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I smell featured content! Looks great guys.

Hehe, thanks a lot …

I really like this template. It was well worth the money.

The HTML is very clean. Keep up the great work.

Thanks a lot for the support, it is really appreciated

Very nice work, but a pricing table (for software versions) would have been great :)

This template looks outstanding, question about the graphics though, is it low quality for the sake of the preview or what?

Seems like all of the gradients are terrible, not smooth at all, shade breaks all over the place.

Viewing on Mac with Safari 4.0.3.

If you dont like the gradients, you can always save the images that compose them again from the photoshop files that are included in the archive.

We’ve just tested on the mac with Safari and it looks great. Other than that, please let us know if we can be any more assistance.

We are happy to tell you that we are working on a WP version of this template with our new friend … WP wizard … stevebluck. We’ll keep you in the loop.


nice work how’s the WP version comming along?

Hi yensen,

The WP version is in the works, Steve is working his magic to make things happen. We hope we can upload it to TF before the new years eve, if not, it will be up for sure at the beginning of the next year.

Woahw, just what i needed. I’ll be sure to show you the website i’ll be using this on!

Greetings, and thanks!

Great, thanks a lot.

Can’t wait to see how your website turns out.

Hi WebCrafters,

couldn’t wait for Steve so i went ahead and bought it. (WP isn’t my thing anyway)

i’m going to make a drupal theme out of it for my new site.

great job on the css & html layout! definitely worth my $14!


Sure thing mate, thanks a lot for the support.

You think you can handle another complement WebCrafters !

Your design is seriously sexy…

keep up the inspiring work :)

Hehe, thanks a lot James, glad you like it.

Hello. I purchased this template and it looks awesome. However, the web page is loading extremely slow. Is there something that I may be doing wrong. Please check it out at

Thanks, Dennis

Thanks a lot for the support.

Wow, it looks great.

I’ve just test it and it loads really fast on my computer. I’m sure this is a server issue. Check with your hosting provider.

We are back from vacation and ready to rock :)

We hope you had a really great time in yours and we will see you on TF.

Happy New Year!

p.s. The Silicon App WP version is almost ready and there are a couple of awesome projects we are working on just around the corner. Stay tuned.

Any plans for creating a Shopify version of this theme?

This theme is very good, and I’m just come in want to ask for a WP version, and just found that you are already working on, great!

BTW , what’s the most appropriate place to show screenshots for software? Thank you.

Looking for a WordPress verison of this also.

Yes, we are working on the WP version as we speak. We think it will be up sometime next month. We keep coming with ideas and keep adding features to it, that’s why it takes that long to finish.

In the mean time, we will update the HTML files with the pages that are missing: Pricing, Blog pages, light version of the entire site, 404 page, search pages.

We’ll keep you posted with the WP development progress.


Hi WebCrafters,

Good too hear that you are enhancing the HTML version also!

BTW , are you planning to add a ‘white background’ version?

I like the light version :)

Purchased. Fits all my needs thanks alot

Glad to hear that.

Thanks for your support.

Are you aware that the Slider (tabs) on index does not displayed properly in IE 7 ? in both dark and light versions

Thanks for your suppport.

The theme was tested on IE7 also and the slider was working when we uploaded the files. But we’ll take a look into that and we’ll update the files asap.


I fix it, it was <!-[if IE 6 ]> <![endif]->

and i corrected to <!-[if IE ]> <![endif]->

after i did that all elements are OK.

Thank you, great template!

Thanks a lot.

Send us a link when you finished implementing it. We are always curios and glad to see what you come up with.


In this template “blog” and “comments” works? or we must script this alone?

No they are not working, its only the HTML template.

We plan to release the WP version for some time now, but we had to change our WP developer so it will take a little more before we launch it.


Just to keep you guys in the loop with what are we working on, we’ve attached 2 screen shots on our profile page

Don’t forget to hit follow to stay tuned with the releases :)