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I´m having an issue regarding the featured image. There is a way to don´t use an image on the theme folder and use an image from the Media Gallery?, I´ve try but not work.

Thanx for the theme! is greate.


I still cannot make new posts, it keeps removing the body text as soon as I publish. I’d really appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.


I installed this theme with 2.9.2 and the main feature page images do not display and neither do the images below. It is compatible with the current version of WP, and how do I get this to display properly?

yes it is, have you read the readme about the custom fields?

Just quick note there seems to be a problem with the server for the preview version. Nice theme !!

thanks, fixed now :)

Hi, Thanks for such a nice theme!

A small query, I have downloaded this theme modified as per my need and used it. Am facing an issue with the theme. When i browse a category, i see a list of posts under that category. At the end of each posts i see info of that post like by, date, etc. It also shows the no. of comments to each and every posts, which is hyper-linked i see a ’#comments’ at the end of url wen i hover cursor on it. But wen i click on it, instead of taking me to the comment section of that post it directs me to the top of the post.

I hope i m clear with my query, here is the link of the site i am working on.


and btw i wanted to check the live preview of the theme too, but i guess the bandwidth is exceeded.

Thanks Satya WebNeeTech satya@webneetech.com


The titles do not accept any punctuation (semi-colon, comma, etc.). Is it possible to change this?


I have added to the template the “collapsing category” plug in in order to double the navigation on the right column of every page (the temporary website is here http://vourtis.fabrika.me/) managing categories and posts. I would like to understand if also the “superfish” top menu can be set to manage the post and not only the categories as default.

Best regards,


Is there a PSD file included for the non-CSS elements so I would be able to create a modified skin? Or would you be willing to email one if I purchase? Thanks a bunch! The theme is great!

yes, psd files are included (:

I have set the theme to show 10 top level comments and then break the remaining comments into pages in the discussion settings but it doesn’t seem to affect the comments on posts in this theme. The theme only seems to display the 6 most recent comments?

Am I doing something wrong? Cheers, M

Sorry I should have pointed you towards the site, I forgot to add the url to my previous comment! its http://adreameroftheday.com

And on a seperate issue, are you aware of anyone using the mingle plugin with this theme? Cheers, Martyn

Hi again,

Does this theme Supports tags?? cos i don see tag.php

I don’t see any posts in the test that do not have an associated picture? How does the appearance break down if a post does not include a pic? Some of the templates I’ve used in the past left an ugly gray box or something where the picture would normally go (i.e., to the left of each post in the listing on the home page).

Can you maybe post something without an associated image to demonstrate?



I have some problems with fonts. In our language we have some letters, which are not in NeoSans.otf. For me is not problem to modify this file and put into some new letters. But whan I load this modify file on FTP , there are no changes on page, mean title of Post, which is in blue color.

Please can you help me, how can I do it? I have modify file NeoSans.otf.

Thank you, Petr

hey email me and I can send you the font with accented characters.


This is the third time I ask for help. I have some issues with the theme and need to solve them quickly. Please answer the questions sent to your email.


I purchased your theme yesterday and upgraded to Wordpress 3.0 this morning but the featured section on the home page shows all posts instead of hiding and rolling over.

Any chance of an update or workaround, thanks.

Hi templateup,

Just purchased this theme and it looks spectacular however as the last 2 comments suggested, there seems to be a bug in the front page jquery scroller for featured items. I had a problem with it prior to the WP 3 .0 upgrade and it is still giving me problems. The rest of the site shows up perfectly fine.

If you could release a patched version of this theme it would be great so I can actually use it for my blog :)

Keep up the hard work!


My Twitter user name won’t work and my Showcase slides are overlapping one another on the home page.

Thanks. MJ

what is name the Featured slider plugin like in your theme demo ??

How do I show the address .. I can not see it ??


The front page slider shows a white background behind the featuring text in IE…

What has to be done to get this fixed? Would really appreciate a solution.