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Original, which is something I like.

Thank you we enjoyed doing it.

Hi I like it too, will you be doing the design for a newsletter without the Christmas them too or I guess it’s easy to edit the chosen template is it to get rid of the Christmas elements after Christmas.

Cool clean design though, thumps up here.

We may consider adding a Christmas free template after Christmas but at this point we will leave it as is. It is however very easy to remove the header graphics from the PSD on the “Plain” version.

For now we are concentrating on putting together a more generic but stylish template.

This is really beautiful – great job :)

Thank you so much – glad you like it.

very elegant, great job!

Great we are glad you like it.

Pretty cool. :)

Sike we are glad you like it. Hopefully many more designs to come.


Congrats, this template looks great, could you please confirm that it works 100% in Outlook 2010, not broken images, etc?



Thank you for your comments.

The answer to the 2010 questions is not that straight forward. Yes the images are loading in Outlook 2007 and 2010. However in the 2010 build there has been a lot more emphasis placed on image loading and as a result the images are slow to load in 2010. They are also dependent in the users setting which by default are set to “no images” unless the senders email is in the address book – “safe zone” . The only way to make 100% sure is to embed the images which comes with its own complications.

Here are the litmus results for the template for you viewing.

I hope this helps.

Great template for my newsletters. navidad.

We are glad you like it.

Probably a really dumb question, but as I have no experience with email templates, I was wondering …

I want to set up a single Christmas greeting page on a subdomain on my site and send the link to that to friends instead of a mail.

Could I do this with this template? I know it’s not meant for that (and I know table-based layouts aren’t really “cool” anymore), but would this work (maybe after adding head and body tags)?

Please ignore/delete (if possible) if the question is too dumb.

deus62 sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Yes the template will work in a browser environment. Tables are well supported. The only difference with the email templates is they are optimized for all email application. The additional code is there to ensure they work in all Email programs. This still means they work in a browser.

Does this template come with all necessary fonts? I’d like to translate “Seasons Greetings” in the header.

K The font I used is a fairly common system font so you should be able to find it in your system. If you dont have there are a number of free substitutes on Font squirrel.

Here is a link to some similar free fonts.