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sorry, I have a few more questions, because I don’t get it to work:

1. I would like to have a link in the top navigation to the blog area. There I want to display all the blog entries as it is usual in a blog. However, I tried simply adding the [showposts] shortcode but this does not work, because it only shows me the latest one and presses it to the left although I did not mention the grid value in the tag.

2. On the start page, I added the showpost-tag in order to display the latest three entries from the category news. However, it does not show the date, which I find senseless and it shows the whole text. It would be better to show only, lets say 400 letters and then place a “read more” link or something like that.

Is there any other way to display the latest three entries on the front page as a preview including the date and time of the post?



Could you send me a note via our ThemeForest contact form (http://themeforest.net/user/webdesignpeople) with your site URL and Wordpress login details?

I need to see exactly what’s happening before I can help.

I can say however that you should add the Wordpress ‘more’ tag into your blog posts, then only the content before the ‘more’ tag will appear using showposts

cheers Anthony

i would like to create my own ColorScheme option. ( ie upload my own cusomt image folder )

what parts of the code do i need to change , so that i can get that new color scheme option to show up in the Sideline settings / Colour Scheme?

thanks again!

Hi arturm

You’d need to alter sidelined/admin/adminoptions.php to include the new colour option, put the relevant images in sidelined/images and new css in sidelined/css.

Having said that, it’s not something I’d recommend you try unless you know how to code and are comfortable working with Wordpress/PHP/HTML/CSS

cheers Anthony

Hi everyone

I’ve made a 5 min video which takes you through how to create a gallery like the one on the demo site homepage. Have a look here:


It has sound, so put your speakers on :)

cheers Anthony

thanks Anthony! i can handle the code ;-) just wanted to make sure i wasnt missing anything.


im testing this Theme with a Subdomain i made using Mutliiste.

and when i create a new User Admin for that site , it doesnt show me the “Sidelined” options in the Appearance.

However it does show me the Sidelined theme and its Gallery options.

p.s. do u have an email i can reach you at? or possibly a forum?

thanks again..

Hi arturm

The best way to get support is via the contact form here: http://themeforest.net/user/webdesignpeople

It’s much easier to keep up to date with conversations that way. This comments system isn’t very good!

cheers Anthony

ok i seemed to find a hack that does the trick. But its still a hack. /admin/adminoptions.php

line 161

change:  add_theme_page(“Sidelined Options”, “Sidelined Options”, ‘edit_themes’, ‘functions.php’, ‘wdp_themes_admin’);

to:     add_theme_page(“Sidelined Options”, “Sidelined Options”, ‘edit_posts’, ‘functions.php’, ‘wdp_themes_admin’);

if there is a better way let me know. thanks

Thanks, I’ll have a look.

Just to confirm – you’re talking about using Wordpress 3 Multisite? http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network#Step_3:_Allow_Multisite

cheers Anthony

yes thats the one :MultiSte..but thats not my main issue now..

main issue: the Gallery ShortCode is NOT working properly on the regular WP 3 install. and doesnt work AT ALL on the multi-site version.

im using the same code for both: [showgallery type="normal" number="1" gallerytype="kitchen" grid="grid_12" singlepostgrid="grid_12" showtitles="true" behaviour="popup" popuptype="linked" order="asc" excerpt="hover"]

i followed your video tutorial perfectly!

on the simple WP 3 install – the gallery thumb loads BUT the popup funciton doesnt work. instead when u click it goes to a new page. http://www.wp.design2dev.com/wp/kitchentest-1/

on the WP MulitSite install: the gallery thumb doesnt even show up!

please help! *time-sensitive project. thanks


Hi arturm

Please send me a note via the contact form here: http://themeforest.net/user/webdesignpeople

Include temporary Wordpress and FTP access details and I’ll be able to look at your install and troubleshoot your problem.

cheers Anthony

Hi arturm

I’d still like your site access details, but in the meantime I’ve had a quick look at your site and can see you’ve got a plugin that’s loading an old version of jQuery in.

<script src="http://www.wp.design2dev.com/wp/wp-content/plugins/galleria-wp/js/jquery-1.2.6.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

This is conflicting with the one provided with Sidelined and causing javascript errors, hence why the theme gallery popup isn’t working.

cheers Anthony

A great theme! This might be obvious and I’ve overlooked it but I’m trying to get the front page sidebar widget to appear on the left of the page instead of the right. Is there an option for this?

cheers Jonathan

Hi jhallett

There isn’t an option to move the sidebar to the left, but it wouldn’t be hard to do if you’re happy fixing it to the left and are confident with CSS /HTML.

Otherwise, we could do this as a quick customisation – send us an email via the contact form at http://themeforest.net/user/webdesignpeople and we’ll give you a quote.

cheers Anthony

Hi again

I was also wondering what file I would access to edit the white box of the main page template – is there a way I can add a drop shadow to it? Or give the top right corner a beveled edge?

Is it possible to remove the search button from the top of the site?

Thanks heaps j


To change the white background, you’d want to add CSS targeting #headerwrapper and .content elements.

For example, in the ‘CSS Overrides’ box in ‘Sidelined Options’, add: #headerwrapper{background:red;} This would change the header to a red background. To remove the search box, you could just add #search{display:none;} into the ‘CSS Overrides’ box.

cheers Anthony

Thanks heaps for your responses. Very helpful and everything sorted. Really appreciate it.

I’m trying to configure the showhide shortcode and I’m not having any luck. I can get it to work fine with all text but what I would like to do is have an image be the trigger and not text.

I want to click an image and have the content expand below it while the image is still showing above it.

Is this possible with the existing shortcode? Is there an easy rewrite to make a new shortcode to do this?


Hi Lonnie

Hopefully you got my email about this and got it working. If anyone else needs the same, send me an email and I’ll give you a new functions.js file.

cheers Anthony

I’m also having a problem with the gallery – I want to use the 4 column gallery and I believe the code is correct. I’ve tried changing the columns to 2 and 6 to test them but it doesn’t matter what I put in the ‘singlepostgrid’ it shows in 3 columns only.

Any thoughts?

Here’s the code:

[showgallery type=”first” number=”4” gallerytype=”homepage” grid=”grid_12” singlepostgrid=”grid_3” showtitles=”false” behaviour=”popup” order=”asc” orderby=”title” excerpt=”hover” imageheight=”160px”]

Hi Lonnie

I replied via email also. Here it is for others if they have the same issue:

I can see you’ve got a line break in the shortcode after singlepostgrid="grid_3" . Can you get rid of that? Should be fine then.

cheers Anthony

Fantastic Template!

Just wanted to take a moment to say that this is a wonderful template that’s extremely full featured and very open ended when it comes to custom design. But, the thing that really puts this one over the top is the great feedback from the designer.

‘WebDesignPeople’ has responded to every question I’ve had in a very timely manor, and has been very helpful.

Definitely worth the purchase!

Thanks Lonnie :)

Love your how creative and original this template is!

This might be very simple but I’m going crazy trying to figure it out! I need to do a popup gallery that features 3 different images. When you click on one, it displays several images (not the ones featured). Is this something that can be done with this theme?

This is what I’m using: [showgallery type=”first” number=”3” gallerytype=”webdesign-gallery” grid=”grid_12” singlepostgrid=”grid_4” showtitles=”false” behaviour=”popup” popuptype=”linked” order=”asc” orderby=”date” excerpt=”hover” imageheight=”185px”]

Any ideas?

Hi Toni

I get what you’re trying to do. By default Sidelined doesn’t take this approach (our last template @Studio did). I’m going to look at adding another shortcode to do this as someone else asked about it too. Send me an email via the contact form on our ThemeForest homepage if you’d like me to let you know when I’ve done it (aiming for this week).

cheers Anthony


Can’t figure out why pagenavi is working under the last post. and can’t seem to properly configure page navigation to fall under the last post.

I’ve tried placing <?php wp_pagenavi(); ?> just about everywhere in the footer.php and it won’t work. Any ideas?



Sidelined already supports pagenavi. If you have it installed it automatically calls the pagenavi function from within the template. If it’s in the wrong place for you, send me an email via the contact form on our ThemeForest homepage with your login details and I’ll take a look.

cheers Anthony

Good morning, I have a question about “add the tags in the theme”. I red in internet that to add the tag in my pages I have to write this code: <?php the_tags(‘Tagged with: ‘,’ • ‘,’

I would like to know where i have to write this code, if it is index.php or another php docs.

Thanks very much for your help.

Best Regards


Apologies for missing this request. This commenting system isn’t the best for keeping track of things!

You can add that code to home.php and index.php which both handle blog posts. Look for something like: <p>&lt;?php the_time('F j, Y'); ?&gt; - &lt;?php comments_number('no comments','one comment','% comments'); ?&gt;. Posted by &lt;?php the_author_posts_link();?&gt; in &lt;?php the_category(', '); ?&gt;.</p>

and replace that with:

<p><?php the_time('F j, Y'); ?> - <?php comments_number('no comments','one comment','% comments'); ?>. Posted by <?php the_author_posts_link();?> in <?php the_category(', '); ?> with tags <?php the_tags(); ?>.</p>

cheers Anthony

Hi there,

can you tell me how to change the font? I went to the url and created my own .font.js file and tried to replace that one with the existing. With no success. :)

I found a little bug, when using a vertical layout on a big screen (1920×1200, only the width is important), the pages/posts get positioned next to the header.

Maybe it’s possible to have it centered to avoid a problem like this. Can you help?



Sorry, checked out some previous comments and saw you are fixing it. Saw a comment about the font aswell.

Thanks, looking forward to the bug fix


I’ve submitted a new version to ThemeForest to fix the content area moving across on big monitors. In the mean time you can download the stylesheet here: http://www.webdesignpeople.net/tf/wp-sidelined/wp-content/themes/sidelined/style.css Just replace the one in the theme folder with this one and it will fix that issue.

Regarding the font, send me an email with what you’ve done so far and I’ll take a look.

cheers Anthony

Drop down for vertical and centre position aswell would be a great option. Very creative theme! Works great!!! 5* :D

This theme is something new, out of the box unlike the most themes on Themeforest. It’s better to have different themes in your collection than more of the same, so buy it :) The support is great aswell as the file itself!

Hi, the twitter widget isn’t updating – is this a current issue?

cheers, Jenny

Hi Jenny

There aren’t any outstanding issues with the Twitter widget. If you’re not getting any tweets showing it’s probably because you haven’t tweeted in a while. Try tweeting from that account and see if it shows up.

If you get a specific error message can you let me know?

thanks Anthony

Seems ok – updated TweetDeck and cleared browser cache etc. and tweets appearing ok in widget.