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Great theme. Does the featured image “Auto-compress” or how does that work? I would like it to take the first picture in the post and make it featured. Is this possible?

Yep it will resize.

You can choose 3 resizes and set a custom size to resize:

1) large



4) custom size (you set the size)

Looks very good! Testing it out now. Just a notice. Special charaters does not work in the recent posts on sidebar.

Ill check

thanks for the feedback

No style… Not very beautifull… Not compatible IE6 …



This theme is simple because is ready to e styled the way you need with its powerful admin panel that controls all the appearance options of the theme. Its very SIMPLE to use :D.

thanks :)

I agree :)

Good work Ansimuz really like it! @fleche i think that you have a bad day and it seems that you go all over the new themes and leave negative comments..

IE6 is the past. When you go to an agency you have to pay a lot more if they should fix all bugs for IE6 users.

And the comment “No style … Not very beautyfull …” is a poor behaviour. When you have nothing good to say, than say nothing at all, because noone force you to buy it.

Great theme Ansimuz. Good luck with sales.


Thanks for your comments :).

I hope you find these theme easy to use is very customizable due to its admin panel options. Ill list the options inside the theme preview.

Dont listen to him man this is great work!

Very nice, I prefer clean and simple. Oh and by the way fleche59…. piss off.

VEEERY interested in purchasing the theme, couple questions-

Is is possible to change the highlight color of the menu and arrow icons from orange to something else through a menue option, or is that CCS work? I know you can change main font color in the Appearance menu, I was looking at headers and menu hover, as well as icons.

Is there and option to have a sidebar on the pages, or is it only full width?

Thanks for any info, great looking theme!!!

Yes you only need to change one sprite image file for all the elements of the page. Its layered and editable.

Regular page with sidebar is a feature i forgot to include i ll have that upadate for the next week.

Really beautiful! Nice work!

P.S. I also don’t support IE6 so forget about that dude earlier. He’s not relevant.

Thanks :)

Very nice and really simple theme! About Background image: is it customizable?


Yes you can configure header, content and/or footer bg from the admin panel.


Its superb theme… I hate negative comments to this user and appreciate his hard work…

Good luck with sales…

:) thanks

Really tempted to give this one a try. I like it a lot. Especially since it is so customizable. Is there a way for you guys to upload some more examples of other ways people might customize it?

In my case I’m looking to make a dark site, so I would probably switch the background colors to black and text to white. Would it be possible to see what that looks like?

Yes its posibble.

I will post an image of how it would look in the appearance tab.

Well here is a mock of a dark style setted up in 1 minute:

Great work!!!

I love the fact that you actually created a simple theme. For those of us who know how to customize, we like having the option to really do so.

I am sorry for the comments I read earlier. Normally I do not leave comments, but I felt compelled to do so.

I was very excited about the clean nice work that you did. While you handled their comments very well, I wanted you to know that others of us are enthralled to see a clean site created. There is a guy on Themeforest named Orman Clark who sells a lot of work. Myself and others really appreciate the cleanness of his work.

I appreciate the simple elegance of your work also.

Kind regards.

Thanks for your compliments.

This is very nice work, I appreciate the footer and textures and over all design. Will purchase when I get the right client :) Good luck on sales!

thank you

Great work don’t listen to them.. when are people are going to realize how mush work does into making a simple wordpress theme and one that is as robust as this one for 30 bucks its a steal… Just uneducated people who want everything for nothing.

keep up the great work.


Yeah! hahaha.

In spite of. This theme been having good sales.

Thank you to all.

Sometimes Simple is the best.

Bought your html version of this design, now will purchase this Wordpress version just for the blog.

I’m going to use this for my personal website, love the layout simplicity.

Thanks for getting this out.

Thanks :)

Wait for more updates and new stuff on this theme.

very nice theme, I bought it! But I’m having a little problem with getting the frontpage kinda like the demo frontpage over here, the piecemaker/ bannerchanger is placed over my logo and menu, what should I do?

Thanks in advance!


The wordpress version is not ready for the 3D “piecemaker slideshow”. I got some issues before relasing the theme so i didnt include it. However i intend to include this feature in the next release after i can solve any issues relating the slideshow.

in the meantime can i see the url of your site to document what your issue is.

thanks :)

Helllo I bought a template of your authorship really nice the other PSD is missing only the main page (only one PSD files and arrows) can you send me the other parties to the template depends on me only PSD files … via e-mail

Thanks for your reply I wrote to you 2 emails yesterday there was no response

BR Martin Sipowicz Poland


Ill include the rest of the files in the next release. In the meantime ill send you the rest of the screens by email by tomorrow.


chodzi mi o ten zakup

BR Marcin Sipowicz

Hello I wish you health and a speedy return to normal functions Please do not forget to send the PSD (the rest – I stood with the job)

I send you my email inbox

BR Martin Sipowicz POLAND