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hey thanks i will wait for mail….

once again thanks….

Still have problems with jpeg… No matter i use png !hum hum. Just 2 questions :

Where can I modify the text of “previous entries” and “next entries” ? And “Read more and “XX comments” ?

And finally, is it possible to make random adds according to category ?



1) brilliant qwertz has noted how to do this 1 comment below.

2) don’t think so, two reasons you would need more ads than ad blocks too make it random and would need to call the category from a file that hasn’t been specified. You mean in the sidebar ad widget right?

@fharos59: That’s easy:

Where can I modify the text of “previous entries” and “next entries” ?

In line 29-32 in the indexposts.php

<div class="pagination">
    <span class="pag-left"><?php next_posts_link('« Previous Entries') ?></span>
    <span class="pag-right"><?php previous_posts_link('Next Entries »') ?></span>
And “Read more and “XX comments” ?
In line 40-43 in theindexposts.php
<div class="meta">
<a href="<?php comments_link(); ?>"><?php comments_number('0 Comments','1 Comment','% Comments'); ?></a><span>|</span>
<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>/#more">Read More</a>

Hope that helps!

-> Qwertz : Hey ! Thanks a lot ! ;)

—> Template up : Yes this is on the sidebar on the right. I just want to have an ad “X” when the category “X” is calling, and an ad “Y” when the category “Y” is calling.

hi mates,

thanks for your urgent help for my last questions!

now i have an other one…

can I use an other font for the headlines—> e.g. the prototype.ttf ?

is that easy to replace?

many thx!

cheers Wolfi


1) you need to fill out this form – http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/

2) using the font you want to replace it with.

3) Then once you have downloaded the file place it inside your /js/ folder.

4) open header.php and rename the file on this line

<script type="text/javascript" src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/js/neosansfont_400-neosansfont_500-neosansfont_300.font.js"></script>

so that it points to your new font file.

Does anyone know how to change just the link colors in the text/post areas and NOT the links in the menu?

Here’s what I mean: http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/3010/linkcolor.png

.dropdown-categories a, .dropdown-categories a:visited, a:link { /* visited pseudo selector so IE6 applies text colour*/ color: #a2a2a2;}

I tried seperating the CSS entry “a:link” into another line like this

.dropdown-categories a, .dropdown-categories a:visited { /* visited pseudo selector so IE6 applies text colour*/ color: #a2a2a2;}

a:link { color: #4E9CB6;}

,but it then changed the color of ALL links incl. menu. Do I have to add another entry of some sort?

.entry-content a { color: #4E9CB6; }

Thanks for the ultra-fast reply templateup!

Is there any way to get the headings to display characters like / or – or , ? The headings (with the special font built in) don’t seem to support it?

hmm that sucks, no not really but you can change to a similar font. there is a detailed guide as to how to make a cufon font and install it http://www.wpcrave.com/wp6/?page_id=23 under “changing the cufon font” I think a good font would be mgopen modata which is open source, so free.

Om f… god!! This theme look nice here but don’t work well on my site! I use WP 2 .9…. http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/6748/67217024.jpg

Wher is Support????

the slogan is what is causing all the problems, can it be shorter? I don’t really think anyone will read that much of it. As for the images please read the documentation on how to get thumbnails for posts.

Hi! Ok now it’s work but i still have problems with articles.. http://img121.imageshack.us/img121/6522/dfsp.jpg

I need on Home page Blog (articles must have immage NOT resized) All Articles will be pubblicated on Home (I DON ’T NEED sliders or features) Just normal blog. See please my site now http://www.justcreative.it/just-creative-blog/

If you can help me with code to edit theme to have this layout of blog. We can talk about it and i gonna pay you for work :) ok?

Please it’s very important! denys.zayets@fastwebnet.it

ok have sent you an email. Thanks

Great theme! One of my favorites!

However, the truncation is doing strange things to the title. I’ve tried to adjust the settings in the includes to no avail.

Take a look >> http://multi-sitesolutions.com/wp/

Any ideas?

open includes/truncate.php and replace truncatetitle with

function truncatetitle($length, $excerpt) {
    $title = get_the_title();
    $titlelen = strlen($title);
    if($titlelen < $length) {
        echo $title;
    else {
        $title = substr($title, 0, $length);
        echo $title.$excerpt;


this will stop it from removing the last word.

Thanks, but I’ve added the same font you used from my own library and then it worked fine. For some reason these charaters aren’t included in your version, for whatever reason. I assume you forget to click the option, maybe? ;-)

How would I go about adding a “Wikipedia Caption border style to your theme like this:


Hello, Theme hide a part of post Title.. How can i show full title?


easiest way to do this would be to go into includes/truncate.php and find and replace truncatetitle function with this

function truncatetitle($length, $excerpt) {
    $title = get_the_title();
    echo $title;        

make sure the existing truncatetitle function gets replaced/removed.

Question 1 How setup max articles/posts for page?

Question 2 ADS immage and Link was setup but still don’t show.. why?

1) in settings and then reading settings there will be an input saying “blog posts per page”, enter your value here and save changes.

2) You still need to add the widget to your sidebar, do this just like you would any other widget.

Hello, How twitter icon work? I Have setup my account name in options, but cant see any changed..

have you tweeted recently? It should show your most recent tweet, sometimes needs to be within a month or so.


I love this theme with one exception … when I click on an article to read the post, the image is not part of the post … this seams so odd that I am wondering if it is a setting or option I can change … I can’t use the theme if the graphics only get attached to the excerpts and not to the post itself … I am surprised that others haven’t also asked about this … I will buy it in a heartbeat if I know I can make images show up in the individual post pages.

Hi, yes if you have used wordpress before you may have noticed that you can add images to the actual post, this is the same with this theme, what is shown on the front page is just a thumbnail of the post image. You can add as many images you like to each post just like any other theme.


Great theme thanks!

Why are all titles shortened (by the … sign)? I can’t figure out on what base the title gets shortened (word count, character count,...?), can I turn it off?

Secondly, I have made categories and subcategories. When I set the categorie widget to show categories hierarchy, the design gets scrambled, anything can be done about this?


Sorry, found the answer on my first question above a bit higher up this page…

I have made categories and subcategories. When I set the categorie widget to show categories hierarchy, the design gets scrambled, anything can be done about this?

Hi, I seem to have a problem with the comment time. Comments left on a post seem to take the time the post was published instead of the time the comment was posted. I can see the comment was indeed posted at a different time from the WP comments menu in the admin area. The date on the other hand seems to be displayed correctly.

So it looks something like this:

Comment #1

January 2, 08:00 PM

Comment #3

January 10, 08:00 PM

Do you know why this happens? I checked the formating on the WP documentation and everything is correct.

weird, could it coincidentally be 8pm twice? if you look on my demo all the times are different. Have you played around with anything to do with comments?

The two comments definitely could not have been posted at the same time as the real time where the comment was posted can be seen within the admin area of the WP comment.

I haven’t changed thing regarding the comments that would have such an affect. Plus, I’ve copied the original comment files from your theme into the relevant folder again just to make sure.

Any suggestions on my other comment regarding the Wikipedia Caption border style? That would also be a great feature for this and some of your other themes ;-)