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How does this look on desktops? I am trying to find a theme that autodetects when a user is on their computer so that it still displays (reasonably) well.

It displays reasonably well! :) It’s specifically built for mobiles, so you can imagine the quailty on a desktop screen is not 100% perfect! :)

Can we get a link to see what it looks like on desktops?

Contact me through my profile please! :)

I sent a message earlier today. Eagerly awaiting your reply. I have my money ready and waiting :)


No menu on landscape mode ? So how do you navigate between pages ? You turn your device to portrait mode to access to menu ?

That’s the way this template was built. You can edit the CSS to make the menu visible but it will not be scrollable. If you want a template with a sidebar navigation and a scrollable one as well, please check Troller or Noiser from my portfolio! :)

OK, I’m gonna look at these ones, thank you for your kindness :-)

No worries, feel free to ask if you have unclarities! :)

Am I missing where to add the call and text icons and links to the navigation? Also, the contact icon is not showing even though I put the class on it.

Please visit the support page, and select the WordPress icon. Follow the instructions there! :)

I think the theme looks awesome! Best mobile theme I’ve seen for months. Do you need to install any plugin to activate it or the WordPress will detect a mobile browser and do the switching?

You need a separate installation. This is not a plugin! It’s a full theme! Once you’ve installed it, you can redirect your viewers to the mobile version using a redirect script the WordPress dev will supply. You can contact him via the support page! :)

Awesome theme! I’m just wondering if there is a way to add new CSS nav bar images?

is it possible to create RTL direction of this theme please


Thank you for your purchase and kind words!

You can write your own Css rules and add your custom images/icons if you need to. Use the existing rules as examples.


I believe it’s possible, but you’ll need someone to customize the theme.


Is this a theme by itself? I have an existing theme. Will it override?

Hey there rayee, this theme requires a separate installation! :)


I have almost the same question, what already asked about the desktop version but: If there any chance to view the template on a desktop as like the demo page shows? I mean with the iPhone gfx. I’m looking for the same thing as it shows up! What do you think? Is it hard to be coded?

Many Thanks Zoltan


I’m not sure I completely understand what you wish to achieve, do you want the users to be able to see the frame around the mobile site if they visit the mobile version from a desktop browser?

If so, it is possible and you can contact Paul (Enabled) for the preview frame.

For more details please use the contact form on our profile pages.


Pre-sale question: Why can’t we see the BLOG posts? This is actually the only element i would be interested in. Loading the Blog posts when the site loads. Your demo does not show how blog posts are presented?

Also, Does this support most mobile phones? I tried a few other Themes similar to yours and they failed in these areas:

- do not support embedded post images (in a post).  Something so simple is not scaled properly?  They run off the screen.   We have step by step tutorials and so there are many screen shots taken and inserted into the the Posts.  Does your theme scale the images so they fit in mobile screen (responsive)?
- Adsense Ads do not appear when using the most popular Adsense plugin QuickAdsense.    This plugin works with WPTouch and other mobile themes.  Have you tried?


Click “Blog” and then “Read More”. The default front page is a custom template, but you can use the blog page instead if you wish.

I answered your second question on “CeeVee”, the answer is the same for “Side” (take a look at the “About” page, the image at the top is responsive, and inside a post/page).


I can’t see BLOG in your mobile demo (scanned qr code)

How does the desktop version look like please? and is there anyway to have multiple language version, like Arabic (RTL) and English (LTR) with an icon to change between languages? I have tried to contact you but there’s no other way than writing you a comment. Looking forward to hearing your response, Thanks.


The blog page isn’t set as the first page, you can click the blog link in the main menu to see it.


This theme doesn’t have a desktop version, it’s only a mobile theme. You can add multiple languages if you modify the theme, or use a plugin (or something similar).

If you have any other questions feel free to ask. You can also contact us from our profiles.


isn’t there anyway to say how it looks like if someone browse it via desktop? just to have an idea?

It’s a MOBILE Theme, there is NO Desktop version, as Cosmin already said.

Hello, I am interested if the theme is NexGen gallery ready. My site is based on nexgen galleries and I want to show them in mobile versio. I have some custom fields for every picture from the gallery, so I want to show them. Is it possible


I cannot tell you for sure, because it hasn’t been tested with that plugin. Custom fields are supported though.