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Hey Anthony,

I left a comment a week ago about pagination for galleries. I bought this theme pretty much for the creative gallery options. Is there any way to paginate the galleries without having to hand code it onto every page? Is there a plugin that you know of that will work? A response would be greatly appreciated.



Hi John

Apologies about the late reply, I was full tilt on a project and then had a few days holiday.

There isn’t a quick way to put pagination on gallery pages, primarily because it’s called via a shortcode and not a page template. I could do this as a customisation – just send me an email via the contact form on http://themeforest.net/user/webdesignpeople and I’ll be able to quote.

A lateral solution is to use smaller gallery groupings and display them across a number of pages.

cheers Anthony

Hi, i have purchased this theme which is great!! I’m not really an expert of codes, so could you advise, if possible, how i can customize the theme 1) to draw the line between the content and sidebar, and/or 2) paint the background of the content and/or sidebar area? i would like to highlight content vs. sidebar somehow. Thank you so much for the advice!


Can you email me via the contact form in the right hand column here: http://themeforest.net/user/webdesignpeople

This is so we can talk through your request in further detail.

cheers Anthony

Hello, Great theme and I’m appreciating the documentation. Quick question: I’ve inserted a gallery with Title = “true” and Excerpt = “visible”, but I would like these to look different from the body text, namely I’d like the title of the gallery item with the dotted line to have bigger text and the excerpt text underneath the thumbnail to have smaller text.

Could you please point me to where in the CSS this is controlled?

Thanks much, PM


You should add new styles specifically targeting these elements. You can add these in the ‘CSS overrides’ section of the Sidelined Options Panel.

To make a bigger title, try: div.childpost p a{font-size:14px;} To make a smaller excerpt, try: .content p.excerpt{font-size:10px;}

cheers Anthony

Hi, I’m using Sidelined theme. I need to hide the page title on selected page… I tried the CSS solution #page-id h2 {display: none;} but it doesn’t work!

Any suggestion?



Hi, why is not possible to have a “Static” Menu Type with a “Centre” Site Alignement? My site is this one: www.gires.it but I’d like a configuration like this one: www.devilsgarage.com

I have also noticed that if I choose a left site alignement with a dropdown menu, all the menu in the sidebar and in the bottom content are not displayed correctly: they are not listed but consecutively written…



Hello folks

Just a reminder that the best way (by far) to get help is to email your questions to us via the form on our ThemeForest homepage: http://themeforest.net/user/webdesignpeople

cheers Anthony

Why is the demo website down – like the domain has expired?