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Very nice!!

One thing: where’s the menu in landscape mode?? :)

Hey there tomdekok! Thanks for the nice words! The menu hides itself in landscape mode for 2 reasons!
  1. So you can have the benefit of browsing in fullscreen and enjoying all the content!
  2. Because the menu items will not fit the screen on all devices, and this is a simple way to assure maximum compatibility!

Plus, the HTML version is the same, so we decided to remain consistent with this version as well! :)

Ah yes, that’s what went through my mind as well, it wouldn’t fit. Good choice! :)


Thanks again for the kind words mate! :) Feel free to ask if there is anything else that you need help with! :P

Looks great, Enabled, congrats :)

Hi, I like your theme and just bought it. I understand the theme is brand new and needs some minor fine tuning. Is there a support forum where I can get help when I find minor bugs? For example: when entering a Google Analytics code the whole menu moves to the right. All the best! /Jonas

Hey Jonas! Thank you for your purchase! For support, please visit the support page , and select the departament you require!


Thank you for your purchase!

There is no support forum, you can either contact Paul (Enabled) or me through our profiles and we will assist you with any problems.

Or you can visit this support page , and select the departament you require!

Quick tip: make sure you add the code with the <script> tags, not without them.


Nice theme. Good luck with the sales.

Thank you joefrey! Much appreciated!

How would I use this in conjunction with an already existing desktop theme?


CosminCotor replied bellow! He’s the WordPress developer! :)


A redirect script is available for download, for free, once you purchase this theme. You can use it in your main website.


Hi, I just bought this theme and I too has an existing desktop theme. WHere do i download the redirect script, and more importantly, what are the steps?

Please advise.

CosminCotor replied bellow! He’s the WordPress developer! :)


To download the redirect script or for support related questions please visit this page.


Hi, nice theme, I’m interested in buying but I need to ask if this works with iPads and Android Tablets as well. I see a focus on the iPhone keyword in the description but not on tables so I want to make sure it will work.

Best regards

It will work on iPads and other tablets, but the item is specifically built for small screen devices! :)

The preview isn’t working here. Is there a link I can use to see it on my Android phone and tablet?


It is working. I experienced some issues with my server! Please try now! :)

Still not. Can’t see the menu on the preview. Thx.

It’s working properly. :|

Since this is a mobile website, it would be nice to actually see the live preview on a mobile device. It looks interesting, but I can only see it from the frame you provided. Even when I view the demo page from my iPhone it shows the iPhone frame and says “Please visit from your mobile phone! This page is made to work for mobile devices!”...but it doesn’t work and it doesn’t redirect. It looks just like the desktop version except it has no website inside the frame.

You should at least provide us with a URL or QR code so we can see it on our phones.

Sorry about that! QR code has been added! I usually add them once the file is approved! Forgot!


...Looks good!

Is there a way to see the desktop version? I Love the mobile version on my SGS2 and tab 10.1

Does this have the ability to embed VIMEO videos? I would like to purchase it but this is the deciding factor before I do.


This is a mobile theme, for mobile devices only.


The pages and posts are the same as they are in a regular theme, so yes you can embed Vimeo videos the same way you would on a regular theme.


Hi, i just purchased the theme (which is very nice!), but i need it to display only on mobile device (i thought that it had some type of device-detection)...

It is possible to leave the desktop theme to display on computers, and this theme only on mobile devices?


Hey there barbITA, please visit our support page, and click the redirect icon. You will be requested to enter your buyer code, found in the downloads menu, the item itself, item license text file. Once you have done that, it will begin downloading together with a set of instructions on how to implement into your main site. If you have trouble implementing it, use the same support page, and click the WordPress icon! Your mail will end up at Cosmin’s inbox, which is this item’s WordPress developer! :)

Hi there, I purchased this theme and I got a question. Is it possible to add links to the slider images on the homepage ? Either assign them or a post, or add ourgoing links to them.

And if yes, how ?



Thank you for your purchase!

Because the slider has a swipe feature, links aren’t possible. Otherwise users might, involuntary, click the images and end up on another page instead of seeing another slide.


Hi Cosmincotor,

I see what you are saying. But I would like to take a chance and put a link in the image, even if it gets clicked by mistake. Is there a way to do it ?

I’m looking at line 18 of the page-home.php file, and I tried a few things but didn’t work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Best regards

For a better support reach, considering you purchased the item, please visit the support page and click the WordPress icon! Follow the instructions there!