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Nice one ! But seems more inspired by my design “http://dribbble.com/shots/564391-Web-Design-Project/attachments/42605” ?

Ya inspired from your design pal…but only header section…:)

And your work is AWESOME …

I thought this included the HTML. It doesn’t :(

It’s a “PSD template” my friend:( You always should need to read details before buying anything….

hi, i really love your theme, can you provide the html version with a menu? because i dont have the knowledgement to get it from a psd and i dont know what type of fonts are these, please . Or can you do it like a custom service? thanks.

Okay just send me mail on my email webdesignvs(at)yahoo.com

Hi, i ´ve sent you and email. thanks.

I can’t even upload the damn thing to Wordpress, it seems time out and says “Are you sure you want to do this?” Then there’s a button to restart it. UNREAL.

I am sorry sir but this is just a PSD template not a wordpress theme.


rons81 Purchased

hello how can i upload this theme to my wordpress website or how can i work with this theme?


Zenork Author

Sorry it is just a PSD Template.