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I still have no dominion. I installed wordpress. when I went up the theme he introduced this error.

Seems a php version issue. Make sure you have php5 installed. Or upload the theme to a different server.

One more request. Would it be possible to add an option to remove the lines between posts and categories on the Blog page?

By the way, my last comment was a sincere request. Sorry I didn’t post it that way. :) I was just trying to be clear and concise about it.

Thank you again for an awesome theme!


Ill have fixed the option for the “text color” for the theme. Now for the option for the sidebar i cant include that option i cant set that much depth of customization for that i recommend editing the css files to have the desired aspect for your theme.


Ah, okay. I figured that might be the case. Thank you for your help. The text will do. :) Learnin’ css right now.

One more request for the post Title text. Would you add the option for size too?


Ill consider that option however is pretty easy to change the font sizes look at the “css/style.css” and edit the font size property for the “h1 to h6” tags for the headers and the “body” tag for the general size.


I am using this shortcode :

[one_half] content… [/one_half]

[one_half_last] content… [/one_half_last]

to enter a photo on left and text on right, however it still seems to come up one on top of the other.

any suggestions??


Can you email me the url and the access to check the issue by myself.


I am curious about adding additional special characters to this theme.

I am interested in adding several characters from the Icelandic set.

Is this something that could be easily done? I want the main language to be English, but with the opportunity to use several of the special characters.


Thanks for your response. I will probably be purchasing this theme in the next couple of days.

Silly question, I bet. But where do I find the shortcodes?

In the HELP file you can see the complete list. You enter them in the text box when writing content.

I sent you an email with my url and access. it seems that the shortcodes work when entering into a page or post, but not on a portfolio page.

I appreciate the help.

sent answer.

I’ve created a page with 10 toggle box shortcodes and the last one (bottom) is getting cropped off by the bottom of the page.

How can this be fixed. Thanks.

Actually, it’s happening to all pages…

Ill check it right away.

Ill get back at you when i find the solution.

Great Thanks…. Couple more questions:

1. Is it possible to create an 2nd “portfolio” page with a different name and different categories.

2. I cannot figure out how to set up the gallery page. I was able to create multiple image galleries but I can’t group them on a single page with different filters the way you have it on the live preview page. I tried to follow the template documentation but still having trouble figuring out. Any suggestions?

3. Is there a way to have specific pages/posts appear on the home page. If so, where is the id # for each page/post located?



1) No. Only one portfolio page.

2) Read the instruction carefully its all explained there.

3) You can view the id of the post/page at the URL bar when editing the post/page in the admin panel.


Thanks for the response. another question…

1. I have the shortcode for a button but where do I attach the url to direct it?


Set it in the “href” attribute:

[link_button href="..."] text [/link_button]


Great theme.

Is there a way to remove the block ribbon from the home page or maybe give it some opacity so it doesn’t cover up the entire image?



Thats a upcoming feature for the next release.

In the meantime you can edit the front.php file and set an “inv” class to the “div ribbon”. Look what i mean:

I don’t see that line of code in the front.php file.


Never mind, I found it. It was in functions.php.

Thank you for the help.

I’m receiving an error when I try to upload the file in the Wordpress Theme menu.

Hi, love the theme! When do you think you will be releasing the updates to the theme? Looking to get rid of those lines across the image slider.

Its been a while since i release it.

Dont miss more updates and start follwoing me on twitter.


Great theme! We are having a small issue with the slideshow. If you take a look at our demo page ( you’ll see that the right side of the slideshow is formatted incorrectly, pushing to the side of the window and throwing off the dimensions of the window.

The slideshow images are the dimensions that you recommend, 970×337.

Any advice/help would be appreciated.


Nevermind.. I got it. The actual size of the slideshow photos should be 960×321 (you have 970×337 listed in the admin panel, but I’m assuming that this is a just a typo). I found it by double checking the size of the photos in your demo page and realized they were different. I resized the photos to the 960×321 and now it looks great.

However, this may be a bit nit picky, but the “small diagonal line” box directly under the slideshow photos is not actually centered under the slideshow. There is actually more “room” on the right side of the box than the left. I noticed that this is not just the case in my site, but also on your demo site. Is there anyway to correct this?

Thanks again for a great template.

Hi mark

I am working on these little issues and will be fixed in the next release.

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the button short code.

I followed the directions for the media gallery, but it’s not functioning properly. The filter is not corresponding with the thumbnails or the right gallery.

please take a look at link below. maybe you can tell me what is not right.



The filter plug-in has some limitations such as:

1) you cannot have blank spaces

2) You cannot use special characters as apostrophes or accents

I suggest to use – to separate words and use shorter key words for the filter.

Hello. I created a portfolio page and downloaded and installed the nextgen gallery. When I create a page and put in their proper categories does not show images, but image is not available. How do I appear within the categories of portfolios the right images?

Make sure your portfolio entries has a feature image.

To show the gallery make sure you enter the gallery id in the project entry.

Read the doc files carefully it explains how to do it.


Ok, so I changed all the filter names to only include -, no spaces and even changed the Alt & Title Text / Description to match. still not working properly. When I click on the a filter, either the proper gallery does not show or nothing happens. What am I missing??

Make sure the following:

a) you set all the filters right in the custom fields of the post.

b) your keywords on the Alt & Title Text are correct.

I am sure you miss one of the above, try makin a new gallery to check that everything is allright.

I did as directed. Yet the image gallery does not appear within the portfolio. Is it possible to put the slideshow on any other page without using the template front page?


Sorry for the slideshow you need the front page template.

If you need customization i can do it for a fee.