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Can I send the template as a signature from an email program?

It is not recommend you do this. Most email applications insert their own code to the signature which interferes with the layout of the template

How do I edit this template?

We recommend you use an HTML editor or any text editor to make changes. The HTML code is well marked so you can add and remove sections of HTML to suite your layout.

Are there any special considerations I need to be aware of when editing the template?

Yes. You need to make sure you don’t move to much of structure as this may change the way the template displays.

You also need to be careful when adding elements.
CSS – All the code uses inline stylesheets
Images – When inserting an image you need to add a style which has <img style="display:block;" padding:0="" margin:0="" />
Links – When creating a link you need to add a style to link to control the colour and appearance. <a href="sample.html" style="color:#ffffff; text-decoration: none; "></a>

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