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slider on home page not working?

Is it not suppose to be a slider?

eobyone, there were some IE issues with the slider. It’s working on. I already updated the file.

Nice Design @jimmyme !

@eobyone : For me slider works perfectly.

Thanks vesthar.. glad you like it.

Thanks so much.

Hi.. I purchased this awesome template but I have a slight issue straight away without even starting customisation. The Slider at the top dosnt work for me on any browser. I litterally just dumped the folder as I downloaded it unto my server just to check if the template funtions well before I start modifying and faced with the problem. Pls See link if you can point me in the right direction to the solution of this weired problem: http://www.mediamind.co.uk/new/index.html

Thanks in advance!

Hi, its actually on Internet Explorer 6 that I am experiencing this problem of the top slider not working. It just purges the 3 slides out. Is there a fix for this please?


I bought this theme yesterday and I am customizing it quote a bit. Is there something in the style that can be used to create a vertical menu? Ideally, this would be placed on the left hand side. I see that the earlier version had something along these lines but not in the 2.0 version.

Fix for Internet Explorer 6 please? Slider not working.

Hi Guys, I will fix all your issues ASAP . I on vacation at the moment and will help you out when I get home. I’ll update you here. Thank you for your patience.

@vexer007, ur right. Very weird problem. U can actually solve it by just removing all the comments inside div with an id of ‘header-content-padding’. I’ll update the files

@crweb, im not sure what you mean but there is a vertical menu in portfolio page. Maybe thats what youre looking for. Let me know..

Thank you.

OK, I see the vertical menu on the portfolio page. I will try to use that as a template.

By the way, looking at the CSS , some classes/id’s are not defined: top-items, nav-menu2, blog, etc. I am not sure if I should use them with the new content I am adding but it seems to work OK either way. Perhaps they are left-overs from a previous design.

Also, a date entry style to use in forms would be very helpful.


Hey crweb,

they’re actually leftovers while still developing this theme. You can delete them.



I am having a strange problem in IE 7 .0 on this page:


and every page in Firefox 3.5.2

I get the left shadow image repeating or extending beyond the footer of the page….any ideas?

BTW , great template

Hello rkiss,

I’m not sure what happened in your end but the default file is working just fine. Shadow is in the right position. You can email me your files at gapusan (at) gmail.com so I can have a look. I think it’s only a matter of clearing floats.

Regards, Arthur

Hi jimmyme, glad you’re back! I removed all the bullet/list point comments and even the next and previous buttons but still no luck. All I have at the top was just the images sliding but it still didnt do it in I.E Also the PNG ’s Dont work in I.E can you also help with that please?


Hi vexer,

this is just weird. I just downloaded the file and tested it on ie6-ie8 and it’s working just fine. Not sure what’s wrong in your end. Could you try to redownload the file and check?

about the pngs, I’m sorry to say that you have to use gif inside the slider. belated png script just don’t work on images inside the slider.

Regards, Jimmyme

Hi Jimmyme,

I have tried various things and now found out that the problem is ONLY with the Pink Template not the others. When I copy the css folder and the script folder of the other templates and paste them on my site, the slider works but has the wrong colours obviously. How do I go about changing the colour then? as the problem is obviously with the pink template css or script.

Thanks a bunch!


Is there any way to add “pause” button to the slider?

Thank you,



Can someone help me stop the auto-scrolling? I can seem to find the code to stop the autoscrolling…



Hi rkiss,

Sorry for the delayed response

As of now, the script I used for scrolling doesn’t have a pause functionality but there’s a version without scrolling. Do you want that version?

Regards, Jimmyme

This was very simple to install. Just FTP it to your site. It works perfectly and functions just like the demo. I’m used to things being more complicated.

Now, is there an ‘admin’ panel available for this? Specifically a way for someone to enter text without opening up the webpage?


I had a problem with the Footer appearing too high up the page in IE7 .

simple solution:

*#wrapper {height:100%;}

Great template.


Do you have a CMS version of this Simple Solutions Template?

Only the simple solutions 1.0.. it’s a drupal 6 but I think it’s pretty old.