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Does this support video?

Yes, embed YouTube or Vimeo videos and the default mobile will take care of the rest! :)

Unique :) Good luck with sales.

Thank you mate! :)

What font do you use for the logo?

I believe it is Helvetica LT bold.

the portfolio page, clicking on some images full, the others disappear. They return to the reload.

I see the preview before the sale is the same, you see all the pictures until the end and returns when they are gone.

There is a error with iOS that I am trying to get over. iOS uses JavaScript Nitro and sometimes that acts up. I’m still testing it on every possible phone to see what can be done.

The best fix is to update to the latest OS available. Apple has some strange cross OS bugs. The same goes for Android. Other devices work perfectly.

I want see 5 navigation. How to fix it?

I have a few questions about the theme I just purchased and was hoping you can help.

1. The navigation images are flashing when I click on them. Any ideas on how to fix this?

2. On the drop down menu, how do I make the entire area clickable instead of just the small lines on the graphic.

3. This theme is not allowing me to use the back button. Is there a work around or would I have to create four separate files if I need this to work and have the links click to the separate html pages (home, contact, portfolio. and etc.) If so, how do I change the links?

Hey there!

1. That’s from jQuery, there is nothing you can do about it! All templates on the planet do that on the iPhone and in IE8 .

2. Encapsule which element you are interested in an the href tag!

3. Yes. Create separate index files and like them to the navigation! :)

Every thing works great except when I navigate to the separate files it loads the page fine then switches back to the index page after the menu closes.


Hey there rskart!

If you edited the custom.js file and broke the code there is little I can do to help, but, if you haven’t edited the jQuery file, then it’s best to validate your HTML . You might have a unclosed tag that can cause that error.

The only thing I did was change:

img About img HF Info img App Info img MC Info


img About img HF Info img App Info img MWC Info

Did not touch any other file.

Thank you.

This is a super template.

Simple to adjust, as well.

Good show!

Thank you very much Schroder! Don’t forget to rate 5 stars! :)

Try as I might … cannot locate where/how to add stars

Perhaps this will do: * * * * *

Hey there Schroder, you can rate files in your downloads menu.

Click the top right corner, where your username is shown, then, when the page loads, select the Download tab! There you can rate and download all your purchased files!

Hello, this template works on blackberry? Thank you.

Hey there Idrsns! I’ve tested it on a BlackBerry Storm 2 and it worked. It should work on everything with a minimum 320 pixel width screen! :)


Does this theme support a blog version? I would like a mobile site for my news website.

If not, do your other themes support a blog version as the homepage?

Thanks, Daven

Hey there WunDaii , these are not WordPress Themes. they are Site Templates. That means, you have to manually add content in it, you cannot install it into WordPress.

Ah that’s a shame – thanks anyway! The theme looks awesome!

Thank you. It’s a template, not a theme!

Hi i have problem with the contact form it keep saing that i have to fill the “name” even i did it keeps calling this and do not send the form :(

There must be an unclosed tag somewhere. The form sends perfectly by default. I just tested.

Hi There…

First of all we are very impressed with the theme and framework!

This is more of a feature request… I am sure a small change to a couple of lines of code will be all that is needed…

We would like this template to be available on iPad in Landscape. It works fine on Portrait however to be consistently available on all handhelds this feature would be very desirable.

If not, can we lock the orientation for iPad’s only?

Please let me know if you can help with any suggestions.

Regards Dean – Datalynk

Thanks for the kind words Datalynk, however, locking only an iPad is quite difficult! This can be achieved using JavaScript because the iPads resolution can be identical to a lot of Netbooks ( not notebooks ) on the market! To detect an iPad you can use the following iPad Detection Code

Hi, I breached this subject almost a year ago, however the project got put on the shelf for a while, and we are now looking to finish.

Still using your template, I wanted to revisit this question.

I simply want to alter the layout restrictions to enable the template to be viewable on a wider range of devices. I have tried altering the no-mobile CSS settings, but this has had no effect. Where can I alter the code so that I can viiew the theme on a standard laptop screen (for testing).