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this is beautiful, nice work man

great work!

Turn this into a WP theme and its a winner :)

Great template!

Thank quantumds,

Too bad that we are two pixel fanatics with little to no php and WP experience, but considering that we have received more requests to put our templates in WP, we are now discussing the possibility to find a php developer with WP experience (maybe from this community) to help us in this regard.

Welcome to Theme Forest.

Icons and graphics make the customer say, “Give me that Template NOW !”

Nice job.

I love the detailed mac-ish look of it. Not everybody can do these layouts, nice work!

Thanks a lot guys. We are glad our work is well received and any feedback is most appreciated.

Sneak peak: we are currently working on a newsletter and portfolio theme … so … stay tuned :)

Excellent job!

Thanks a lot for the support ;)

WebCrafters: if your portfolio theme looks as good as this I will buy it, ...I have also alot of videos on vimeo I whana show on the homepage, is that something you have in mind, to put in the portfolio theme..?

I stay tuned ;)


..just one more question, do you know when you will releas the portfolio theme..? is it days, weeks, months…? :)


Unfortunately MrZack, i can’t tell you for sure. Im guessing after new years eve. What i can tell you for sure is that is worth the wait and that we are in the design phase in this moment. We plan to make beside a HTML version a WP theme also.

We’ll keep you in the loop.

Stay close.

okey :) I wait, I m in no hurry at all, I can´t build no more homepage before newyear anyway so.. to mush to do. ;)

thankz and cheers!

good luck!

Excellent work mate, congratulations and Welcome to Themeforest!

This oozes inspiration…. Thank you.. Love your work!

WoW very nice ;)

Thanks everybody, its good to be here. We plan to stay a little so thanks for the kind welcome

Hi, can i add special characters to custom.font.js? I have to use Turkish characters.

// Never mind, it’s my mistake.

No problem, thanks for the support.

sweet template, looks realy nice :)

5 stars

Thanks a lot for the support.

Nice job.. it looks great!

Very nice, looks great!

But there is a bug in opera, when you click on a tab, the whole tab container moves to the top like this: image

Thanks for noticing the bug in Opera Regex. This is what happens when you try to fix things for IE6 … lol, good browsers suffer in the process.

Issue fixed, and the main download file already sent to review.

Adding some hover and click states to the buttons and focus states to the inputs for the form would kick up the quality just that much more.

Other than that, this is an awesome template.