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Great theme! Is there an easy way to switch to another cufon font?!


Hi slapdash

You’d need to upload a different cufon generated font file (see: http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/) to the theme’s /js folder, and then change the lines in /js/functions.js that mention ‘Museo 100’ to your new font title.

cheers WDP


I’ve just found a bug in the site which I thought you should know about. When opening the site on larger displays the middle section (body) moves across to the right hand side of the page. You can recreate this if you restore down your browser window and drag it out to the right. Over a certain point it snaps over to the right.

Not sure where to start looking for a fix to this so it would be great if you could get back to us with a resolution.



Hi blademultimedia

Thanks for letting us know about this, we’ve looked into the circumstances behind it and have put together a fix.

It takes a few days to go through TF’s approval process, so if you’d like us to send the amended theme on to you, please leave us a message via the contact form on our homepage.

cheers Anthony

Hi Sidelined folk,

Nice theme but I’m having the same problems as Blademultimedia.

When I select a static page as the homepage the content div shifts to the right also:


It can be fixed by removing margin-left:10px in 960.css but I don’t want that to have any unforeseen effects on any other pages later in development of the site.

On another note, the theme doesn’t seem to be compatible with The Events Calendar plugin – events show on the site like this:




Thanks kops. As I mentioned to blademultimedia above, we’ve put together a fix.

It takes a few days to go through TF’s approval process, so if you’d like us to send the amended theme on to you, please leave us a message via the contact form on our homepage.

cheers Anthony

Hi again :)

I’m banging my head against a wall trying to set up a simple news/blog page. I’m confused as it should be simple to set up the newspage exactly as you have done in your ‘blog with sidebar’ example.

I’ve created a container page ‘News’ and a post category ‘news’. I’ve added the shortcode [showposts category=”news”] and enabled the sidebar on this page.

Logic tells me that without specifying a grid number for the posts in the shortcode that they should automatically go to 100% width but this is what I get:


So I try another approach and remove the shortcode from the News page and set this News page as the blog page in the Settings/Reading options. Now all the posts are there but no sidebar. I’ve added a couple of text widgets to the Blog Sidebar but they don’t show.

Any hints to replicate your ‘blog with sidebar’ example would be much appreciated – I’ve been up and down the Help file many times!



Hi again

The blog with sidebar example uses a page with sidebar set to show and the following shortcode:

[showposts type="first" number="4" grid="grid_8" singlepostgrid="grid_8" category="Blog with sidebar"]

This includes all blog posts with a certain category (‘blog with sidebar’ in this case) and tells the theme to display 1 blog article across the full content width – grid="grid_8" sets the parent container size and singlepostgrid="grid_8" sets each blog item size. As they are the same, you’ll get each blog post using the full page width.

Does that clarify? We’re going to make some video tutorials later this week to help people out with the shortcode system… it seems they’re needed!

cheers Anthony

Nice theme. Good luck! :)

First of all, it’s a very nice theme.

But i have some menu problems. Take a look:

I downloaded the theme version 1.2a with this errors. The live preview version is 1.2b and i think there are all my menu problems fixed. Is it possible to get this version?

Best regards Stephan

Hi Stephan

1.2b has been submitted to TF and is in their review process which can take a few days. If you want it sooner, send me an email via the contact form on our homepage and we’ll send you the zip.

cheers Anthony

You have a mail.

Thanks a lot. :)

Good morning, I purchased your templates:”Sidelined – a flexible, modular Wordpress 3 theme”. I have a problem with the gallery. I can’t add it in my site. I started to create a gallery with the tag=”prova” then i created a page in the site with this [shortcode]: [showgallery type=”first” number=”1+ galler type=”prova” singlepostgrid=”grid_1” showtitles=”true” behaviour=”popup” popuptype=”linked” order=”asc” orderby=”date” excerpt=”fadeonhover” imageheight=”any valid image height”]

The problem is that i can’t see anything in my page. Can you help me with this problem please? Thanks for your time. Best regards



number=”1+ galler type=”prova”


number=”1” gallerytype=”prova”


Good morning Kops, thanks for your reply. I tried to do in this way. In the page i can see the excerpt of the gallery but i can’t see the picture of the gallery. Now i have this sentence: “Warning: Division by zero in /var/www/vhosts/dadonet.it/httpdocs/wp-content/themes/sidelined/includes/shortcodes.php on line 378”

i am very glad if you can help me. Best regards

You have to change this

imageheight=”any valid image height”

to (example)


Try that :)


I am sorry Kops, but it doesn’t work. I am trying to write you my steps .

1. I created a gallery and i wrote in the excerpts:prova. than i used a feature image, it’s name is “1.png” I saved the page.

2. I created a page and i wrote the seguent shortcodes: [showgallery type=”first” number=”1” gallertype=”homepage” singlepostgrid=”grid_1” showtitles=”true” behaviour=”popup” popuptype=”linked” order=”asc” orderby=”date” excerpt=”fadeonhover” imageheight=”300px”]

I saved the page.

Maybe I skipped some steps.

Thanks for your time. Best Regards

Hi dadonet

Could you contact me via the contact form on our TF homepage with your Wordpress login details and I will take a look. It’s difficult to troubleshoot just going by a description.

I can see one issue from what you’ve written – you should use excerpt="hover" instead of excerpt="fadeonhover" which was incorrectly stated in the original documentation. If you upgrade to the latest theme version you’ll see it states using excerpt="hover" instead. The latest documentation also includes a series of example gallery shortcodes to hopefully help people understand how to use it better.

cheers Anthony

Possible bug (probably me being a moron) – sidebar not showing on archive pages:


I’ve enabled the sidebar on blog pages in the theme options but get no sidebar on the archive pages.

Could you possible have a single toggle in the theme options to turn sidebars on or off globally across the site?



Hi webdesignpeople,

after an update to version 1.3.2 i have allready the display problems.

Please take a look: https://www.pixando.net/?page_id=599

My installation: Wordpress version: 3.0.1 Active plugins: Exclude Pages from Navigation (1.9)

Cheers, Stephan

Hi Stephan

Unfortunately I get a series of insecure certificate warnings when I try to view your site. Can you turn off your HTTPS /SSL so I can view the site?

cheers Anthony

Is changed.

Re. Previous post – figured it out – I have to enable the sidebar on every single post in order for the sidebar to display on category pages?

Hi kops

First – thanks for helping dadonet above!

And yes – at the moment the theme lets you decide whether to show a sidebar per page / post. But I like the idea of globally forcing sidebar on off for all blog content, so stay tuned for an updated theme with that option.

cheers Anthony

Hi Anthony,

This is a little weirder than single post sidebar enabling, though. If I have an archive page for, say, the news category of posts, in order for the sidebar to display on the archive page itself, every single one of the posts contained within that category (or it miight be just the ones displaying on that archive page at the time) have to have the sidebar enabled as it seems their sidebar setting overrides the container page’s sidebar setting.


Good morning Webdesignpeople.

This is the page of the site where i want to include the gallery. http://test.dadonet.it/?page_id=828

Can you help me to fix this problem please? Thanks for your time and best regards

Hi – replied to your email – hope that helps!

cheers Anthony

@kops – I’ve submitted a new version (1.2.5) which adds a feature in the admin options allowing you to specify whether to globally show or hide the sidebar for all blog content (blog front page, authors, categories, tags, date archives etc).

cheers Anthony

nice one :) thanks for the fast work!

Hi there… This is a fascinating theme… looks like a template not for the lightweight or novice… Which is okay, unless you’re building a site for someone who doesn’t know a thing about web design and code….

I’m wondering two things:

have you made / provided a Blog template for this design that does not require the use of shortcodes to set up? for that matter… have you made any special page template designs that don’t require shortcodes?

second: If I have the menu set on the upper left side, how can I get the menu to stay fixed so it scrolls down the screen as the viewer scrolls down?

thanks, Sitka

Hi wahkeenasitka

Sidelined supports the standard way of displaying your blog content – just set your blog page as normal via the Wordpress ‘Settings’ menu and your blog posts will appear. We’ve just added extra ways for people to include blog content into their pages should they wish to do that.

With this theme we didn’t want to force people to choose certain templates, which is why the functionality is bundled into shortcodes instead. Having said that, we’ve styled all the standard Wordpress templates – static pages, blog, search results, error (404), archives, categories, comments etc so not everything relies on shortcodes – they’re just there to add options to how you present your actual content.

To fix the left hand menu you could override the default approach by adding the following into the CSS Overrides box in ‘Sidelined Options’:

.nav-left-vertical #primarynavwrapper {position:fixed;}

cheers Anthony

hey there. great theme. is there a way to make the thumbnails that show up on the homepage to crop into portrait vertical images instead of squeezing them down?

Hi kaipham

If you’re using the ‘hover’ excerpt type (as found on the homepage) then you can also set the image height (eg imageheight="406px"). So you can make the images as deep as you want – just set imageheight to the actual height of your images.

cheers Anthony

sorry i guess you’re not understanding the question. is there a way to use different sized images in the gallery so that they do not distort… for example if the thumbnail could be cropped into the image instead of just squeezing the proportions

Hi kaipham

The featured images are resized automatically using the TimThumb library which needs at least a width to work with – because of that, each gallery item’s featured image will be resized depending on how many columns the gallery will have.

Having said that, they should not distort – they should stay in proportion. Could show me your test page?

cheers Anthony