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Hi, I was wondering if social sharing buttons can be added instead of the excerpt in the gallery view? Is this hard to modify by adding facebook, twitter, & pintrest?

Hi, you would need to look to a plugin to add social sharing buttons. That or modify the theme files to include the code directly. The theme does not come with them built in.

Hi, when a project is selected, can you show both a video and stills?

Thanks, Tim

Tim, primarily the projects are meant to show one type of media at any one. The project page is broken down into a media container (audio, video, images) and the project content (written word). Should you choose for your media container to show images for example, then there’s nothing stopping you from embedding video in your post content and vice versa.

A bit long winded but yes, you can show different types of media in the same project. You will just need to insert one of those types into the project content itself.

Thanks for the quick reply.

For my case, it’d make sense to add the video to the project content. Do you have the code that will link vimeo videos? If i copy the embed code from Vimeo, nothing happens.

Thanks again.

You should be able to post the embed code right into the content. If you start a new thread over in the support forums we can take a look at what’s happening with your site –

Hey, I love the theme. I’m trying to decide between Slideshow and Artiste. I like the two column home page that Slideshow has, but I also like the individual pictures (with next and back) that Artiste has with the projects. Is there a way to incorporate that part of Artiste into Slideshow?

Hi, it would be possible to add a slider into the Sideshow theme, however, it would take some modification of the theme files to do so. You would need to work with a developer to integrate it.


Please can you head me in the direction of how to sort out the ‘Internal Server Error’ when trying to post images in portfolio posts?

Thanks a million


Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it! Support for all our themes is conducted through the ThemeZilla support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue :)

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Hi Orman,

Are there any plugins that support ‘portfolio’ posts? Most ofthe plugins that I am looking for eg. SEO , iPhone responsive, search… none of them include the portfolio posts. Any good plugins that you know of?


Josh, I’m not entirely sure what you mean. You need a run down of plugins which support custom post types? That would take an age.

i bought this theme today and im really happy. Im new in the world of websites and wordpress. Do you think you could explain to me, how you got the pics on the Main page in this small size, like in the demo version, i’m obviously to stupid. I made portfolios and other categories but i’m having problems, cause the are not showing as thumbnails on the mainpage, hope you can help me. Thanx

Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it! Support for all our themes is conducted through the ThemeZilla support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue :)

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Hi there,

Great theme!!! I saw in your response that the homepage gallery can be tweaked to display a specific category, rather than the portfolio posts. Very good.

I am wondering if the homepage gallery can be tweaked to only display specific portfolio posts, not all of them. For example, I will have 1) advertising and 2) design samples and I prefer the homepage to only show my advertising samples.

If this is possible to do, then I will surely be purchasing this theme. It is lovely. So clean and simple.


Hi, it is possible to do as you have described but you would need to edit the code to do so. It’s a fairly simple enough change to do, we can certainly point you in the right direction in our support forums.


You advise someone to do the customization for Sideshow theme.

Is possible you give me the contact?


You could try WerkPress, they’re a nice bunch of dudes

Hi I am new to WP and I have been looking through tons of themes online and your themes are some of the nicest ones around and they appeal to me.

I am interested in your Slideshow portfolio theme the most as it shows project images vertically rather than the < next > type on say the Artiste theme.

My only problem is that I want to show larger images than the 600px wide ones that you use. I would prefer to use say 1200px wide or at least 900px wide images.

Basically I am looking for a theme that shows project images vertically at larger size with option of showing up to 15-20 images per project.


Without modifying the Sideshow theme you would be limited to the smaller size. You may consider Nucleus ( or Scope ( as they both allow for much wider images and simply remove the slider in favour of stacked images. It’s a fairly small change in either theme and we can give you pointers on how to do so.

Orman thanks for the reply. My heart is set on Slideshow though. I came across this guy who seems to have modified Slideshow with larger images. That was exactly what I was after.

How much work would it be to modify the Slideshow to something like that? Also could I have 10-15 images/video under each project?

The example site isn’t the Sideshow theme, it’s something else altogether. It would be possible to modify into something similar, but it would be a task for a developer. Perhaps a day or two of modification.

Orman me again. Going back to Nucleus and Scope you said changing to stacked image is a small change. Is there a limit to how many images I can stack vertically under one project? Also image dimension is 940px wide, what about vertical image dimension? Any limit on that?

So these themes are not responsive but are they still viewable ok on ipad etc?

Sorry about the 100 question.


1. You can display up to 10 images for each project. 2. There is no limit on the height of the images. 3. They are perfectly viewable/functional on mobile devices. You should give the demo a whirl on the devices which are important to you.

I meant questionS. Jeez cant edit the post. Something has gone wonky~

Final slightly unrelated question. All these themes on Themeforest, what happens to them when WP gets updated? Does the website break? If my website is working fine then is there any reason to update WP?

Nothing should happen to them in theory. If we do have any issues with themes and the latest version of WordPress, then we issue (free) updates of the themes.

No limit to image height means I could technically combine two images to make it appear as one long image? Anyway I was just wondering why there was image limit in the first place?

Either way Omran I will be going with Scope. I did a blind test with my wife and she picked Scope too :-) So Scope it will be. Thanks Orman.

Yes, no vertical limit means they can be as tall as you like. They are restricted in width so they the fit the majority of screen sizes.

Good luck with scope!

Hey there Orman, I got a question, is it possible to flip the Menu, Projects, Skills section to the left (like “Artiste”) instead of the right. I love the design of “Sideshow” but prefer the flow of reading of “Artiste”.

Hi, it’s certainly possible to do if you’re comfortable changing CSS . You would need to change the CSS to move the sidebar to the left.

I just bought “Artiste”. Thanks Orman.

The live preview seems to be down.

Hi, I have just bought this as part of the Print Designer bundle and am having issues getting the theme to pick up the portfolio template… Please can you help? An example page would be this:

as you can see the portfolio template doesn’t pick up


Purchases of the bundle are as-is purchases and are not eligible for support from authors – this was stated on the sales page as you can see here at the bottom –

In short, there is no physical way we can validate your purchase as you have effectively bought from the Envato account and not our account. Authors only have the ability to verify purchases of their own files – we just cannot physically verify your purchase I’m afraid. This goes for all items in the bundle, not just ours.

From the looks of the example page you linked however, looks like the theme is setup just fine. The portfolio project’s title and meta data is displayed at the top, and the images in the content – just the way it should be. All that is left is to turn of the comments which you can do from the discussions tab in the post edit screen. Perhaps check out the demo again

Very nice theme. One pre-sale question: Is there any option for display order of the items in portfolio? Is it post time ordering or alphabetical or do you have any option for ordering like that? Thanks.

Hi, images are uploaded like so – – you can order them however you like.

Hello Orman, I am a big fan of your work and most of your themes, just wondering do you have issue with social media? no social media icons anywhere!! as you know that is really important, any solutions, suggestions ? Thanks

We don’t place any social media icons into themes as there are 100s of plugins to choose from which do just that. We even built one ourselves

And there are 10000000s of users they do not have any development background, that is why the most chose to buy a ready made theme. plus it wont be perfect as if it is built in within the actual theme development.

Hi Orman, I have been using this theme for a while now and just tried to add the “custom twitter widget” to my sidebar – however my tweets aren’t showing up? I’ve double checked that I have the right twitter account name … anything else that I can do to get this to work? Thanks!

EDIT : Seems I have an old version of the them 1.0.2 … How do I go about updating the them to the latest version? I think this will fix my problem.


Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it! Support for all our themes is conducted through the ThemeZilla support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue :)

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

Hello Orman great work and i like that you keep the things light.

I also bought the Print Bundle so I’m aware that I cant get support from the author. just a small question.

The lists of skills and projects in you demo is custom menus?

Hi, that is correct. They are custom menus (Appearance > Menus) which are shown using a custom menu widget (Appearance > Widgets)