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Hello, is there a way to not require a photo for a blog post without the “image not available” image showing up? I would like to have some posts without this large photo.

Can you help?



I will include and easy option to set the image for the next releases. In the meantime you can change this image for a smaller image


also you will need to change the css styles look for the .



If you need customize this i can do it for an hourly rate.

Bought the theme and really enjoying it so far.

Would it be possible to make the lines going through the slideshow optional in the next version? I would REALLY appreciate that, because I’m not sure if I like that for my site.

Thank you for creating a fantastic theme!!

Of course is a confirmed feature in the next release.

Oops, double post. Lol

Would you please add an option to limit the Twitter section to the frontpage? I would prefer to not have it on the rest of my pages. Plus the bottom half gets covered by the footer on the rest of the pages. :-/

Gotta tell ya though, this really is a great theme and I’m finding it pretty easy to customize to my needs. :)

Of course.

I am fixing that issue and having an option to configure it as well.

wait for the next release.

Hi there, great theme – just bought it and am trying to get the hang of all the wonderful options.

I’m getting stuck at the Appearances > Menus though. I get an HTML -looking like page with the following fields:

WEBSITES ? | ? Edit Menu Item Navigation Label Title Attribute Link Target CSS Classes (optional) Link Relationship (XFN)

And the error message says: “Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in public_html/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 433”

Any advice as to what may possible be the problem? Thanks for your help!

Hi it seems a wordpress issue not a theme issue.

Try installing wordpress again also make sure you have php5 installed on your server.

let me know

Thanks for your quick response! :) I’m glad to hear those options are coming. How soon do you predict the new release? So I know when to come back and check.

Next week. for sure

so, I am totally bummed.. I purchased the simple theme, tried to install the theme in wordpress (uploading the zip file) and it keeps coming back with an error (are you sure you want to do this?) after about 5 minutes of hanging..can you pleaseeeee help? :)

lee ann

Try uploading with a ftp also make sure your server supports php5

read the faq for more info

thank you for your help :) I was able to install via FTP I am a web designer who is now for the 1st time trying my hand at wordpress….

let me ask you this…. how do i take this message off the bottom of the page? * “Upcoming update for Simple Theme in a few days.” 6:15 PM yesterday

also, my site looks nothing like it did when i purchased (i’m sure it’s user error) but can you look and tell me why?

thank you thank you.. excited to get started :)


You need to change the social settings to disable the twitter footer.

Also the page looks that plain cause it needs to be feeded with content. Please set values in the simple settings in the wp-admin.


I created a “Photography” page, and setup a gallery. Instead the page shows blog posts.

When I change the page title to something other than “Photography,” (say “Still Photography”) the gallery loads fine.

What’s going on here?

Didnt really understand your issue.

Can you give me more info. and the url.

Remember to set the template to gallery if you need to show a gallery page.

let me know

Here’s what I did:

1. Add new page 2. Title: “Photography” (slug: photography) 3. Page Attributes: Gallery 4 Columns 4. Order: 3 5. Put code [nggallery id=2 template=simple] in


Load up the Photography page, and it shows only blog posts that are tagged “Photography.” Doesn’t show the gallery.

So I delete this Photography page

Repeat steps 1-5, only call the page “Still Photography” (slug: still-photography) and it works great! Shows the gallery and everything.



can you email me the wp-admin access to see by myself.


Love the them. Any suggestions on how to add video to the NextGEN Gallery. Found a lot of people integrating Shadowbox.JS to get this done, but I can’t seem to get that to work with this theme.


The Nextgen gallery plugin only supports images. However i will include an video gallery options in the next big update.


Purchased SimpleWordpress last night, but Torn is what was actually in the zip file. How can I do about this?

Ill fix it

I ll let you know when the correct file is ready for download. It was a system error and should be fixed in a few hours.


The correct file for simple is ready for download.

thanks :)

I see you’ve posted a couple updates. If I delete and re-upload the new theme file, will I lose all the settings in the “Simple” section of wp-admin? Or will they be saved?

Any settings on the wp-admin of the theme will be saved. however make a bkp exporting an xml usign the tools>export just for safety.


I don’t see instructions on how to call up the “button” feature. Is there a shortcode for that?



Got it. The text on the button is showing html for the href target (i.e _self or _blank). How do I disable that feature?

You need the latest release of torn that fixes that issue. Go and download it again.

I love your theme. Great job! Only one small issue. It comes up great in my iPad with one exception. The far right edge gets cut off just a little on the header and footer.

So for instance, the banner extends to both the left and right edge of the screen, and everything else fits nicely, but the dark grey graph paper style background for both the header and footer go all the way to the left edge, but not the right. They fall short by a letter or two distance, making the top menu difficult to see.

Any suggestions?


Well the only way to make it fit in would be to edit the css/style.css file.

But i see it fits perfectly. Look:


Firstly, this looks like a terrific theme.

I love its simplicity, and I love how it stands out compared to many of the other Wordpress themes out there at the moment (which are starting to look more and more similar to each other!). Seriously, you have done an awesome job here!! :)

I have recommended this theme to a client of mine. They love it too. But we have some questions before we purchase.

1. Regarding the faint diagonal lines across the home page slideshow images. Is there a way to switch those diagonal lines off?

2. Can we change the layout of the home page easily? All we want to do is make the “recent posts” box wider, and the “featured pages” box narrower (so it just includes one column of images).

3. On the home page, can the “recent posts” box be converted to a simple text box where we can insert a description of the client’s company instead of listing recent posts?

4. In the gallery section of this theme, is there any character or word limit for the captions for each image?

5. On the 4-column gallery page, is there an easy way to squeeze in a list of client names AFTER the images, and BEFORE the dotted line of the footer? Or is there no room for text in that area?

Your responses would be greatly appreciated, as we’d like to purchase the theme very soon.

Thanks, and – once again – great job with this theme! :)

Hi Ansimuz,

Thanks for your quick reply.

Just in case we need to get custom tweaks, how much do you charge per hour, and how many hours (approximately) do you think the tweaks mentioned would take to do?



I charge:

For the teaks 1-5 i can have them in 2 hours.

Let me know.

Hi Ansimuz,

Thanks for your help. I have now purchased your theme, and will email you about the custom tweaks mentioned above.

Thanks again. :)

Hey man ,

Great theme.

I was wondering if the blog / roll could be displayed (25 to 30 posts) on / as the homepage.

Thank you for your time,


You mean display 25-30 post on the home?

Yes you can choose how many items to display for each column on the front page.

Let me know if this is what you meant :)

One more thing I noticed that I would appreciate being fixed in the next update.

With black as a background, a couple bits of text on the blog page are kind of hard to see. I took a screenshot to show you what I mean.

The Post Title text is too dark and the Date Number is too light.

I have set up a portfolio page and I am having trouble with integrating the text along side an image. It allows me to put text before (above) and after (below) but not along side. any suggestions on how to edit so I can have the text next to the image (right or left side?) Thanks.

You could do the following:

1) align the image from wordpress

2) Use columns shortcodes to have the text in one column and the image in another column

If you mean the big image (the one a the top) then you cannot include text unless it is text on the image.

hope it works

I dont believe your short codes are working correctly, I am using this theme for someone and your toggle code does not work


any ideas?


You must use toggle_box and accordion_box instead of toggle and accordion




Hello, i have a problem.

\wp-content\themes\simple\functions.php on line 182

Can i see the url of your site.