version of this theme?

Hi there,

unfortunately, an HTML version of the theme isn’t planned, as we’re focusing our efforts on WordPress development.


Hello! Do you render service in adjustment this theme?

Hi there,

not sure if we got this right, but if you need customizations to the theme after purchasing it, you can get in touch with us through our contact form here on ThemeForest ( http://themeforest.net/user/THBThemes ), and we’ll get back to you.


Thanks for your work. I just bought the theme and I’m facing a big problem about the main top navigation. I don’t have the drop-down JS effect that there is on the live preview. All I have : are all the links displayed in order without any effect. Kind of ugly :s

Is there anything missing?

Thanks for help,

Hi there,

you probably need to create a WordPress menu, and assign it to the “Primary” location in the Appearance > Menu screen of WordPress’ administration interface.

Also, if you need further assistance, please head over our Support Forums at http://support.thehappybit.com . We’ll be glad to help! :)

Great it worked :) I thought by importing the dummy content it would automatically assign the menu to primary.


You’re welcome! :)

not support iphone, ipad?? the background no reisize..??

Hello there,

the functionality of the theme is intact on iOS, and we’ve also reserved Shutter a special treatment concerning hovering events on portfolio items on Mobile Safari.

We want get experience right for this theme, so more improvements for mobile devices, including the optimization of the background, are planned and will be released in the future! :)

wow! super fast update and implementation of functionality. thank you. ps: Could you please point to me where the Download button/option is? I cant seem to find it in the preview. I only see “go back” and “fit image” options on the pictures.

Hi there,

you can see a preview of the functionality by opening the “Euismod Ipsum Commodo” work, 4th in our demo’s home page.

I’m thinking this theme would work very well for a film’s website, featuring cast and crew photos.

Is it possible to leave the photo info off the portfolio pages? I’d want to put just their bios there and wouldn’t want anything like Camera Canon EOS 5D Exposure 0.017 sec (1/60) Aperture f/10 ISO 100 Focal length 24 mm.


Hi there,

yep, all you’d need to do is not fill any of those fields (like Camera, Aperture etc.), while writing a brief excerpt: the excerpt would be then appear in place of the photo infos.

bought it ! thanks

You’re welcome,

enjoy Shutter! :)

Wonderful theme, thank you!

Thank you! :)

One question, how can I link the homepage (the first page when you go to the site) to a page named for instance, ‘Home’.


do you mean in the menu or elsewhere?

Also, in order to get support, please open a new topic on the subject over at our Support Forums ( http://support.thehappybit.com ), and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible.


The problem is solved. Thank you very much for this amazing template. My website is ready and I’m very happy with the result.

Thanks :)

Joey Verseput (www.joeyverseput.nl)

I bought it, thank you) Please, help – how to add photo to index page and self page? don’t understand(

Hello there! :)

Not sure I’m getting what you mean here, could you please elaborate a little bit?

Also, in order to get support, please open a new topic on the subject over at our Support Forums ( http://support.thehappybit.com ), and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible.

is there anyway to change the predefined camera, exposure , aperture etc to other names such as date, address time etc

never mind i got it, i edited works.php and single-works.php respectively. :-)

so now i have Date Location Time Sponsors Contact