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how can I add php code in the menu link? Walker is not working on your theme.

I want a link to open the text message system so normally it is sms:012345679 but in stead of the number I need the place this code: <?php global $current_user; get_currentuserinfo(); echo $current_user->user_sms . "\n";?>

how can I do this?

That requires custom coding. Please send a message using this form to get in touch with our WP Developer. He is on holidays until the 23rd, this month! Thank you! :)

is there no maunal for this theme.

noob at all this but have made a few wp sites. usally i get a document that helps.

sorry to trouble again but i did download the main zip and am unable to find the manual, where is it. :(

Just redownloaded the item. There is a manual included. Please check the zip file. Thank you.

I gave this theme a 5 star rating and still am not able to submit a form on the support site. It says my purchase code is invalid. I’m trying to add icons to the side menu. Also, I can’t find the manual in the zip file. Where is it? Thanks!

Hey there! Thank you for your purchase! Make sure you enter your purchase code in the WordPress Theme Support form, not the HTML one. As for the documentation, please download the entire item, in your downloads page, when you click the download button, you are presented with a list.

  • All files & Docuementation
  • Installable WordPress file only
  • License certificate & Purchase code

Make sure you select the highighted version. Once you download all the files, the main.zip archive, you’ll find demo_content, design, documentation, side and side.zip. The documentation files can be found in the folder with the same name!

If you still have questions and our support form is not working, you can always forward your question through our profile page contact form. Thank you again, for your purchase and your rating! We appreciate it! :)

perfect! Thanks!

No worries, glad it helped. :)

The default setting has the word “Side” written in a script font in the upper left corner on every page. I know how to replace that with an image, but is there a way to replace “Side” with a different word? I like the size and way that looks but I need a different word.


Hi, thank you for your purchase!

That image is the main logo and it can be replaced from the “Options Panel”.

You can create a new image using a similar font and upload it.


Last two questions.

1) Can I remove the header all together (each page just begins with whatever content I place on the individual pages)?

2) How can I change icons on the side menu bar or add icons to new pages that I want on the menu?


Hey there and thanks for the purchase! I’ve notified our WP devleoper. He’ll answer your question, right bellow my reply as soon as he gets my email.

Hi wrnoe0, thank you for your purchase!

1) yes you can, but you need to modify the page templates, or you can hide it with CSS

2) you need to create new CSS classes for the menu items, and use your custom icons.

For more help, please open a support ticket here.

oops…I think the response above ended up in the wrong place?


Notified Cosmin, he’ll reply shortly!