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Hello buyers and potential buyers! This is my second Vanilla theme, and I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. This theme was a little more complicated to put together than my other themes, so if you notice any issues, especially in different browsers, please let me know and I’ll roll out a fix ASAP ! You can comment here, send me a message, or post on the support forum (link in the live preview). Enjoy!

nice work…

Good look with sales jon looks great. Steve

Good Luck. Do you mean themes for IP Board?

@akira no its a theme for Vanilla exactly as the title suggests

I added a few suggestions on the preview page but even without them this is a lovely theme!!!!

Thanks for the suggestions! Looks like I have a good list of things to work on for the next update. :)


Might consider to purchase the theme :)
I’m new to vanilla, so just wondering can we change the width size?

Absolutely, you just need to make some small adjustments to the CSS , I can walk you through it if you like.

Can I embed this theme in a wordpress site?

Great theme there. But can’t wait for your “category” mode so that we can see this in the classic forum layout. Any idea when you will be able to launch this? I think many in the community are waiting!

At this point I’m going to have to put all my effort into re-creating this theme for Vanilla 2.1, which will be quite a feat because of how Silicon is designed. However, since Vanilla 2.1 comes standard with a classic forum layout, I’ll kill two birds with one stone. :)

I love the theme so far, just a couple problems that hopefully you can help me with.

1. We I try and reply to a discussion and click show source to paste html. The screen or window height rather starts expanding and does not stop… Click here for example http://tinyurl.com/7kt3el8 then click the show rich text button and you will see what happens… Not sure if this is a theme issue or not. I don’t remember it happening before though.

2. (This may not be theme related but maybe you will know what I need to do) In regard to the Vanilla Discussions widget. When a discussion is clicked on the sidebar it opens the topic but not in the embeded forum but the full forum page… I do not like this because you can not easily navigate back to my site… Any ideas?


Theme looks great!

Glad you like the theme!

RE #1: Hmmm, I’m not sure I see what you’re talking about, can you post a screenshot of the problem in action?

RE #2: I’m not familiar with the Vanilla Discussions widget for Wordpress, is it enabled on your site right now? When I click on discussion links inside the embedded forum it opens the discussion inside the embed.

One more thing, I would like to embed this theme into my wordpress installation but I would like to have it embedded with a sidebar for ad purposes… Do you know if that is possible? Thanks

A side bar inside the embedded forum, or outside (next to) the embedded forum?

hi, i love the theme but it gives me this error when trying to view discussion

“Fatal error: Call to undefined function IPAnchor() in /Volumes/home/Users/user-p14/htdocs/vanilla/themes/silicon/views/discussion/helper_functions.php on line 185”

What version of Vanilla do you have? Sounds like you might be using an old version, but I might be able to comment out a couple lines and get that to work again.

Hi, the error appeared on version 2.0.18b2, I’ve checked it on and it’s working fine, so never mind this.

Awesome theme! Please don’t stop working on Vanilla :) I’m looking forward to 2.1. I will purchase this or Ozone soon for sure. This theme looks like it was /made/ for embedding, which is great! I really like your look and functionality for Vanilla designs—I especially appreciate the login/register buttons: clear and obvious. The “apply for registration” stuff is easy enough to customize but I don’t think the default resonates with many users. Will likely purchase this for embedding on COPD .ca. Will have to do some work to the colour scheme to get it to fit in.

Ok, I did just purchase this theme. It’s definitely worth it. You can see the theme in action here: http://www.copd.ca/discussions

The connect buttons (eg. Facebook) get improper styling through the theme so I had to manually correct that.

The theme isn’t compatible with Vanilla 2.1 (currently in alpha though). But I hope once it’s in beta this theme will get an update to be compatible with its new features.

Glad you like the theme! Yes, converting to 2.1 will certainly be a challenge with the way Silicon is designed, but hopefully I should be able to get it done before it’s released.

Another great theme! Just purchased this as well as Ozone. I was testing Silicon’s appearance in IE9 and noticed the date stamp on posts goes kerflooey. The year appears horizontal and upside down. Looks perfect in Chrome, though.

Darn that IE! I’ll look into it.

Can we use this template with other web development softwares like java,.net,php ?


Not sure what you mean, this theme is specifically for the Vanilla forum software: http://vanillaforums.org/

Hello, How can I display the category name and description in the section of the forum? example: http://yadi.sk/d/Ky1Kc9D92FR2y

Are you still maintaining this? The demo shows the old version of Vanilla and not the latest. I’d hate to buy it and find it doesn’t work with the latest version and plugins.


I am still maintaining this, just been busy lately. By “latest” do you mean 2.18.8 or 2.1? I’m working on upgrading it to 2.18.8, but 2.1 is still in beta so there’s no support for 2.1 yet.

Hello, great template. Do we need to pay more than $15 to use this template ? I saw completive prices on your website.



No, it’s just $15, my website doesn’t list it as anything different than what’s shown on themeforest.

Also very interested to know whether or not you’re able to update this for the latest Vanilla compatibility. Understand that can be a chore. This is really a brilliant theme I’d love to use for my community at NE1UP.com. Need something super fast, mobile, simple and functional, and you nailed it.

Just need it to play nice with the newest Vanilla and plugins so I can take full advantage of @mentions, QnA/voting plugins, etc.

Thanks so much!

The latest released version is, which all of my themes are compatible with, and they including support for plugins like QnA/voting (if you find a plugin that you want to use but doesn’t work well with my theme, let me know!). When 2.1 is released I will try to update the theme.

Thank you, sir!