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Tremendous Idea I like it

Thanks :)

Thank you!

Good Job, I Like It, GLWS ;)

Thanks man!

Great Theme Bebel!
“Berlusconi” Inspiration? :D

Haha – maybe, who knows ;D

Hahaha what a bad name! :P Great theme man!

thanks I guess ;D

it’s not responsive


you need to turn off the themeforest frame – then it is responsive ;-)


Good job!Good luck!! :)


Really cool! 8-) in cool to Silvio! ;)

thank you!

I was going to buy but I always check out on all browsers first…look at your work on Chrome you have got issues.


thanks for your interest! I am looking at it with Chrome and everything seems fine to me?! If you point out what is wrong we will fix it asap. Maybe try to turn off the ThemeForest Preview Frame – then the site works normal (also in responsive mode)



it works responsively on my browser (safari) but sorry to be negative, the width of the content holders jumps about too much. i.e. the contact page is wider than the portfolio? Then the clients page it drops to the bottom which doesn’t work on a mobile phone? This is stopping me wanting this template, as it looks nice just feels a little random the way the width changes, needs tidying up? Again sorry to be negative :(


No problem to criticize ;-) The width change is due to the different page layouts – we wanted to minimize white space that is not needed – that’s all. You can always change that through simple CSS though :)



Bebel, I bought CIRCLE LAW WORDPRESS… what happened that it is gone?? I need to make some changes to the design.. background photo and others.. Do you have it on HTML?


the theme is back online very soon! Sorry for the trouble


hello, can the white background be changed? And if so, how hard/easy is it to change to something like a beige or light grey? thanks

Hi, yes you can change it in the CSS file :) We can help you with it of course


I bought the theme and opened the files in dreamweaver. Without changing anything, there comes a signal : “syntax error in line 43 in jquery.nicescroll.min.js Now I am a little bit confused, what does that mean? Please help me!


you should already be activated in the forums for quite some time now. Can you log in now?


Sorry, I can´t. It is too confusing for me. I call to your patience! This is the link, I use: I´m logged in, but I can´t join the group. Please, give me all I need to join the group.


sorry for the late reply.

This is very weird. Please just send us the support request via mail, and we will forward your email to the programmer, so you can discuss this one directly.

Sorry for the trouble!

Very nice! Like it!;


Hello I bought your theme. Can you tell me how to change this code so that the loop is continuous and not going back to start again? thank you simone.

jQuery (window). load (function ($) { jQuery (’. flex’). flexslider ({ animation: ‘slide’, animationLoop: true, ItemWidth: 234 itemMargin: 16, controlNav: false, move: 1


sorry for the delay!

Can you please elaborate what you mean with “continuous”? “Not going back” and “continuous” are the exact opposite.

With the code above, the slider will be endless, meaning it loops through all the items without end. If you want to have it end at the end of the images, change

animationLoop: true,


animationLoop: false,

Is this what you were searching for?


Hi Bebel,

I have few questions before purchasing the theme (I am also interesting by “Brainguys” but I would like to see with you what can be done first:

1/ How could I change the font for the navigation, body text and headings? 2/ Could I change the rollover state for the navigation? I would like get ride of the background box and just have the text colour changed) 3/ Is it possible to change the speed of the background slideshow on the Homepage? 4/ Could we have different images but only one quote (on the Homepage) ? 5/ Could I add a toggle on a Normal page with scrollbar? 6/ Could I remove the “Contact” box on the top right of the “Contact” page? 7/ Could I have a normal top right corner for the background of all pages? 8/ Could I add a “News” feed plugin (“WP Frontpage news” plugin) on the Homepage?

Thanks guys for helping me. I really need to know if these settings are possible ASAP. I am meeting with my client shortly.



As for all the questions: they are all possible with small changes in the code but not through the WordPress backend. So if you are willing to dick a round in the CSS file you are good to go :)

Hi guys, I have very strange problem with your theme.

first – I’m not a buyer of your theme, my client is, I’m a programmer. I’ll ask my client to confirm this from his account, but I’m writing the question from my own to skip unnecessary middleman.

second – I was asked to build WP site on your html theme (I have no idea why my client didn’t simply buy WP version)

problem: when I save changes to any of your HTML file using utf-8 encoding background suddenly brakes o.O Everything is all right if I use latin-2 encoding (with HTML file), but when I create WP theme from HTML version background is always broken no matter what encoding I’ll use.

Any idea what is causing this issue?

That’s weird, we never heard of anyone having the same issue. But hey wouldn’t you save yourself tons of hours by just buying the WP version?

Hi Bebel, i have purchased the theme some time ago, and i would like to know how i can change the homepage slider time? Can you please tell me how to do this. Thanks


please visit our support forum for help!