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Shoot. Count me in with problems on 3.1.1. I just purchased the theme and am trying to set it up, but the drop down menu’s don’t work and I can’t remove menu’s. I’ll do what was posted above and at least get rid of the goofed menu.

I hope there’s a fix soon or I’m boned. Was hoping to have my site up in a few days.


I figured out how to get the drop down menus working with 3.1.1. Making parent/child categories isn’t necessary at all with the menu system.

Create your categories you want to be sub’s. Go into your main navigation for your site and add the categories you want to use in the sub. Then just drag them up under the “portfolio” category, slightly to the left and you should see it indent. That’s it. Drop the category and you have the sub/drop-down working for that menu item.

The only thing I can’t figure out is that I have to name the whole of the menu “portfolio” in order for the breadcrumbs to look right. I tried naming it “main nav” and if you go to any child of “portfolio” the breadcrumb would say “main nav > web” (or whatever). Weird behavior. Of course if I add another menu that needs a drop down than having “portfolio” as the name is likely going to mess it up. Weird.

Anyway, I hope something comes out soon to address this!


The menu problems you’re describing are not related to the theme, that’s just the regular wordpress menu. It’s not very well designed…

Regarding the breadcrumbs, they will just use the first (by alphabetical order) category assigned to the post as parent.

More problems. Something in the theme is messing up things int he dashboard – like deleting menu items as mentioned by a few others. You also can’t edit permalinks to posts!!! I’m guessing there’s some JS thing causing this?

Anyway, some kind of update to correct these issues would be great for us paying customers! :)


Working on an update, should be available soon!

Hi – I’m using this theme in Classic Silver, but I’d like the menu links to be in a different colour. I’m a little new to all this – is it a CSS thing? Which php/css do I edit?

Sorry, I can’t provide support on customizing the theme, only on out of the box features.

Hi SachaG!

I’m using your template here: and have been loving it.

But for some reason, the images in the individual portfolio pages are no minimizing anymore. As you can see here:

They are just showing almost full size which cuts off most of the image. It used to show the image small with it shrinking the image so that the full width was automatically the maximum width of the space but now it’s not. I’m not sure what broke or what I did wrong when adding the images.

Is there anyway that you could help me out? I’ve looked through it multiple times but I’m not sure how or where to fix it.

Thanks! J.J.

Did you make sure you set the right media sizes? You should check that, and then regenerate the thumbnails using the “regenerate thumbnails” wordpress plugin.

I’m using the sizes that are recommended on your site. For some reason recently when I add an image into the media library and then try to attach it to a post the image size buttons are grayed out and I can’t change the size from what the actual dimensions of the file is.

So when I go to the post, it tries to show the whole image instead of automatically generating a smaller image. It used to automatically generate the smaller image that fit into the post box and then show the true image size when you click on the image. Now it shows the whole image in that box which cuts the image off on the sides. The problem is that I don’t want to have to keep all my files to be that set width because it makes them too small when someone clicks on the image to pop up in lightbox (also defeats the purpose).

Where is that code in the files? Obviously, something broke but I’m not sure where so I can’t fix it. I don’t know if upgrading my wordpress to a newer version broke it or a plugin or what the issue is. Do you have any thoughts?

If it used to work and now doesn’t, it’s probably because of a plugin you installed. I would suggest disabling your plugins and trying again, or else testing the problem on a fresh wordpress install.


I’m still having problems with the images not shrinking properly and for the life of me I can’t figure it out. If you could help me out, I would be really grateful.




Still having issues. Can you please contact me? Thanks


Sorry, I’m on vacation right now. But I’ll take a look as soon as I come back next week. Thanks for your patience!


Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

Have you gotten a chance to take a look at my problem? Thanks!


Hi SachaG, When I inset a video then I found the popup menu was behind the video? Is there something wrong with my setting?

here is the issue page :

Hi, can you tell me how can i make an update of the theme if i purchased it? because in the wordpress theme doesnt apear update? thanks.

You can just redownload the theme from here if you need to update it.

However, there are no updates scheduled for now.

I’m having an issue in my portfolio page, the image thumbs look blurry where previous ones looked ok, the light box and project page images look fine, any ideas?

I’ve just purchased this theme, I’ve installed the silverio directory into the wp-content/themes folder and I am able to activate the theme. When I go into the Silverio Options and then try to view my site, it takes several minutes to load and then gives me an internal server error – Apache Server at Port 80. When I switch to twentyeleven or any other theme, it works perfectly. PLEASE advise as to what’s going on here, this is so frustrating and I’ve installed many themes before.. running wordpress 3.3.1 .. do I need to downgrade to 3.1.1 or something?

Just downgraded to wordpress 3.1 hoping to solve the issue but I am still getting the eternal page load error when trying to upload a logo pic and view my site.. this is soo annoying! I’ve never had any issues with any themes before. I need to get this site live in the next 2 days so I need to get this solved soon.

No demo? Seems like no activity on this theme for a while. Is it responsive?