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Pre-sales question, is there an option to put social network icons on the sidebar? Thx

Hi, there are no options per say but you can place any content you like in the sidebars. Perhaps even using a social plugin would suit.

Love your work Orman. Quick question: What inspires you? :)

This looks like a great theme once again, Orman! I haven’t purchased it yet but one quick question I have is, can you limit the amount of work that displays on the home page, say to 6 “latest” projects?

Hey, yes you can choose the number of items you wish to display from within the theme options.

Hi Orman,

Great theme! I’d like to adjust the permalink settings a bit. Is there a way to change them from:


and from:


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of my files, I truly appreciate it! Support for all my themes and templates is conducted through the Premium Pixels support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or the support team can take a look at your issue :)

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

I’m tempted! But alas- your response to always use the forum that is hardly manned with little or no support is stopping me this time around.

Good luck.

Hardly manned? We have 3 support team members operating in the forum with responses often made within minutes (last response made 29 minutes ago as I write this which isn’t bad). I’m not quite sure what you are referring to here but thanks for the comments and the luck nonetheless.

Based on the previous comment, just wanted to say I have been using Orman’s support forum for other themes I have purchased from him and I always get quick and relevant responses. I am really pleased with the support provided there. Just wanted to mention that.

Thanks, I appreciate your kind words and I’m glad you’ve found the forum useful!

Orman thanks for this work – you are my hero, yes thats true! Greetings from Switzerland ;-)

Thank you, and greetings from England :)

Great theme … again!

I will be purchasing this them … just a few things …

1) Can the sidebar be placed on the left instead of the right?

2) Can social icons be added to the footer like your “Garnish” theme?

3) There seems to be a strange thing happening with the “Back to top” button on the side when you go to either of the video project pages … on my computer in safari the grey box does not move but gets permanently rendered.

Thanks for the help … I’m a customer and big fan of your sites!



1. Yes, you will need to make a couple of small CSS edits to achieve however. You’ll need to tell the sidebar to align left and the content to the right.

2. If you are proficient with HTML then you can edit the footer template and include your own social icons. There are however no options built into the theme for this.

Scratch that … I removed the top frame and it works fine. Let me know about 1) and 2) ... thanks a lot! E

Very nice, as always. What impresses me most about your work is how you make everything look so clean and uncluttered.

Making minimal designs look good is the hardest thing, but you seem to be a natural talent for it. I wonder how wold you be at creating a graphic-heavy theme?

Good luck with sales, although I know you don’ t need it…

- Mac

Thanks Mac, I appreciate the comments :)

You did a great job. A really great job, Orman. Thank you.

Thanks, I appreciate that! :)

Thanks a lot Orman!!! I really love your great designs and awesome customer service!!!

Hi Orman … I was just wondering if there was a way to have the “toggle” short code automatically be hidden instead of it being shown?? Thanks a lot – Love the theme!! E

Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of my files, I truly appreciate it! Support for all my themes and templates is conducted through the Premium Pixels support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or the support team can take a look at your issue :)

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

wow, another great theme orman! just a quick question before I buy:

Per default the portfolio seems to be the “homepage” ( – can I have the blog there instead and use the portfolio on a page like Is this just a simple change in the wordpress “reading options”?


Hey that’s right, changing the reading settings will allow you to have the blog as your homepage.

Just a notice, your “back to top” button changes to an all-transparent opacity if you press it several times after scrolling the page to the top. Keep that in mind for your next update, it shouldn’t be too hard to fix i guess :)

hi, sorry for the stupid question, but i appreciate any help. i only work with html servers (and dont know how wordpress works), could I use the theme in this case if i manage the content myself? (or, is the html or an html version of the page available somehow?). thanks.

Hi, there is no HTML version of the theme available however WordPress is fairly simple to use. Once your theme is installed you can also edit that theme in the same way you would a normal site i.e. HTML /CSS

Dear Orman,

Again, a presales question .

We’re down to our last two options: Garnish vs Sideshow

Sideshow is the look we’re going for and it would be a winner if we just had an answer to these questions:

1. When I click on a skill, say Photography, is there a way to keep Photography highlighted when it lands on the project page (Along with the other tags the project has, say art direction, etc)?Because right now, only the projects are highlighted in red.

2. Regarding Navigation BETWEEN projects, in the pagination below, we see that the next and previous project titles dont follow a system (Chronology, alphabetical, skills involved or otherwise) Is there a way to introduce a system here? eg: If I click on project 3, the Should to take me to Project 2, and the <next> should take me to Project 4 Or, If I click on a project in Photography, it should take me to the previous and next projects <em>within</em> photography Thanks! Beautiful themes, both of them. Waiting for your reply. Hamsa</next>


1. This is not something which is possible without delving into the code. Unfortunately WP does not know that the item belongs to that skill. You could figure out a way to make it aware but it would involve development work on your side to make it happen.

2. The pagination does follow a pattern, and that pattern is by date posted – on project 2 clicking next will take you to project 3. It may not seem like a pattern on the demo site as I have manually rearranged the projects menu in the sidebar. Making the pagination aware of what skill you are in would again be possible but it would take some development work to achieve.

Thank you orman. We have decided to run with Sideshow, See you on the forums :)


Hi Orman, I’ve been working with Classica for the development of my website, but now I’m in love with Sideshow. Sorry for the junior question here, but I’m very new to WordPress. If I purchase and install Sideshow is there documentation of how to switch over from Classica?

Hi, there is no documentation on switching between the two but if you have any trouble you can get help in the support forum

Once again…another beautiful site! Mad Props. Is there anyway I can get this, not as a wordpress file? For some reason, when I’ve used your wordpress sites in the past, they have had significantly slower load times then a regular HTML site that I’m hosting personally…

Any chance I can get this as just a straight up HTML site?


Hi, unfortunately this is not available as a HTML template, only WordPress. If you want to speed up installations then I would definitely look into the use of a CDN and caching plugin.

Hi Orman,

I am divided between Gridlocked & Sideshow, both slick designs. My project will show snapshots of websites (images in landscape orientation!) Each image may not blow up to enlarged, but will need to lead to a single page for details.

A nudge here please.


Either will suit your needs, it’s really down to which you prefer :)