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Hi. Is that template could’l be purchased with demo content? Thank’s

Hi there,

the template comes with an XML file that contains the dummy content shown in the demo, but the images are not part of that file because of copyright issues.


On the home page, default is the presentation of nine works, I have a preference for three works, how do I change? Another detail, because in the end is not showing the sequence of pages of numbers? I do not want the default “Previous Entries” I like your theme with the numbers 1,2,3 …

The page I’m working on is http://simparafamilia.com.br/site/

Thank you,

Hi there,

yep, there’s an option that lets you choose how many works to show in the home page, you can find it in the administration panel, under the ””Portfolio” tab of the Shutter page.

Also, to have pagination “numbered”, you have to install the WP-PageNavi plugin (and make sure not to load its CSS – you can set this in its configuration page).

If you have other doubts, please open a new topic on the subject over at our Support Forums ( http://support.thehappybit.com ), and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible.

This theme is very nice… Is there a way of having the portfolio pictures simply open up in a lightbox instead of a link?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

thanks! :)

We currently don’t have plans to make the pictures open up in lightbox instead of redirecting to their respective pages, but we’ll think about that, thanks for the advice!

“filipenogueira” go to wordpress admin / Shutter / Portfolio / How many works per page do you want to display in the portfolio page?

Eg. if you write 4, and you have 5 works, the 5th work will appear in page 2. Defaults to 9.

“wukish” yes demo content provided

love this theme, thanks “THBThemes”

ooops one issue i ran into. when setting wordpress up i set it up without preceding www. so after building site i edited to render as http://www.sitename.com not http://sitename.com

but this then disabled background images and also logo. i had to add www. to logo url and reload all background images etc

is it bug or me? lols

Hi steve2,

please open a new topic on the subject over at our Support Forums ( http://support.thehappybit.com ), and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible. ;)


we’ve examined your problem; this isn’t actually a problem at all, rather a WP behavior. If you change the site’s URL , all the linked resources (eg. images) must be edited (or reuploaded, in case of images), so that such change is reflected in those resources URLs as well.

Hi Love your new theme,

Quick questions though before potentially buying.

1) I would like to add a different logo (larger/round in the header bar is this possible)?

2) On the full screen slideshow, can the images show large captions?

3) Could I potentially add a twitter feed to the full screen slideshow?

Many Thanks Rich

Hi there,

thanks for your interest!

1) Yep, that can be done via our admin panel. 2) and 3) At the moment this is not possible. Concerning point #2, thanks for the advice, we’ll be thinking about adding such thing in a future update.

Does the theme come with any slider options, like for the homepage?


yes, the slideshow comes with the following editable options:

- slideshow timeout
- transition speed
- slideshow effect (fade, scroll up, down, left or right)

Hey can you have a look at: http://superezra.me/

How do i move the navigation bar to the left under the logo, and what font did you guys use on the demo content?

Also since i’m more of a video producer than Photographer, how do i change the ISO etc. to different text, as well as only have 6 thumbnails on the Homepage

Hi there,

if you want to move the nav menu simply add in our custom css textarea

#main-nav { float: left; }
The font on demo is Arvo (slogan) and Open Sans for text.

anyway if you need more help please open a new topic on the subject over at our Support Forums ( http://support.thehappybit.com ), and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible.

Still setting things up, but Everything seems to be working except when I view on a mobile browser the background image is not scaling properly, it’s showing as a small image in the corner. Any ideas?

Hi there,

we are working on some mobile improvements, these will be available on our next update.


Responsive design please!

Hi there,

we are working on some mobile improvements!

Thanks for the prompt response, so how can I change the text for iso camera etc. Is there a file I can edit?

Hi there,

you can change these labels on config/post_types/works.php and single-works.php, anyway please open a new topic on the subject over at our Support Forums ( http://support.thehappybit.com ), and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible.

Great looking theme – and nice to see more purchases than comments. Are there any plans for a more condensed iPhone/iPad version? Although I see it works well already on iPhone. Cheers.

Hi there,

we are working on some mobile improvements, these will be available on our next update, stay tuned!

Another quickie. Is it possible that on the home page the background image is totally visible (without other photos/text on top etc)?

Hi there,

unfortunately this is not possible, you need to have some content on your page.

Apologies if this has already been discussed. Does the theme also support Vimeo?


Hi there,

sure, support vimeo and youtube videos, and also have a shortcode that allow you to insert a custom sized video everywhere.

Thanks so much.

I would like to add a larger logo the header , can i acces to the admin panel?

Hi there,

since you’ve created a topic on the subject on our Support Forums, we can continue the discussion over there!

I’m looking to create a website for my Videos & Photography portfolio. Is it possible to get a trial/demo version of this site for like a week or 2 before deciding on the final purchase?

Hi there,

unfortunately that’s not possible, but we plan to release a demo video illustrating all of the features of the theme.

Hi there !

Can I change the Fullscreen mode ? I would like that we can see the entire pic in fullscreen. You can see what I mean on my website : www.madri.fr. For a Panorama for exemple, that the fullscreen resize use the maximum widht, not height :)

Thanks a lot !

Hi there,

to get a full background, the background images have to be rescaled in height too, depending on the viewport width, so that they take the entire window dimensions.

Also, implementing what you’re asking would lead to have two black stripes above and below the very wide background image, which is a thing we want to avoid.

With the update that’s coming along soon, we’ll be introducing the option to view images in lightboxes, in both the portfolio page and the single work page.

If you have other issues, please head over to our Support Forums :)http://support.thehappybit.com

Hi THB , had several questions for regarding the theme. Bought 3 themes ( from others developers) so far and all are pieces of junk when you install it and realized are not functional as you thought they would. Yours is freaking awesome, so far. What I like the most is the PAG NAV option, something most of the others, not to say all, have not. As I mentioned, had several questions for you but Mr. Joeyverseput answered most of then just looking at his site: http://joeyverseput.nl/ Yet still have a question for you; Can a video with 960×540 size be post ? Also, this theme have no conflict with JWplayer? Those other 3 I bought have them. Great theme Mr. And as suggestion, you may post some sites already using your theme so guys like me, lost, can take a look and figure out how to work it. Regards Erick, Panama City.

Hi there,

thanks for your suggestion! :)

As for your questions, videos can be used and they’re properly scaled so that they fit in the layout, using YouTube’s and Vimeo’s players when embedding video content.

Concerning JWplayer, we don’t see any obstacle to use it in our theme, yet that would require some theme customization on your part, of course.



I’m about to purchase this theme (which looks fantastic by the way). I was just wondering, is it possible to apply the “full with description” blog appearance, but with the sidebar? Because I like the sidebard, but the “alternative” look doesn’t give enough room for the pictures in my opinion.


Hi sydneytw,

thanks for your interest in Shutter. Unfortunately the “full w/ description” blog variation doesn’t come with a sidebar. Adding some more blog variations is something we might be thinking about doing in the future, but for now we’ll stick to the current variations set; thanks for the input, though! ;)