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Thanks so much.

Like it very much! Great work :)

Thank you, I’m getting there! :)

Very elegant design – best of luck with it!

I feel the theme is underpriced though – should be a lot higher than $7

many thanks. :)

excellent! (: purchased on first sight!

Oh, thank you so much! What an encouragement! :)

very nice work both design wise and code wise.

Thank you, I think I’m improving with each file I submit! :)

beautiful design and nice effect. good luck!

Thank you! :)

Lovely design. Scripts look familiar though :)

Thank you and thanks for your kindness and understanding.

Very smart. Bookmarked this as I think I’m gonna need something like this soon.

Why isnt this in wordpress? love this theme!

I see. Well, I am very much looking forward to that. Hopefully I’ll remember to check by in some time! I currently roll with the Shapeshifter theme @, but I feel it’s a little out-dated as to what is on the market now. Agree?

Is that you?! :)

Yes, that is me. My website is my most important marketing tool, so I need it to be really fresh, fast, and effective and good on the eyes. You know what I mean?

Beautiful and functional. Could be used for almost anything.

Thank you.

Totally gorgeous.

Going off to find a project for it.

Back soon.

Did I mention it was gorgeous?

Really dig this!

However, is this technically a one page website? also, is there any way to adjust the appearance of the lightbox… say without a white border for example?

amazing work!

It is a one page theme, I have also included the templates for Pretty Photo that come with the plugin. I think that most have white borders, but if you know how to edit css, I am sure that you can get your desired effect.

sounds great! Thank you

Excellent piece of work!!. Just what I needed right now.

Quick question: I want to slow down the nivo slider from 5 secs to 15 secs. I´ve changed the pauseTime from 5000 to 15000 but the duration on each image remains the 5 secs default. Is there something more I should do? I´ve checked the nivo slider site but didn´t found what I´m missing here.

Tks for your work, I´m really enjoying it!

Hi, yes I know…..
Ok if you look in the head section…
1: change :-
<script src="style/js/jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

<script src="style/js/jquery.nivo.slider.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Then open up the nivo.slider.js – scroll down to the bottom and there you will see the settings to change the speed.

Hope this helps! :)

Any word on making this a wordpress theme?

No sorry. Somebody did say that they would look into it for me, but I think that it might be a while.

On the homepage, how difficult is it to add a “featured” video instead of an image?

I’ve just checked the Nivo Slider support page and it says that only images can be used in the slider. Any other html will break the code.

Hi, Great Theme!

Will I be able to add the same type of frame you have around the images to and embedded vimeo video?

Thanks RL

Thanks! Do you mean the image frames on the portfolio that shows Vimeo? Then yes..

What I mean is I want to embed a vimeo video on the homepage. Without using the fancybox thing, will I be able to simply add the image frame around the embedded video. Does that make sense:)

Ok sorry! If you don’t want to use the Nivo slider and have a video. You could use the background frame. You would have to resize the video to fit of course.

What is the name of the font being used for the logo?

Dancing Script.

“Ok sorry! If you don’t want to use the Nivo slider and have a video. You could use the background frame. You would have to resize the video to fit of course.”

- How difficult is this? I have no web experience.

Please can you email me through my profile page, it will save on the comment lengths! :)

Great work. Looks very nice.

For some reason, one problem I am having is the contact form. I followed the instructions and know a little about php (have completed a few contact forms in the past) but unable to make yours work. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

Thanks for the kind comment… :) In regards to the contact form, what is happening? You might like to email me through my profile page so that we can chat further. Jo