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Nice design, anyway i can see the preview without the buy for $17 ribbon? I need to show to a customer..


Hi canito,

Contact us on email, we can work something out :).



Following your requests we’ve updated the project with a functional contact form.

You just need to re download the archive if you already bought the file, if not hurry up and put $15 to good use :)

Cheers and thanks for your patience and support.

old thread yes, but just wanted to say great job.

hehe, thanks mate, really appreciate it


I recently bought this design and love it, you say that the contact form is now working? i have uploaded it to my server, added my email to the sendmail.php file but i am still getting the ‘oops, Due to an unknown error, your form was not submitted, please resubmit it or try later. error! could you please advise on what i need to do to get it working.


Sure, we would love to help you. Had to our dedicated support forum and post your issue there. Unfortunately we don’t offer support here in the comments as it’s hard to track and fallow.

SiliconApp Dedicated Support Forum

See you on the forum. Cheers.

Do you still sell the wordpress version of this theme? Themeforest is giving a 404, when I click on the link to the get the WP version.



Hi Bruce, yes SiliconApp WordPress version is still available, but only on our website (can’t give a link due to Envato policies)

Great job! I need change the logo and I’d like to know what font do you used?

the font’s name is: Intrepid and it’s a free font. You can get it from here:

Hi, I purchased this template and it was very good fit for my needs.

can you add a search on this template put it on top or anywhere that fits the design.


Sure, we’ll consider that in a future update, but you can add it yourself, it’s very easy from the HTML point of view. Unfortunately, even if we add it, you will still have to code it in order to work, because this is a HTML template and doesn’t have the back end functionality of WordPress for example. Hope this helps.


link to wordpress version don’t work, please fix it i need it for my website…..


the WP version is no longer available on Themeforest, but is exclusive to our website (can’t post link)

will this work on IE 9 and wordpress 3.1 and higher.., will buy it right away?

this is not a WordPress theme, it’s just HTML & CSS … the WP theme is available exclusively on our website.

where is wordpress version?

Link in details not working.

the WP version is available on our own website. (can’t post a link due to TF policy)

I’m a little confused. For $15 does that include all the themes or do I have to buy them separately?

Thanks, great design by the way

for $15 all the themes? I’m afraid I don’t understand. For $15 you get the Silicon App HTML theme. You want all our themes for only $15? How would you feel if someone offered you $15 for 1 and a half years of work? ;)


Really nice, good work :)

thanks buddy!

It’s written ’’Click here to view the WP version’’. Redirects me to an unvalid 404 page…

Ah sorry buddy, we sell our WP themes on our website and I probably forgot to remove the links when we took down the WordPress themes.

We are looking at this theme and would like get it for our new WordPress product based web site.

But when we click the link for WordPress version of it, it does not show.

Can you please help us. Thanks

SiliconApp – Desktop / Mobile Software product Theme

the WordPress version of our themes are exclusively available on our own website (can’t post link here)

Would it be easy to replace the Box Image in the header with a youtube embed code, to play a video?

Sure, it involves some HTML /CSS skills. Come to our dedicated support forum. We don’t offer support here in the comments as is painfully hard to track by others that might encounter the same issues or have the same questions. Thanks!

Can you show me how to embed a youtube vid on the right side of the header on the homepage please.

Sure, but you’ll need to come to our dedicated support forum. We don’t offer support here in the comments as is painfully hard to track by others that might encounter the same issues or have the same questions. Thanks!

Hi, SiliconApp I bought from you. Sendmail.php not see the file when I click Send Contact form. What should I do?

we’ve replied via email.

Thank you very much for your attention. Look forward to more such beautiful designs.

So, this is promoted as a mobile app website, but has no mobile css logic? No mobile version? Not a responsive template? We would be interested, except that it is lacking these crucial features….

have you seen the date of the release? It didn’t even exist the term “responsive” back then, let alone responsive themes.

“Silicon App” is almost 3 years old, there was no iPad back than, it barely existed an iPhone – so what do you expect…?! Also, there won’t be an update for responsiveness to it.

oooh bit touchie are ya? I’ll be sure to remember that and avoid any of your work. I have websites that were created originally 10 years ago, but they still receive many updates to stay with the times – thats how you must learn to work if you wish to stay in the internet technology field. And by the way, there were plenty of mobile devices 3 years ago (including ipad), so you might want to check your facts.

Sorry if it sounded touchy, it was not my intention.

But your facts are not straight, the first Apple iPad came out in US in April 2010, and late May in the rest of the world, so im afraid that was only 2 years ago. I checked my facts! Our template was released in December 2009, so it was not designed for a future product.

Basically there is no point for us to work 2 or 3 weeks to update a very old design which sells roughly 3 times per month, bringing in $45. We try to spend our time more wisely, by developing new, modern themes that will replace dated designs like Silicon App.

Since no one forces you to buy this old theme, i really don’t understand your frustration with this. We have already conceded that 2009 designs don’t sell anymore, it’s not a problem for us and we decided to not spend time on updating these.

Hi I purchased your wordpress version of this template and it was removed by themeforest.

Can I at least get the html version since I cant download my product?

you can still get the WordPress version, please send us an email at hello at themefuse dot com