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I installed the theme and am in the process of customization. I arrived at the gallery and I insert the filters, but realized that the custom fields of wordpress is not working. uninstalled the theme and came up normally. installed again and again does not appear. what happens?


Custom fields are hidden in the newest release of wordpress 3.1.

Click on the “screen options” at the top of the page when adding/editing a page and check the custom fields option.


I checked and I have it correct. I have the same name in the custom filter for each post matching the alt & title text in each gallery.

I also have each filter name added to the media page that all the galleries are connected to.

Can’t figure it out!

Can you send me the wp-admin acess to try it by myself.

How do I get rid of this text “BIG Update! – Torn Wordpress v.1.7 –” 1:30 PM yesterday” at the bottom of the page. Very very annoying.

Toggle of the social bar at the admin or change the username to your own.

Read the help file it explains all.

Have not been able to get the slideshow working or the gallery. I have images designated in the slideshow and nothing appears. I have images uploaded to a gallery and a page set to display the gallery but nothing appears.

Set the home page and the the permlinks to numeric.

Hey, love the theme, looking forward to updating our site to it as soon as we get it prepared in the background!

On the home page, in the four featured pages, is it possible to either eliminate the date on the info overlaying the page graphic? The page date doesn’t really do anything for me, and makes it seem old since I created it a while ago but update it constantly.


Look here for the post comment from:



Thanks, that led to my taking the date off, changing the font size, and making the banner thinner to work better. Great help!


I just have a few questions about some of the theme options mentioned in the help file that comes with the theme:

1) What are the recommended image dimensions for full-screen versions of gallery images?

2) Speaking of which, is there a way to turn off the maximise image option in the gallery in the top right hand corner of the selected gallery image?

3) Is there a way to change the font size of captions on the image (NOT on the gallery page itself, but on the actual image selected on the gallery page)?

4) Is there a way to add or change the names of form fields on the contact form?


1) It depends on your users monitors but i’d recommend an 800×600.

2) Yes it can be toggle off but you need to edit the “js/custom.js” file here are the prettyphoto options documentation:

3) Since it is a 3rd party plug in i don’t know where to change that. But you could try editing the prettyphoto css file.

4) Manually. Theres not an option in the admin to change those. You can edit these files:




if you need help on some of these items i can offer custom work services on a hourly rate.

Let me know

Love the theme.

I do have one major issue though that currently would prohibit me using this theme for my client’s websites…

The theme overrides image alignment settings on pages. If I put an image on a page and then set it’s alignment to “right” for instance, it doesn’t behave properly. Instead of being to the right of the page copy, it is above the copy. As a matter of fact, setting any image alignment has no effect at all on the placement of the images on the page.

Can you fix this or tell me where in the CSS file to disable whatever is over-riding this basic HTML functionality?

Also, how do I get the copyright information to display at the bottom of the page?


this was fixed on “version 1.1.2”

Let m know if you have that version.

I have 1.1.1. I’ll get the latest/greatest. Glad that was fixed.

This is the most flexible theme I have come across. The way it has been developed makes it easy to spin out many different types of sites.

What’s the best way for me to acquire more licenses?

Fantastic job!


You can acquire an extended license or more regular licenses. Please follow this link to know more:

Forgive me I’m a novice. Is this theme compatible with WP 3 .1? Or only 3.0? I’d really like to use it, please let me know. Thanks. Great work, man!

its 3.0+ compatible. It meas you can use it version higher than 3.0 so yes it is 3.1 compatible.

I’m looking to purchase this theme, when do you expect it to be compatible with Internet Explorer 9? I know the final was just released yesterday, but when I preview it the menu does not appear. Also if you use compatibility mode, the formatting gets all messed up.

Thanks for any information


I cant really say when. I will for sure but i need some time to find IE9 issues and fix them probably may take a month not sure.


What i am fixing right away its the cufon font so it will display the menu.

It should be ready tomorrow.

2 more things…

1. How do I display copyright information at the bottom of the page?

2. The image for the page bottom is covering up the last line of text for any page copy that goes to the bottom of the page.


1 – go to the general option under the simple tab in the wp-admin panel.

2- It is a bug that will be fixed in the next release.



gnx Purchased

The cufon fonts doesn’t work in IE9 (menu, titles, etc)... any solution?

IE 9 have several issues i am working on the fixes.


How do I go about adding the big slider and the 3 columns under it on the front page? I’m trying to get it to look the the example of your front page. Is there a part of the help file I’m missing? I’ve been messing with the simple settings within wordpress and they don’t seem to have an effect on anything. Thanks for any help. Currently my site looks like this

Please disregard my previous post. I found it.

First off let me say that I am really impressed with this theme. So far it has been very easy to use and I appreciate all of the hard work that went into designing it!

I am having to small issues though:

1.) on the front page… on the left side where the ‘featured pages’ are on the live demo… I would like to put pages there without the last published date. Is this an easy fix?

2.) I am having some trouble with the slider. I have downloaded and activated the nextGen gallery pluggin, but when I put an image url in the simple theme admin>slideshow>List of images>Image Url…

Nothing is showing up in the slider?

Thanks for your help.


a) yes open the functions.php and delete the line #301

<div class="news-date"><?php the_time('d M, Y') ?></div>

b) Make sure you have set a home page and updated the permalinks to numeric. also make sure you set an absolute path for the images including the http://.


Great theme, finally got it all set up! Only noticing one real issue: When I rollover the social icons on the bottom they seem to disappears. Am I missing something? Is this just my Chrome browser?

Not only crome seems that something broke. Have you messed with js or css. its a weird issue.

Ill check to see if it is a theme problem but i think you broke something while customizing it :s.

Clayton Bell,

I like what you’ve down with your site design. We are also using this theme for our church website. Do you mind if I ask how you were able to change the site accent colors (menu links, arrows on the foot and the main page) from orange to green?

Was there an option in the theme admin? or did you have to do this manually through the css files?

Also, is it possible to add widgets to any other pages other than the blog page? I would like to include certain widgets on all of our information pages?


You can only insert widgets on the sidebar and the footer. If you need to insert in custom place i can offer my freelance services. If still interested send me an email through my profile.

I’ve just downloaded the most recent update and I’m still having issues with formatting the text and images, specifically on the portfolio page. It is not allowing me to have the content side by side and even when it does, it extremely limiting.

Please let me know how to fix so I can complete updating my site.

Thank you.


Can i see the url of the pages and a brief of the issue so i can help you better.

Don’t worry ill stay with you while we solve any bug or issue with the theme.


I want to echo what tlchart said…

There needs to be an option to display widgets in a column on pages but the theme only supports a single column.

Also…on the contact form, it sure would be nice if we could remove the field asking for a website, or at least make it so that the field is not required.


Thanks for the feedback. Ill consider greatly those features since they seem to be necessary.

They might be included on future releases. You can follow me on twitter to be informed.