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Just bought your template and I really love it!

Already translating it into dutch.

Is there a way to add an uploadbutton to this page?

The only thing I can find as a php script, but I don’t think that will work??


It should do. I’m not quite sure what you mean by an upload button? If you would like to discuss this further, please contact me through my profile page. Many thanks.

Hi, Hope all is well with you. I purchased your templete and was wondering if you can help me with this problem

your templete consist of the following: welocome Resume ( bio | emp | edu | Skills | Clients ) Page with Images Services Sortable Gallery Feature Works Thumbs Extra elements contact

I am trying to set it up this way myself. I wouldnt need a home page becuz I have designed my own. with being said, I will have to rename your index.html to home.html to allow me to use my intdex .

2. What do i need to do to have these three pages with causing an disfunctioning?

Resume ( bio | emp | edu ) Sortable Gallery contact(without the google map)

I was able to put in all of my images etc., but everytime i try to move the unwanted section of the html it messes out the flow of the site. please please help.

Thanks you so much.

Hi, it will probably be better if you could contact me through my profile then I can chat with you directly. It should be quite easy to do as you just need to remove them pages that you don’t want where I have commented them in the html. Anyway drop me a line….

I purchased your template, nice work

Thank you


Thank you so much for such a lovely compliment. I hope that you enjoy customizing it.. :) Jo

Hi – love the template! Can I insert a 360 degree photo tour (flash player 10) without screwing eveything up? I would love to use the template for real estate homes viewing.

Thanks, Bill

I shouldn’t see why not as it is a html template.

Hello Josweb,

I enjoyed!

Sorry for my broken english and my stupid question but i don’t speak in english very well and it’s difficult for me to understand anything in the read me section (for the code it’s ok but for the explanations it is more complicated for me)

My stupid question : what’s the code for the button link (visit site) if i want to link to Contact section in the index page ?

I would like to use this button for “Contact” and not “Visit site” to return on the Contact Section.

Argh.. really sorry for my english.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

All the best

Maho the froggy :-)

I’m not really sure what you mean? Why not copy the existing code and change the text to – contact?

Thank you for the answer and sorry for the barrier of language

In this code :

(<)button(>)(<)a href=”#”(>)Contact(<)/a(>)(<)/button(>)

not () in the code of course

What’s the link instead fo # for going to the Contact section ?

I try ”#contact” or some others but nothing doesn’t work

Contact in the menu is controlled by h1. When i click on Contact in the menu, i arrive to the h1 section in the page—> (<)h1(>)Contact(<)/h1(>)

With the button (“visit site” changed in “Contact”), i would like arrive to this contact section in the index page.

I’m sorry if i’m not clear.

All the best


Hi, sorry I am not sure how to do it either. I have tried the way you have and I don’t know any other way. Perhaps you could try asking in the forum? If you find out how please let me know!


Don’t be sorry, it’s not really important.

Your work is nice, perfect and well documented, I just wanted this little thing in more, but if it is not possible, I am otherwise going to make.

May be to supp the button :-)

All the best and so many thanks for your answers


Hello, I have been working with this theme for a couple of days now and had a couple of questions regarding the Contact section.

1. I realize that I don’t know enough about php but would it be possible to add a phone field in the contact form? 2. Is it possible to automatically have the form clear after the email has been sent? I feel that it is confusing to users if the data still remains.

Thank you very much.

I should think you can add a new field to the contact form. There is a reset button on the form to clear the information.

I have no idea why I cannot install this theme. I’ve tried the broken theme tutorial and still I get that its a broken theme. Please let me know exactly what folder I need to compress and upload. Its driving me INSANE .

Are you trying to upload it as a wordpress theme? If so it won’t work as it’s a html template.

Well I guess that makes a lot of sense then. :(

I am sorry but it does state that it is a html template.

Hi, Great template. Busy working it into an Asp.Net MVC application and works great.

However want to split out the sections (Welcome, Resume, etc) out into seperate pages, having the menu (ddsmoothmenu?) have links to these pages instead of showing the relevant section on the page.

Will figure it out eventually, but any thoughts on this?

Doing that, I’ll also just want to include just the necessary js files on each page. But guess that depends on what’s being used on each page, so not much you can tell me there.

Either case, great work. Keep it up Krok

Many thanks for your kind comments regarding my template. I think that you will find it quite easy to add more sections to the menu once you start editing the file. Copying and pasting the sections that you want will make it easy for you.

Awesome theme with even better support. Buy with confidence here! :)

Thanks for the wonderful comment! :)

Hi there and thanks for the beautiful design. I haven’t been able to find the exact file to edit, in order to change the nivo slider effect to “FADE.” I believe it is the “random” effect I should be changing to “fade.” but apparently I am not modifying it in the correct place. Could you give me any advice on this? Thank you.

Hi, the slider is already set to fade…..

style >js>jquery.nivo.slider.js

The settings are at the bottom of this file.

The package I downloaded has the folllowing files in the js folder: (all dated 12/07/2011) .DS_store jquery.form jquery.prettyPhoto jquery-1.5min quicksand scripts

Am I missing a file or it is within one of these files? (Sorry if I should know this already. I tried to research and modify on my own without bothering you. I’m usually able to figure it out without pestering the author, but hit a brick wall this time).

Sorry, forgot to use some html breaks in my post: This should make more sense:

The package I downloaded has the folllowing files in the js folder: (all dated 12/07/2011) .


Sorry, you are right I was looking at my demo which has the full nivo script. I have minified it in your download and you can find it at the bottom of the scripts js. Anyway to add the fade effect just replace the script at the bottom of the html for the slider pics with this.
<script type="text/javascript">
              $(window).load(function() {
                effect: 'fade';

hi josweb,

i think, it would be really big advancement, if the urls would correspond to pages like http://www... / .../#resume or #services AND the pages would be reachable thru this links. With other words, it would behaive more as “normal” multipage site. something like here:

this would be probably better for seo and give lacking possibility to set intern links (from #service to #contact for ex.)

all the best

Hi, I’m a little confused with the menu. I want to change the links, so say for example I want to change “Welcome” to “Home” and “Sortable Gallery” to “Our Photos”, how do I go about doing that? I see the <ul></ul> list where I change the menu text, but where are the corresponding h1 tags that I’m supposed to change?

I’m confused because in the menu I see <li>Sortable Gallery</li> but its h1 tag reads <h1>Portfolio</h1> – they don’t match???

The menu links are indeed controlled by the menu list, simply change these.

So if I change “Resume” in the menu ul list to “Calendar”, do I have to change anything else?

No you don’t.

Thanks for the previous help. I have one more issue that is causing me some grief.

I want to delete everything on the “Featured Work” section and replace it with something else. However, when I do that, the entire menu stops functioning. I have narrowed it down to this section of code that is causing the problem:

<div id="thumbs"> <span><img alt="" height="40" width="40" src="style/images/1-s.jpg" /></span><span><img alt="" height="40" width="40" src="style/images/2-s.jpg" /></span> <span><img alt="" height="40" width="40" src="style/images/3-s.jpg" /></span> </div><!-- End Slide Thumbs -->

I think the id “thumbs” is linked to something in the “scripts.js” file, but I’m not sure what to edit out to fix the problem. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time.

Remove the following from the scripts.js (it’s near the top).
var outer = $("#preview_outer"); var arrow = $("#arrow"); var thumbs = $("#thumbs span"); var preview_pos; var preview_els = $("#preview_inner div"); var image_width = preview_els.eq(0).width(); // Get width of imaages { preview_pos = preview_els.eq( thumbs.index( this) ).position(); outer.stop().animate( {'scrollLeft' : preview_pos.left}, 500 ); arrow.stop().animate( {'left' : $(this).position().left }, 500 ); }); arrow.css( {'left' : thumbs.eq(0).position().left } ).show(); outer.animate( {'scrollLeft' : 0}, 0 ); $("#preview_inner").css('width', preview_els.length * image_width);

Perfect, that did the trick! Thanks so much for your help and quick response.

Can the floating of the navigation be disabled easily? So that it would be static (not moving)?

This theme hasn’t been designed to do so.

Actually, I’ve just figured out how to do it. It’s pretty simple. If you still want to purchase the theme I can send you the new scripts.js file.

Just purchased ;-)

If you would like to email me through my profile page, I’ll send you the js.

Thank you