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Besides the live preview, can you direct me to any sites that currently use this mobile theme, so I can have a better idea of what it looks like before I purchase? Thanks.


I have messaged you through your support website and still haven’t heard from you. I am having problem with the theme not working properly over my existing theme. Please help me please.

Please read the instructions! As mentioned in the documentation, please install this item as a FRESH install. You’ve sent a whole lot of text that says the files are already installed. Remove what you’ve uploaded from the package thus far, and reinstall it properly.

We do not reply to questions that have answers within the provided documentation! :)


I have followed the instruction but it doesn’t tell me how to install over my existing theme. I have emailed twice requesting how am I to have my website work proper. I purchased this theme assuming it would no affect my current theme. With this mobile theme it requires me to configure my current them to have the mobile theme to work.

I can’t have my current theme “Menu” configured or my website will not work.

From the documentation. You cannot install 2 WordPress themes one over the other! That’s basic WordPress 101!

It does not affect your current theme! This is installed in a separate WordPress! If you require more help, please contact us through the support system found here. Please select the WordPress icon. If you send a message regarding WordPress to the HTML department it will most likely be ignored.

Just like any other WordPress theme “Side” can be installed in a few minutes.

Follow the steps bellow to install “Side”:

1) Install WordPress on your server, if you don’t know how to do that please go here – http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress

2) go to your WordPress admin panel, and then to “Appearance > Themes”

3) click “Install themes” at the top, and then click “Upload”. Browse for “side.zip” and once you select it click “Install”

4) Once the theme is successfully installed you will see the theme options page, click “Save All Settings” once before you visit your new website


I would like to know if Side Mobile is compatible with WPML plugin for multi-language sites and if I can use it as mobile theme and keep my actual theme as desktop navigation.

Thanks in Advance


The theme was no tested with WPML.

You can use this theme and keep your desktop theme, since the mobile theme requires a new WordPress installation.


Where we can see blog page?


Click the “blog” link on the sidebar, and “read more” on any of the posts to see the single post page.


Can you please confirm if this will work with tablets, blackberrys and all major latest mobile devices….


Yes, it works with tablets ( but it’s not optimized for tablets! It won’t look as good as on a mobile device ), BlackBerry and all latest major devices! :)

I’m interested in purchasing this theme,but I’d like to see some examples of real sites that use it. Can you please provide some links? Thanks.

I’d like to see some too! But clients don’t send me links! :(

Does this theme provide a bulk method of uploading images to the gallery. Also, I am a photographer and as such need multiple galleries… nudes, glamour, lingerie etc. Is there a way to do this?

I have bought two mobile themes so far and have been extremely disappointed.

Hey, I’ve asked our WP developer to reply to this question, please check back in the next 24 hours, his answer will appear just bellow this question! :) Thank you!


By default the theme supports one portfolio. It can be modified to offer multiple categories.

You will have to create each portfolio item and assign a featured image to it. The images can be uploaded using the media uploader provided by WP.


is iPhone 5 supported full screen?


Tap the Live Preview button and check it!

It does work, you simply need to edit the header.php or index.php file and replace the meta tag for mobiles with

<meta name="viewport" content="user-scalable=no, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0"/>
and it will work like a charm! :)

Hi, Quick question for you, as this template is perfect for what I need: Is there any reason I would not be able to add an RSS feed to a page using your template? I’m not familiar with Jquery and need my WP blog from my main domain (this will be on a subdomain) to be on my mobile site. Thanks!

Please check the answer bellow this reply! :)

Perfect, thank you!


You should be able to add it, either with a plugin or custom code.

It depends more on your skills than on the theme. The theme works like any other regular theme, and has been developed to avoid conflicts with plugins (the ones that are coded properly).


The live preview is not available. It seems to be missing from the slider options for all your templates

Also, is this also available in plain HTML version as well as Sider WP version?

Hi how can I make the Call icon and Message icon in the menu visible?


Thank you for your purchase!

Both icons are actually menu items, so you need to add two new menu links to your main menu, and assign a CSS class to each one (please check the documentation to see how to add those classes).


My splash screen just shows a white page when I save it to the iPhone 5 Homescreen.


Sorry for the delay, please use the support form and I will look into it.

Provide a link to your website, and if possible create a new, temporary user for me.


Hi how can I add an add to homescreen popup?

This theme does not come with an add to home button! :)