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Clean design, I like it a lot.

This would be perfect for a client of mine if there was a red variation, like the red on your corporate company template. Any chance of that happening? Please? :)

Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, a red version should be easy to create.

I bought this template and my client and I are both very happy with it. The colors, the typography and the layout are all excellent. There are a lot of tabbed interfaces out there, but very few where the tabs overlap. It makes a huge difference graphically when they do, but it is a difficult effect to pull off with CSS . The author did a fantastic job making it all work and it’s impressive and elegant in action. I took the top part of the layout and made it into a PHP include file. It includes the top logo, search area, and tabbed navigation. That way if I need to make a change to the menu, I only need to change it once in the include file and it changes across all the pages. Anyway, I love this template and recommend it highly. Excellent work!

Hi bopjo1.. Thanks a lot for the positive comment. Thats right, the tab navigation is a very tricky one to code using css.. This is definitely one of my best theme.. I’m glad you like it. :-)

Jimmy, I’m having issues with my Web site in IE 6 & 7. I’m also having a problem with the the contact form.

You can see what I’ve got going at www.usaveash.com

Any help would really be appreciated!


I sent you an email about issues with this template. It does not seem to work right in IE 8 . There is a spacing problem in all of the pages but the home page right under the navigation and a white line is shown. If you could offer some help I would appreciate. We have purchased the template and are in the middle of the project and cannot deploy without this fix.



I cant seem to upload the theme, it state the .zip is missing the style.css file