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Sidelined - a flexible, modular Wordpress 3 theme

Sidelined - a flexible, modular Wordpress 3 theme

Introducing Sidelined – the flexible, modular Wordpress 3 theme with 4 distinct colour schemes, horizontal or vertical menu layouts (plus static and drop down menus), flexible layout options and galleries & image sliders all powered by a wealth of shortcodes to give you the power to easily create your website, your way.

View the Sidelined demo site which is set to display left aligned with a static menu. Remember though – you can centre align the site and choose a drop down menu too!

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Centre aligned, top menu.


Left aligned, top menu.

Sidelined - a flexible, modular Wordpress 3 theme - 1

Left aligned, left menu.

Sidelined - a flexible, modular Wordpress 3 theme - 2

With Sidelined we wanted to create a theme which made it easy for you to format content and add features like columns, galleries and slideshows. To do this, we’ve created a suite of Wordpress shortcodes encompassing all the key functionality. The great advantage of this approach is that you can use shortcodes in any content area, meaning you are not overly constrained as to where you add the features – you can, for example, add shortcodes through the main editor on posts and pages, in widgets in the sidebar or bottom content area. This approach also allows us to streamline the user options admin panel.

Quick list of available functionality


  • Add image sliders to any content area (jQuery Cycle or Nivo sliders with choice of autoscroll, hide navigation, FX type, width, slices (Nivo only))
  • Create multiple galleries with various hover / popup effects and autoresizing images (handy!)
  • Format content into columns
  • Make your text stand out with promo text (available with large/small font size settings)
  • Highlight your most important text with our highlight shortcode
  • Display a blog post or posts in any content area
  • Show/hide content on click (via jQuery)
  • Use multiple pre-formatted list styles (styled lists with ticks, crosses or squares)
  • Add pull quotes to your content
  • Add ‘Back to top’ links with smooth animated scrolling and your choice of link text
  • Add a second custom menu to any page area.

Custom widgets:

  • Custom AJAX contact form
  • Custom Twitter feeds


  • Full Wordpress 3 custom menu support (primary and secondary menu placeholders included)
  • Choose your own background image or colour.

The admin panel contains:

  • Select colour scheme (yellow and black, blue and light grey, red and black, stripey)
  • Select pop up skin style (5 Colorbox skins included)
  • Menu type/placement (select left or top navigation)
  • Set number of bottom content area columns (0 – 4 supported)
  • Exclude blog categories
  • Enable sidebar on blog pages (all other pages allow you to set this on a page by page basis)
  • Add logo
  • Add favicon
  • Add header script
  • Add CSS overrides
  • Set footer copyright
  • Add footer script.

This theme includes the original PSD file.

Version 1.3.3 – updated timthumb.php library (security release)
Version 1.3.2
- Updated Cufon script to support IE 9 font rendering.
Version 1.3
- Added new pagination support (will use WP-PageNavi if installed).
- Fixed TimThumb image errors when using WP 3 MultiSite feature.
Version 1.2.4
- Added support for fallback menu (for users who do not use the custom menu generator)
Version 1.2.3
- Updated drop down menu style
- Fixed instances of ‘back to top’ not scrolling on some installations.
- Amended ‘homepage’ template content positioning
- Amended behaviour of sidebar when blog page set through Settings -> Reading.
Version 1.2 – This adds a drop down menu for use with left and centre aligned site placement. Also restricts ‘static’ menu option to left aligned site placement only.
- Changed stylesheet to allow more flexibility regarding custom logo size.
- Updated documentation to include more gallery examples.
- IE 7 gallery item positioning fix when gallery items span rows.

Version 1.1acentre-aligned site option added.


Having issues setting up the theme? Already read the documentation and looked at the FAQs? Send support requests from the contact form on this page. Please include the website url, ftp details and a username/password to access your Wordpress admin and we’ll do our best to help.

We can also help with any bespoke customisation you may require – just contact us and we will give you a quote.