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Fresh theme. Good luck :)

Very nice theme…will be probably purchasing it in the coming days… :-)

Thanks dgabran! You’re welcome!

Great landing page! Good luck with the sales.

Thanks Brelle!

Awesome Design!

Thanks a lot typhoo!

Just bought it. What can I say, every provided! Good clean coding and the PSD files are a great addition. Thanks.

Purchased this and it works perfectly! On top of that the developer, Marcel, promptly helped us with a question and supplied some sample code to do a minor change to the layout. Great customer service for a great Landingpage.

Thanks a lot keerock!

WOW! Very nice work man! Hope you sells a lot! Good luck! ;)

Thanks femo!

Hi, I want to know if all images are editable. For instance the rounded images. Thanks!

Hi Renatols, yes they are! The rounded images (icons) are created with Font Awesome! These icons can easily be changed by changing the class name. There are 361 icons available.

Nice theme, I like to use it for a domain landing page (those pages with: “This domain is registered by one of our customers….”) This page exists on a single host but will respond to XX domain names. How about the license? Is this usage permitted? Or do I need to redirect the visitor to a single page/domain?


Hi finalwebsites,

thanks for your interest! I think this decision is envato stuff. Please contact the envato support.

Hi, right now I’m using the theme on a single domein and parked domains are redirected to that domein as well. Thanks

All right! Thank you for purchasing my theme.

Hi, just purchased but the slider doesn’t work (with both Firefox 22 and Chrome 28). If I click on the prev / next buttons, nothing happens.

I tried to update to the lastet version of both JQuery and FlexSlider without success: the slider works but then the navigation menu (.scroll) doesn’t work anymore.

Any suggestion?

Hi filippotoso, i just tested it again! Everything works fine. What kind of system do you use? PC or MAC?

I’m using Windows 7 Pro 64bit with Firefox 22 and Chrome 28. The issue I describe is same as the one experienced by this FlexSlider user: https://github.com/woothemes/FlexSlider/issues/797

I´ve tested it again by using Windows 7 Pro 64bit with Firefox 22 and Chrome 28. Everything works fine. I can not reconstruct the problem. Sorry!

I like the design. Can you make the wordpress version ?

Hi boosters, at present it is not planning to release the theme in a wordpress version!

Hi, a question on the top menu and the autoscrolling. I created a new html page, a new top menu item and linked them. Now I can navigate to the new page from top menu, however once I click back to ‘highlights’ (and other sections in index.html) the autoscrolling doesn’t work.

Can you please explain how to fix it or direct me to the documentation?

Sent you my e-mail. Thanks!

Thank you for great support!

You’re welcome!

I’m interesting in purchasing this template, but I was wondering if there was a way around the PHP file? Is the PHP file just for the slider or other things? We don’t need a rotating slider, we just need a static image with text for where the slider is. Is that possible? Thanks in advance.

Hi lwilliams-wcg, the php file is only responsible for sending the newsletter registrations! Best regards.

Does the newsletter option work with Aweber ?

Hi rjay, this theme doesn’t support Aweber integration. You get the newsletter registrations via email. Sorry

Nice theme. Simple and clean