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Hello, I cant make the google map code work. When i insert the code to map address the map doest appear normal. Some code comes out under the map like:

”, // Your Adress Here html: “This is the map description”, popup: true, } ], });

How can i add the correct code to make it work normally? Thanks…


please leave your request in the support forum – you will probably already find the answer to this issue over there :)

Hello Bebl, is work last wordpress version?

yes :)

and last updete 2014 year ? hm….

yep – but still works fine with current WordPress versions :)

I am interested in your website. But have a couple of questions … Where in the live demo can i find the client pages protected by password? and is it only possible to create the website with the pages in front of the ‘homepage’?


this is the client page that is secured by a password after a password has been entered it will look just like any other page so the admin can upload images, files or write some text via the backend :)

You don’t need to create any page of the demo but can just set up the ones you like!



Still works on Wordpress 4.5? And no more updates? Thanks

Still works :) We wil update if there are any bugs coming up :)

cool, thanks

Dear All, can you please let me know how it works with the mulitlanguage for Silvio im working on it for day and also send bebel support a message but no reply please let me know how i can setup dutch English website???

Hi, I answered in the forum. The quote on the frontpage is not translatable because it is a design element. Sorry :(


How I can change the background slider in pages, entries or blog index to a fixed image?

I want that background slider only appeared in the home page. On the others, I want publish a fixed background image.

Ah ok now I see – yes this isn’t possible cause there is only the slider for all pages. Yes, you would have to modify the code for that. please refer to for that – as it exceeds support.


Ok, can you give me the URL or email to send my question? ( don’t exists)

Hey there, is it possible to put a shortcode in the quote or author field in the homepage? I want to put a login form where the quote or author information is.Or maybe instead of the menu? Hope theere is a way..

I’m sorry, I’m afraid there is not :-( This would be a job for a custom project at