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HI All, im using simplex theme when I moved it to Digital ocean host now ’<’ and ’>’ in Twitter feed (yellow color bar) shows as chines characters how I fixed this?

You’ll need to post on our support forum –

I’m having problems with the team-overlay call on mobile. On hover, the text overlay looks great on my desktop machine. On tap, nothing happens on mobile.

Please see my “Meet The Team” section here:

Please advise (great theme otherwise!)

Per your request, I uploaded to the support forum last night. Please advise.

Replied 10 minutes after your original post, please check :)

Ah – thank you! I never received an email but that’s not your fault. I responded again and will look for your reply there. Thank you.

Really nice theme! What is the “quick line of code” you mention that would make iWoocommerce work with the theme layout? That would really help.


Happy to help you with this if you post on the support forum –

love this theme can we implement Woocommerce into this theme?

We’ve posted how to do this on the forum (and you’re welcome to open up a ticket if you need help) with doing this. It is not a Woocommerce theme so the styling will be the default Woocommerce style, however we can give you a few lines of code to add that will fix the layout for the theme.

If you have any questions or problems after purchase, you can post on our support forum –

thanks in that case i will buy this theme!

can i get the xml files after buying ?? I am not much of an expert and i find that themes i buy dont end up like the demo and i want a site like your demo if you give xml and all files included so i can edit and replace easily

Yes, we provide the XML files for demo content import. It will replicate the demo site perfectly. Make sure that you activate the theme and recommended plugins before importing (there will be a notice for the plugins).

There’s also an import file for the theme options if you wish to use the same color scheme, header settings, etc.

is it included in the all files download option ?? i have made the purchase

I don’t see any purchases on your account, but yet it’s in the all files option. When you unzip you’ll see a demo content folder.

Hi, I tried posting on your forum but looks like is down. I installed the theme (the latest version available today) on an empty wordpress 4.2.2 site and the Theme Option section does not load. It keeps attempting to load something but it just shows the layout and no content for the settings. Thanks

Fixed. I installed wordpress from scratch again and it did work this time.

Glad to hear it. Our host is down at the moment so the support forum is unavailable. But if you have any problems in the future, feel free to post there.

Hi there, I am having alot of problems with my site. Have developed using chrome and tested out using firefox and it is not showing up correctly what so ever. Could you help resolve these issues I am having.

Yes, we’ll be happy to take a look. Please post on our support forum and we’ll get you helped out –

Is SimpleFlex compatible with WordPress 4.3?

Yes, it is compatible. If you run into any issues, feel free to post in our support forum (although we have not heard of any to date with the latest version of WP).

i cant not install it! ’’ try again message’’ 4 ever. please help

We don’t mind helping out, but it would be nice if you asked for help before giving us a 1 star review. I don’t mean this to be rude, but this is not a theme issue- this is either user error or a server configuration problem.

1. Have you unzipped the file you downloaded from ThemeForest first? The file downloaded from ThemeForest must be unzipped since it contains the PSDs, Documentation, and theme folder. The theme zip inside this folder is the only one you should be uploading to your WordPress dashboard.

2. If you’ve done everything correctly in #1, then I would try uploading via FTP as it may be an issue with your server settings.

Here is an article that covers some basic setup issues –

Please let me know if you need any more help.

Hi, I bought the theme, and installed the plugin Visual Composer, but after I’ve activated the Portfolio is not showing up properly, what do I need to do to make it work?

Please open a ticket on our support forum –

Make sure to post a link to the page in question for a faster resolution.

which are required plugins??? Thanks

There aren’t any that are required but there are recommended that come with the theme. You will be prompted to install these automatically when installing the theme.

Hi guys

I just checked out a website I done and it seems to be corrupt – do you know why?

Was working fine a few days ago.

Thanks Rico

You’ll need to post on our support forum for my help, but it looks like none of the theme styles are being loaded. At first glance this is probably an issue with incorrectly modifying the theme or a child theme but may also be an issue with a third party plugin.

Please post on our support forum if you need help –

Hey there, The baked in Rev slider plugin is out of date and im being told by our CTO there is a vulnerability…is there a plan to update to newest?

Revolution slider is not baked into the theme (it’s a separate plugin), but we’ve updated the one included with the theme. It should be available within a day or so after it’s approved on ThemeForest.

Hey, we’ve noticed on the live demo that there are some problems with your font. We inspected the console and got the following: “OTS parsing error: CFF: Failed validating charstring set 0 Failed to decode downloaded font:"

We love this theme and want to buy it, just worried about the above. Is there a way of fixing it or will there be an update soon? When?

Thank you!

Sorry for the delay in response.

We’ll have to look into this a bit more but it looks like it may be a corrupt font file. If this is the case, we’ll regenerate the font files and upload with the next update. The issue does seem to be isolated to only Chrome, however, and there are many fallbacks so in the meantime it won’t break the theme or cause any display issues with fonts on the site.

Hi, I have these theme use for a clients site and we have noticed on their site and your demo site that the contact forms are not showing up on an iPad. Thought it may be a Conatct 7 issue but your other themes all seem to show the form. Any advice greatfullly received.

Hi there,

I don’t see any purchases for you for our themes, but if you have purchased, please post on the support forum with your purchase code and we will gladly take a look for you.

How can i update/remove slider from home page? Im migrating site to your template, and exported slider from old site (rev. slider) but i cant setup it

Under your Revolution Slider tab in the dashboard. You can also remove it from the page if you navigate to that page in your Dashboard (probably under Home or Intro depending on your demo content) and remove the slider shortcode.

If you need further assistance, please post on our support forum –

Hi, search on support is quite strange. I have issue that top menu “inherit” shadow from somewhere – > please see this

I would like to have it plain normal one color header

If you’re having trouble finding the solution you need, you should open a support ticket on the forum as we don’t handle support here.

Please make sure to post your issue and your website address to resolve as quickly as possible.


I’m very interested in purchasing this template.

Works with the latest version of Wordpress?

Yes, it’s compatible with the latest version. Should you encounter any issues feel free to open a ticket on the support forum –

Hi, I bought your template in March last year (2015) and it works great. I need to change 3 things in the website. 1) One of the pages “What we offer’ is split in two boxes (or columns) and each box has a video inserted. How can i resize the WxH of the video so it matches better with the width of the columns? 2) How can i make all boxes the same size. 3) How can i delete the animation icons a move the information in the columns to the left, since it looks weird when looking in the phone. Look forward to hearing from you. Ramon my website is: installed in WP

Hi, when i try to register for this forum, they ask me for a purchase code. However, when i introduce the license number that appears in my envato account for Simpleflex, they tell me that it doesn’t exists.

I have been almost 2 weeks trying to get in contact with someone and i have been sent to different places. I even bought a license for support and this hasn’t brought any benefit. I will really appreciate if you help me with this.

Sorry you’re having trouble. This message is the first we’ve heard from you otherwise we would have helped you out sooner

I’ve manually enabled your account and sent an email with credentials to the email you signed up. Please let me know if you have any more trouble.

Hi, when i migrated my site from one domain to another my Google Map disappeared totally with message: This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

Also all google fonts are broken.

Can you tell me why, and how to fix? Thanks!

If it’s due to a migration, it’s most likely something to do with your WordPress configuration and we’ll be limited in how we can help. But if you open a support ticket on our forum, we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.