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Great theme.

But to my taste much too big comment numbers and the sidebar headlines are also much too heavy.

No possibilty of a showcase for design projects, artworks or something like that?


not sure what you mean? you could easily place artwork photos in place of my demo photos.

Nice design!! It displayed very slow… can you make it faster?

Thanks, it is probably the high quality photos that are making it load slow as the entire theme has less than 100kb of images.

clean stuff – i like it bro ;D


I bought this issue and needed to know how active the jquery “featured large” .. I’ve tried everything and I can not …

need urgent help.


first go into appearance>theme options and set your featured category to whatever category you would like to showcase then in the edit post area scroll down to custom fields and add “post-image” as the name and for the value paste the url location of the image. Make sure it starts with /wp-content/.

OK, I got it, thanks!

But i add a second post to apear in “Showcase” and the next and previous doesnt work…

hmm can you post a link to your site, can’t see why that wont work.

HERE – http://www.makeonbuzz.com/

I post the first post and everything is fine… but and i post the second post something goes wrong…

ahh, instead of uploading /theme files/silveroak into your themes folder please only upload silveroak as it will change all the directories for the includes. You will have to deactivate and reactivate the theme once you have uploaded just the silverOak folder

Can you tell me this in steps ? please

ok so when you first uploaded the theme, you uploaded the whole “theme files” folder but what you need to do is instead upload “silveroak” folder.

1. Upload silveroak to wp-content/themes/ 2. go to appearance>theme and activate “silveroak” not “theme files”

hummm not working…

well… I use one featured and one category…and i will delete the next and previous.. =(

We’ll get it working. if you allow me admin access to your wp admin panel I can have a better look.

ok! give me your email or msn please! Thanks a lot!!

problem fixed ;p

Hey! Great theme but I am also running into the same problem with the feature/showcase section. I uninstalled and re-installed as per the directions above, but still with no success.

Any thoughts?


Nice theme, but what I don’t like is, that the navigation button, you see at:

css -> styling -> design

= third level menu

has at its top at left and right a black background; looks not good, if the third level menu covers already white background (of the text area). I guess you’ll need separate buttons for third level menu than the others.

Are all PSDs available?

// Hello, I’m looking at using this template as a starting point for a blog I’m building for a client.

Their primary need will be embedding Vimeo videos in to posts, which shouldn’t be a problem but my question for you is whether or not it’s relatively easy to include a Vimeo video in the big header/slider on the homepage.

Please let me know either way.

Thank you, Clint

In theory yes, I would have to adjust it a little but should work although I haven’t tried it so can’t promise anything.


Great theme! But i’m having some trouble with my featured area. It doesn’t seem to want to work.


If you wouldn’t mind having a look.


hey open header.php and replace all 3 instances of ”$(document).ready(function()” with “jQuery(function($)”. a plugin must be using document.ready and overriding the themes.


Thanks for the response. I opened header.php and searched but it only turned up one instance:

”$(document).ready(function() { $(’.commentlist .depth-1 div.commentbox’).not(’.commentlist .depth-1 .comment div.commentbox’).each(function(i){ $(this).append(‘ ‘(i+1)’. ‘); })”

I replaced with what you said: jQuery(function($) just to see but it didn’t do anything.

there should also be two above that. Which looks like:

<script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $('ul.dropdown-categories').superfish(); }); $(document).ready(function(){ $('ul.dropdown-pages').superfish(); }); </script>

I got it working.

I actually had the opposite in the header file:

jQuery(function(){ jQuery(‘ul.dropdown-categories’).superfish(); }); jQuery(function(){ jQuery(‘ul.dropdown-pages’).superfish(); });

So I replaced that with what you have up there.

Thanks for the help!

if I wanted to change the color of links in css post what function should I change? thanks


in style.css add a class function of

.entry-content a { color: blue; }

obviously change blue to the color you would like.


I have sent you an email regarding your theme. I have some questions about the theme but I haven’t got any answer.. I sent it to hypnoticjesse@yahoo.com, is that the right email adress?

Its about a design site I’m working on:)

I didn’t get your email, please use the email form on my account page here on themeforest.

no? {padding: 0; margin: 0;} a, a:link, a:visited {text-decoration: none; color: #2B87A5;} img {border: none;} li {list-style: none;}


.entry-content { padding-top: 3px; line-height: 21px; color: #33333; border-top: 1px solid #ececec;

this is only for text

for the my link in the post?? the color default is #d5d5d5 I want to change the gray with blue thank

? like I said, add ”.entry-content a { color: blue; } ” at the bottom of the style.css, this will overwrite the links inside the post to become blue.

Hello, how can I manage the title filed in the category lists? It seams to be random, sometimes I see the title, otheres I see the ”...” and I want to show only the title. Also there seams to be a problem showing european characters like ”~” or ”^”. Thank you.

I have replied to your email.