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nice but this is almost the same as you other template http://themeforest.net/item/simple-solutions-clean-and-professional-theme/47020 . Almost the same elements. like buttons.

I felt also it could’ve used some more colors. The gray is overpowering the entire site. but overall great template.

thats right. at least to see some different menu navigation or color combination.

is this for wordpress?

@kevinsturf, @manu_el_ayar. yep, it almost the same. I just tried a theme with the same formating but different layout. I combined most of the elements from my other themes to create something different. Navigation from amazing business, formating and header from simple solutions but different color combinations. Thanks for your feedback.. greatly appreciated.

@rheaandme. nope, it’s an html version only. :-)

hey! Where are the icons from?

Simply clean and nice. great work again!

I really love this template, great job jimmyme : )

- Moose

how many html pages come with this theme?


it’s from frexy.com.. it’s free and I has permission to use it here for TF. ;-)


Thanks so much!


Thanks for your feedback.. greatly appreciated!


5 html pages for each color. 15 all in all. :-)

i sent you an email thanks

Bought this template and I like it so far! I moved around a few things in the layout and that was a bit tricky (I’m a novice at CSS ) but I still think this template deserves 5 stars. It is very well documented and I love the clean design. Thx jimmyme.

: )


- Moose

Moosewreck.. oops! I accidentally hit the “flag this comment” link.. Lol.. sorry about that.

Thanks for positive feedback. I’m glad you like my work.

How can I fix the rounded-corner on the “Home” button in Firefox from showing the corner as square when clicked? See this screenshot (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/298089/HomeButtonCornerError.png). Please verify that you can duplicate this problem and let me know how to fix it.

Very nice theme. Here’s how I implemented it for the “State of the St. Louis Workforce” site (http://stlworkforce.org).

This developer is completely unresponsive and has not responded to multiple emails and comments and is not supporting his products.

No live preview! Its forbidden and all three color theme links in your discription are broken links. I never buy a theme without a live preview to check how it feels.