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Nice theme, really needs to be center-aligned though. Current position makes for awkward viewing/reading imo.

Thanks for your comments!

We’ve been really surprised by the feedback we’ve got about this. Certainly we don’t feel left-aligning a site impacts at all on reading legibility. Our view was just that we wanted to offer something different from most templates here.

But – we’ve listened – and now the theme will support centre-alignment when using the top menu option.

cheers WDP

Yes very nice indeed.

I agree center-aligned for sure. Id consider buying with the change.

Yeah awesome theme, i agree centre aligned would be great

Center-aligned is really the only missing element of this fantastic theme….

I hope author will listen and provide update soon.


Perfectly mate! good luck!

Yes center please

This is really cool; I love stripey! One thing though, I abosolutely, wholeheartedly DISAGREE with everyone else above – the theme is called SIDE lined, if the designer intended it to be centered, it would have been centered!

That’s the problem with themeforest sometimes, people don’t think outside the box, so you get a bunch of themes that all look the same, all act the same, and are pretty much the same (just with different sliders, lol!).

I like this theme the way it is. It’s creative, unique, and not your average run of the mill, website you will find all up and through the internet.

To the Author: If sales is the issue, change it so that more people will buy it (and that is a respectable decision); however, KUDOS on your creativity. Keep it up. I’m finding a project for this one, as is.


Thanks chocopink. We’re kind of on the outer edges of the TF ecosystem and purposely don’t look at too many themes on here. We want to be creatively different and I’m glad you appreciate that.

Having said that – if centre aligned is necessary for a theme to succeed then, yeah, we’ll do it :)

On the second thought, I actually agree with chocopink…

Could not resist, just purchased the theme for my own site :-))

Thanks xdexx. We are going to offer a centre aligned version which will work in tandem with the top (horizontal) menu option – it’ll be available in a few days (it’ll be submitted to TF this morning).

cheers WDP

Please add: -a normal drop down navigation -a main slider with the choice between a NIVO , JQUERY, or CU3ER , or accordian, - 3 wigitized areas in the body - a simpler color switcher with at least 1 or 2 “glassy” options – maybe throw in a grunge skin for good measure.

and I will buy.

Just kidding man, great theme – I get it. Looking for a project to buy it for! Good luck!

disclaimer – no knock on the above elements – I use them & clients love them. :)

Hehe. Thanks for the feedback!

Don’t forget though Sidelined does offer a slider widget so you can put Nivo/Cycle sliders in any content area… I doubt it would have been accepted on TF without those!

For all functionality we’ve gone the shortcode approach so widgets aren’t as necessary – chuck any element wherever you please.

web- sorry I was being sarcastic :) I really like the theme as is, no changes! I’ll definitely find a use for it!

Hi tkavanaugh – I got it! I just thought in case someone read it and didn’t understand the sarcasm they’d think the theme doesn’t have any of those elements :)

Is it possible to somehow set a different background image/colour per page?


Hi xdexx

The theme uses the WP 3 background colour/image functionality which sets it per site, not per page.

You could hard code this though. For example, after creating a page, view the source and see what page ID it says in the body class tag (eg `page-id-5`). Then in your CSS Overrides panel in the Sidelined Options page you could set a unique colour there, like: `body.page-id-5 {background:blue;} `

cheers WDP

Hi there,

I don’t know why, but I love this theme.

Tell me, are there any plans for a dropdown menu? Cause, I have about 7 links and I think they won’t fit in the line.

And what if you a have a third level of links?


Hi hjs2k9

Thanks for your comments. We don’t have any plans at present for a drop down menu but if it’s a popular request we’ll certainly add one (as we did with a centre aligned version which a lot of people asked for).

Conceptually we based the menu on news.bbc.co.uk which has only two levels of primary navigation (and that is a HUGE site). Remember because it supports two menus, you can always add more links to your secondary menu and include it in any content area/sidebar.

cheers WDP

Having said that – we decided it was a good idea and have submitted an update to TF with a drop down menu included :)

cheers WDP

That’s great. Tell me, is there a way to see it in the demo? But sounds very well and I am very happy with the “service” ;)

Love it, but the explanations are poor.

The gallery function is killing me. I have been trying all day to get it working.

Ive managed to work it out through trial and error but everytime I add excerpt=”fadeonhover” to my gallery shortcode the gallery image disappears….

Any ideas?

Also, can I get confirmation that adding a ‘gallery’ means adding a gallery item? I cant work out how to add a lot of images into a ‘gallery’ I can only seem to add a new ‘gallery’ then set the feature image to be the ‘image’ rather than adding a gallery then adding images to the gallery…


Hi Simoniredale

It’s all contained in the ‘Galleries’ section directly underneath ‘Posts’. Add a gallery type, then add new gallery items and tag them to that type. So in our demo we created a gallery type of ‘homepage’ and created 6 gallery items tagged as ‘homepage’. For each gallery item we set the featured image which is the thumbnail you see on the homepage.

Perhaps the easiest way to help would be for you to give us access to your WP install and then we can set up a few example galleries for you so you can see how it works.

Alternatively we could send you our demo site xml file so you could import it and see how we created the galleries.

By the way, thanks for your comments as they’ll help us improve the documentation. We’re considering whether a few screencasts might be of use to take people through some of the shortcode functionality as well.

cheers WDP

thanks for replying. Yeah I kind of worked that bit out, this way is ok if you want each gallery ‘item’ to be a page, so lets say a case study section with 6 case studies, all with text and images ‘under’ the button. However, if you just wanted an image gallery on the page with popup of a series of images (like your page on colorbox transitions, number 1 specifically) then it seems like a lot of work to create essentially just ‘images’? Or am I missing the point.

Also, any idea why my excerpt fadeonhover is making my hero shot disappear?

Just a couple of helpful points for anyone using this:

In the documentation it says to add the shortcodes into the ‘editor’ screen, this doesn’t work. You have to add them into a normal post box (ideally in HTML mode)

‘Add New Gallery’ is misleading(to me anyway) it means add Gallery ‘item’ which could be a page of text or just simply an image (displayed by using the feature image function) Dont try adding tons of images and expecting that to work, it wont.

Apart from that it’s pretty tight. I’m Creative Director at my agency and was trying to use something that didnt require my technical team. However, looks like I may have to get them to tinker with it after all.

Si (by the way WDP , by all means email me the xml) Ill email you separately.

Hi Simoniredale

Thanks for taking the time to reply. We’ll send the xml to your email address and address your other points there.

Just a few quick comments – the ‘editor screen’ is the post box, so I guess whilst the documentation is correct it’s a matter of choosing the best terminology. Not sure really what is better to use, but hopefully a few screenshots in the docs will help clarify what we’re referring to. In short – all Wordpress shortcodes go into a content area, whether it’s a sidebar/footer widget or a page/post – and for pages/posts, all shortcodes should go into the editor screen.

Interesting comment too about the ‘Add New’ terminology. We’ve followed the way the posts menu works – you’ll see under that you’ll have ‘Posts’, ‘Add New’ and ‘Post tags’ which maps to our custom content with ‘Galleries’, ‘Add New’ and ‘Types of Gallery’. So in our case, ‘Add New’ refers to adding a gallery item.

We’d need to see your demo site to see what’s happening with the excerpt fadeonhover. Could you, via email, send us a link?

We’ll definitely look to get some examples in the docs to illustrate the different gallery options too.

cheers WDP

Just a quick update to the group (and hjs2k9) – we’ve submitted a new version to TF which includes a drop down menu which you can use with the left and centre-aligned site placements.

We’re restricting the static menu option to left-aligned sites only, as the output of the Wordpress 3 menu generator doesn’t allow us to write the markup necessary for this approach to work when using the centre-aligned option.

This update also allows for more flexibility regarding adding your own logos, so you’re no longer restricted to a certain amount of space for them to fit into.

You can preview the drop down version here: http://www.webdesignpeople.net/tf/wp-sidelined/premium-theme-features/

cheers WDP

I was wondering… you mention the secondary menu option. Is there any chance of the secondary menu being relocated below the regular menu, or can it only be used in a sidebar?

Hi audeo13

The secondary menu is a shortcode, so it can go into any page/post content area or sidebar/footer widget. We could do this as a customisation though – drop us a line via our contact form if you want this.

The recently included dropdown menu type should negate the need to place the secondary menu under the primary as a hack-ish way of adding more menu options, so hopefully that will suffice.

What in particular are you trying to achieve?

cheers WDP

I see that your theme has commenting for the blog pages, but I don’t see a form for people to leave a comment. I see the contact form in the footer, but how does a user leave a comment for a specific post with your theme?

Hi JGWeb

They use a comment form under the article. For example: http://www.webdesignpeople.net/tf/wp-sidelined/2010/developed-for-wordpress-3-2/

cheers WDP

Original design and fantastic support! Thanks!