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Awesome theme, glws badjohnny! ;)

Thank you !! The first blessing

Hope your advices, dear everyone!
I will be better in the next.

Can this template be use as HTML template, or is for use only as a Tumblr Theme?

There is not include HTML template now, but I think you can click the right mouse button and copy HTML source file after you installed Theme on tumblr.

Awesome Theme guys,,,,,

Thank you!

When I use, light or nostalgic I always see the same: Nostalgic (dark colours and nostalgic background). It’s ok? I know how to change that but I’m not sure that this is a mistake

Edit: Inside light txt I see this code: /*-----------------------------Nostalgic style----------------------------*/

You said that light version have dark colours (header text and top colour of posts). I have checked light style and think that maybe it’s not a mistake, I’m not sure that this is a cache problem on tumblr. Althought it’s a wrong color scheme when you look at it in preview window,that’s all right after you switch to homepage.

Are you sure? I saw this change between txt file and website,

Code from light txt file: <meta name="color:Logo text color" content="#000" /> Code from http://silentalley2.tumblr.com/ source: <meta name="color:Logo text color" content="#3ab1c7" />

However I will check it again, thanks!!

I’m sure the file is no problem, but I found a strange phenomenon that if you change one style to another one, it will be showed a wrong color scheme, now if you switch to the other theme, and then switch back to my theme and refresh the dashbroad, then all that is normal. I don’t know that this is a tumblr problem.

Anyhow, I will check and update this item file again, please notice that the theme update.

Version 1.2 is uploaded? When I download it to upgrade my theme I see inside v1.1

Thanks ;)

I have submited v1.2 about 19 days ago and it was approved, at least the history record of this item is show me that. Did you see the google plus icon in your current version? If not, it’s v1.1, otherwise maybe the zip file name was not updated. Anyway, I will submit the new version again.

Thanks for your feedback

Hello, It’s v1.1, I can’t see Google+ icon :P

Could you give me your email or give me a mail in my profile page, I send you new version immediately.

Awesome, bought & rated. Thanks.

Thank you Hensotico, If you found any problems, give me a comment or Email via my profile page at all times. :)

hi. i just installed the Dark theme and my title text and description do not match then type in the preview.. is there anyway to get that switched?

Did you mean that the title and description color do not match?

Yeah.. Im mainly wondering how to change the Font on the title to be like the one on the sample? with half the title bold?

The title of DEMO is a LOGO image, there’s no feature for change the font.

Awesome Theme!! One question, is it possible to change the width of a post when the picture is not in landscape?

Have a look: www.biegel.us

Yes! www.instagram.com/biegelus

OK, I will add it in new version.

Thanks a lot!

Hello! I was wondering…how do you change the background image? :/

Hi, Just create a new slider in WP dashbroad. Refer to this pictuer http://d.pr/i/GC6b

Oh, sorry, I made a mistake, I thought it’s the other theme issue.. Well, after you install the theme, you can go to tumblr theme dashbroad, you will fine an option for change the background image. :)

Ha! Nevermind. For some reason the ‘Appearance Menu’ was not showing. BUT – is there a way to add a Pinterest icon/url?

1. Try to disactive your plugins, I guess it caused by a certain plugin.

2. If you want to add the icon on the top, go to “simplekey options > social networks”, you will see the text box for pinterest. Or if you want to insert a pinterest icon to the page content, you can use the following shortcodes, I have introduced in help.pdf.

[social_icon pinterest="URL"]

So sorry that I made a mistake, I thought it’s the other theme issue..

After you install the theme, you should save it and refresh the dashbroad page.

I will add Pinterest icon in next version!

I want to add a Lensblr icon/url, how do I do this?

Unfortunately, there is no options for Lensblr icon/url, do you have the Lensblr vector icon file? or is there possible to use tumblr icon/link for it?

congratulations GLWS