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Hi – where are the instructions to get the slider working – cant seem to activate this?

Have seen this post but this doesn’t work for me :(

first go into appearance>theme options and set your featured category to whatever category you would like to showcase then in the edit post area scroll down to custom fields and add “post-image” as the name and for the value paste the url location of the image. Make sure it starts with /wp-content/.

done that but wont even show up on screen – help appreciated please


The Twitter line breakes up in Safari, did you check that?


I bought this in mid November – was working fine, but I’ve lost the feautured area now – top of my page starts with the doubled up posts below where featured used to be.

Might be corrupted by recent plugin update, but I refuse to delete plugins to find out which one it was as I have a few. I’ve been living without it for a few weeks now, but keen to have it back!

I have four posts marked “featured” – any ideas where the whole featured box could have gone and why and how do I get it back?

Hello. I implemented this site for a local business and they loved your theme. For some reason it won’t update the preview images in the posts on the index page. If you could please help me I would greatly appreciate it.

it will just be your cache, you can clear your temporary items from your browser and refresh. Should do the trick :)

...can templateup please reply to me…....?! Thank you.

you must have installed a plugin that interferred and clashed with the jquery causing a problem. Remove each plugin 1 by 1 to find the suspected plugin.

Any ideas on my two questions from above?

Is there a way to change the speed of the Featured Gallery?

Also any wiget I use that has div tags blow it up to the side.. any way to fix that?


in header.php find

$('.showcase').after('<div class="controls">').cycle({
        fx: 'fade',
        slideExpr: 'div',
        sync: 1,
        speedIn: 1200,
        speedOut: 150,

make another line under that with

timeout: 2000, 

change 2000 to the time delay you would like (in milliseconds)

thanks that fixed it, was surprised that no one else has asked for that yet.

How can I add “home” to the page menu, next to “about”?

in header.php add

<li class="cat-item"><a href="&lt;?php bloginfo('home'); ?&gt;">home</a></li>

on line 100 just after

<ul class="dropdown-categories">
and before

I have an issue – I like to toggle between html editing and visual however after I have input in html then perhaps go to alter the placement of an image in visual, some of the html gets lost ie line breaks and then I have to re-do – which is a pain in the *. Is there a fix for this?

...another issue is my fourth featured image – the title text starts BELOW the image!!!...not at the side.


Also are you going to get compatible with contact form 7 or the new -re-captcha plugins…..I really want to use the latter but your whole site screws up when i do.

In answer to an issue raised earlier in the discussion re how to you re-order posts showing – all you do is edit the time and date of the post so ie in the featured area, if you add them on in order they show back to front in order, so simply edit the date once the posts are added and hey voila.

I’m still perturbed though re the fact that my fourth post in the featured area is not able to be added because the title and text show below the image off alignment and not to the side as in 1-3. I’ll try another image.

Bit miffed as well that the theme is quite incompatible with a lot of plugins. Shame because I like this theme. I loaded it originally in November and took it all down and rebuilding from scratch. But every odd new plugin I want or NEED to use just crashes the site. Argh!

“But every odd new plugin I want or NEED to use just crashes the site. Argh!”

It should not crash with any legit plugin you install. A few plugins may use the same jquery name making it override the themes jquery, that’s all that should be wrong.

...where do I add the favicon?

anywhere within the

<head> and </head>
tags inside header.php

Google Buzz…the latest thing to Twitter – it’s BIG . I want to use it and so would be graetful if you sort the theme to show the widget correctly.

Has there been any updates to this theme at all since it’s release – are any intended or am I simply wasting my money on this theme and my time trying to keep up with trends and updating it?

Is there anyone in at templateup??

sorry? what widget? I don’t know anything about google buzz I don’t take much liking to social networking sites.

Thanks for the code:

<li class="cat-item"><a href="<?php bloginfo('home'); ?>">home</a></li> 

That works for a menu that contains the categories.

But is there a way to put the home into the Top menu (page menu)? Since I merged the page and category menu.

so I would like to see: Home (page) / About (page menu) / Services (page) / Resources (category) / portfolio (category).

Oh, forgot one more thing: I figured out how to put the “home” tab into the menu, but it is always the last tab of the page menu ( About / Services / HOME / Resources (category) / portfolio (category).

Thanks so much

how have you added it to the menu? through a link page of some sort or manually? if manually show me the code and I can tell you where to re-place it.

Just sent you the code of header.php. I first tried your code, then I added the a manual link
<li><a href="http://www.mywebsite.com">Home</a></li> 
Just below:
<ul class="dropdown-pages"><?php include(TEMPLATEPATH . "/includes/listpages.php"); ?>

ok yes add that exact code after

<ul class="dropdown-pages">
but before the php so
<ul class="dropdown-pages"><li><a href="http://www.mywebsite.com">Home</a></li><?php include(TEMPLATEPATH . "/includes/listpages.php"); ?>

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Great support, great theme.


I’ve been running your theme for a while. Had to reinstall all my blogs today and for some reason the image thumbs + feautured gallery won’t work.

URL is http://www.GuyDroog/net – any ideas?

Path is fine: /wp-content/themes/silveroak/images/photos/ripped.png and the entry is post-image.

Weird thing is if I go to http://www.GuyDroog.net/wp-content/themes/silveroak/images/photos/ripped.png I get an unknown blog page instead of the image.

Any help would be appreciated. Fantastic theme by the way.


Very Nice theme,

i like it and woule like to buy it.

I’m new to blogging and I looked through all the comments and quite frankly it seems that some prior technical knowledge is required to use this theme

PLease advise

Also, does this theme work with the latest WP version 2.9.2?

I’ve tested on 2.9.1 but I’m sure it will work on 2.9.2 if it doesn’t I will update it right away with a fix.


I fixed the image thumb problem, I suddenly have another problem, though.

Whenever I write a post to publish it, as soon as I click publish it automatically removes the body of the post and just shows the title but no post.

Any ideas? -Guy