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Hi, I’ve emailed you via the form a couple of times. I’m working on this site:


and also at this address:


and in each instance, the Featured is adding images below the slider. So if I have one Featured post it works, but any more and they cascade down the page.


Sorry, that first URL isn’t posting correctly here. it’s the standard http:// and then the

It’s a temp URL until we switch the records to the new server.

hey open header.php and replace all 3 instances of

"$(document).ready(function()" with "jQuery(function($)"

a plugin must be using document.ready and overriding the themes.

Thank you, but like the guy above, there’s only 1 instance of that code. The only active plugin is NextGen Gallery (which fails to work at all in this theme).

OK – I’ve got it working. It’s either find those lines of code or just don’t use NGG .

One more question, can I remove the Twitter stuff without shifting the entire layout?

yup open rsstweet.php in includes folder and delete lines 2-24 ( keep the top line and last line ).

Did you get the slider working with the plugin? I don’t want you to sacrifice using plugins :p We can get it to work.


How do i change the order of the categories and how do i delet them?

Andreas J Sweden

Hi – No, unfortunately. There must be some conflict with the NextGen Gallery plugin I think.


Hi, Me again.

It seems that almost all plugins I’m using cause this to crash. I’ve disabled and deleted all image plugins.

Now Contact Form 7 causes the Featured slider to not work.


http:// and then:


please email me and I will send the header.php with the changed jquery names.

Hi. I am also having the same issues with the featured image. Text is all that will display. Before I go replacing strings I figured I’d ask for help.

I will email you a temp username and password. Thanks in advance.


Really interested in this…..but keen to know if it has search enginefriendly urls’s.

Please advise soonest as ready to part with cash if so.


yes, both titles and urls are search engine friendly, my demo hasn’t fully been set up but all you need to do is:

go to settings>permalinks and type ”/ postname /” into the custom structure.

anyone else reading this it should be /%postname%/

Hi. Did you receive my email?

Why do my category posts start with …?

Further….again as previous posts – having trouble with featured gallery. Can only find one instance needing editing – have you updated the template in the last 8 days yourself…...I don’t get it.

Why do we have to edit the header.php – why when we spend $25 on a template do we need to spend days and days editing php to get the look of the template we have just paid for?

I wanted this site up and working by now…..but alas…..I have to wait.

PS. My category and posts show a 404 error.

Ok I have deleted and reinstalled.

A bit better, but still a bit of a slog.

Now in categories however, my featured area looks like just a post with an image. It’s smaller and there is a duplicate http:// showing, so get 404 error in post when you click on the image or on “featured?!

How do I get the “featured” slash to show up?


Also added a second category but it’s not showing up!

Please help soon. I really like this theme, am new to it, but need things live asap please.



Me again

Have the “Featured” area up – woo…but I think it’s the permalink structure that’s messing up the double http:// bit in the post.

You said previously…

“yes, both titles and urls are search engine friendly, my demo hasn’t fully been set up but all you need to do is:

go to settings>permalinks and type ”/ postname /” into the custom structure.”

I’ve done this…..? But…...

By saying postname – do you mean “postname” as typed?

Can you check link as previously posted above and let me know what I’ve done wrong.

Getting there on my own through trial and error with the rest.

Thanks x


I seem to have sorted all my own problems now.

Re postname, I’ve deduced by looking at the code for the other permalinks that it should have read:

/ postname / – as opposed to- /postname/

Think I’m sorted for now…....phew.

Still think this is a cool theme. Apologies for my earlier tone. ;o) xx


sorry I would have helped you out if I was home, was out at the drags :p

oo sincerely sorry, I just checked my post and the percentage sign didn’t show up.

It should be


Sorry about that, I think most of your problems would have generated from that. Also yeah I should have updated the files but have been so busy, if you want drop me an email and I will send you the files.

Any problems still outstanding?


All is fine for now. Will be back onto it laters – Thanks x


Er eum…


Why is the second image and text slotted bwloe the other?


Deactived all plugins and working now ;o)

Hopefully can add plugins back on ok…here’s hoping.

All sorted – again! Don’t need you – at this time…... ;o)

yeah this is the jquery problem mentioned in previous comments, I will be updating with the fixed files so you can use jquery plugins today, or you can email me for them. I’ll let you know when they’re approved.


I’m looking at maybe purchasing this template. But, before I do I have a few quesitons:

I. Is it possible to change the hover color on the menu and the titel color of the widgets, which all have the light blue color?

II. Is it possible to have a one-column layout with the widget next to on the frontpage? So it should be


and under it would follow:


and so on.

I don’t want to have the elements that look like this e.g. http://www.wpcrave.com/wp5/?p=40 follow the format from above on the frontpage.

It’s kind of hard to explain, but I hope you still know what I mean.


Yes if you have css knowledge, you don’t need to touch any other files bar the stylesheets and change the images(2) to your preferred colors.


I’m not sure what you mean, you want the post to be full width but then the comments to be left aligned with the widget on the right? That would be a major, involving the changes of quite a few files so no, not really.


Still pottering.

Can you link the twitter bird in the header area beside the rss to an account…? Ie a link to twitter account?

It shows a brief of last tweet but no link…

I’m using a Plugin on sidebar but just wondered about site links.



Sure, open rsstweet.php in /includes/ and change

<div class="twitter-left"></div>

to an anchor tag like following

<a href="http://twitter.com/username" class="twitter-left" style="display: block;"></a>

Replace username with your twitter name, the display:block; is important.