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Nice work! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Thanks :)

Is there a blog with this theme?

It’s beautiful by the way!

Thanks! :)

A blog is not included. Have a look at this module: http://goo.gl/2PJa8W. It is free and you can use it with the theme.

Does this theme support payment through visa and mastercard? Thanks?

Sorry for the late reply. Yes it does.

Looks really nice. How simple or hard would it be to update my store from Teez to this theme?

Thanks. This one is for Magento. http://magento.com

It is based on my opencart theme which can be found at: http://themeforest.net/item/simple-opencart-theme/758999

Hello, are you planning to release 1.8x version for this theme. I like the simplicity of this theme so I guess an updated version of it would be nice.. Thanks!

Thanks. The theme has been tested and works fine with

Themeforest has not updated the “Compatible version” for Magento yet, that is why it is not shown there but it works with

Thanks for your quick response. Just another question, homepage banner seemed not to be scrolling by itself. Is it supposed to be like this or if there is any functionality in the theme that can activate automated movement? Thanks for your time…

Yes there is an option in the admin to enable autoslide.

How can i customize/remove footer links (as csm pages) ?


Sorry for the delay. I am still working on some minor bug fixes reported by others at the moment. You will receive an email when the updated version is ready to be downloaded.

Sorry for the late reply.

The updated version is in the review queue right now. You will be able to download it later today. You will receive an email when it is ready to be downloaded.

Is this theme fully ipad/iphone/android compatible out of the box?

Yes you can check the demo. There is a minor bug for the iPhone. I will be uploading a fix for that asap.

let me know when the iphone is fixed then i might buy the theme…

status on mobile compatibility?

I fixed it.

The updated version is in the review queue right now. You will be able to download it later today. You will receive an email when it is ready to be downloaded.

I bought the theme, however, I am unable to install it.

Here are your instructions:


1. Upload the folders found in the folder named “Theme Upload” to your magento folder on the server. Make sure Magento Cache is disabled.

2. Once done, go to admin » system » design. Click on “ADD DESIGN CHANGE” and select “simple” for the custom design and click save.

For the admin configuration, log out and log back in and go to system » configuration.. You will find the configuration options on top. See picture below:


I’ve uploaded the folder into the public_html root and checked permissions but “simple” is not recognized by Magento as a theme. It’s just not listed in the drop down inside the “ADD DESIGN CHANGE” drop down.

What did I do wrong? Are you sure you upload the folder to the root directory or do you put it inside another folder where themes are located?

I figured it out, you have to replace the default magento files with the folders and files that are inside Theme Upload. Do not upload Theme Upload, just the folders inside.

Yes you should upload the folders found in “Theme Upload”.

I can’t get the home page slider to configure…what am i missing?


Which layout are you using for the homepage? Did you upload the slideshow images correctly?

I believe i am using the one column layout. I have uploaded different images. What would “correctly” mean?

Can you provide your admin credentials so I can have a look? You can send the information through the contact form on my profile page.

I”m having issues with the product pages on this theme. Site works okay when another theme is applied however when I go to any product page when Simple theme is turned on I get “Error Submission Form” popping up.

CMS Pages appear to be fine.

Have refreshed all of the indexes and cache….suggestions?

Which version of Magento are you using? Can you provide a link to our site?


You can try any of the products on the home page.

Please enable error reporting so I can see where the problem is coming. Send me a message from my profile page and I will help you from there.


I am not a technical person. I am planning to sale my research reports and monthly ebooks [ PDF] online. I am looking for a website which can fulfill the following and much more if possible.

1: Excellent Categories, Sub categories for example: Galaxy, Earth, Region, Country, Province, City, Street. Of course it will not be that much deeper but still just to give you an idea.

2: Visitors can read the product description and also related products underneath.

3: Header layouts, Landing pages layouts

4: An excellent blog template, and multiple layouts if possible.

5: Customer Singup and account management

6: Ticket system if possible.

7: Visitors can buy one item or can subscribe to view multiple items per month.

8: Shopping cart and wishlist,

Take an example of a blog website, I want almost the same but my contents will be paid. And a subscriber can view most of the contents after the subscription. Any thing which can add more value. Like walk me throug etc…

Can you please suggest me which of your theme can fulfill these requirements at maximum?

it will work on