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Very nice theme!!! I want to purchase this theme but before doing it, i need some support, i hope will be supported soon. thanks alot. i find a theme for my opencart website, in my website, not only admin, other registered user can post the user’s product on website, then user can earn money and can get it through paypal, ..etc. Can i do it and how to i can do it?

OpenCart support feature “download file after purchase”. It does not support to add products from users on your site.

thanks for your support, i purchased this theme. I also have one more question, that before i install this theme in real server(host), i want to test it on localhost, can i do it?

Yes, of course

Perfect this is a great theme, you have created some very good themes keep up the good work


Hi, look this problem. Please.

Product Compare Show: Sort:

Does not enable the options to sort and display.

Technical support

If your already purchased our theme and you have some technical questions or need technical support you can submit ticket in our Support System:

Technical support working time: 10:00 – 20:00 GMT+3, Working days only (Mon – Fri)

I have a 3rd party checkout Simplecheckout.. will this work with that?

I guess I don’t then.. it just seems some have wider options than others with OC where they get very close to the edges but not quite like liquid.. still your look is awesome and I hope to hear positive news on the checkout so I can go for it. Thanks for all the help.

Checkout should work if it does not change core files.

Thank you.. still no response from Simple..

I had a tour of the admin panel and one thing I wonder is there a way to add more to the footer through those options other than just enabling things? I see you can add images for credit card options but seemed like that was it. Maybe I missed a section but I thought there were options to add to existing in general in the footer?

Thank you, Stan

Hi I love the theme but before i purchase id like to know, Is there a way to create a gallery page for items i do not want to sell (My Client would like a portfolio of custom work she produces)

I was thinking of creating this using wordpress if not but i would like to use opencart for the shop and id like the 2 themes to match.

Thank you

You can create Informational pages in OpenCart admin panel. This pages can contain any HTML content (photo, videos, links to other pages, etc).

Also you can create special Blog category “Portfolio” and post portfolio items in it. Blog module provided with theme.

Thanks for this ill purchase and take a look :)

hi I love to have your theme as a MULTI VENDOR , i found this extension is this compatible with your theme?

We don’t provide support for third party modules (we can’t test all of it). If plugin does not change core files it should work.

Great theme, thanks for all your hard work Dedalx!



(I hope this is OK to post dedalx)

Simplecheckout works fine – I have it working with category based shipping, Paypal and Worldpay direct XML


Presale Q: The default on homepage has OUR BLOG, ABOUT US, FEATURED, YOU CAN BUY IT, FIND US and SUMMER AND SUN.

Can i disable it ? I just want to show slider and latest product only.

Is it possible ?


Yes, you can disable every block in theme, change its order/position, or add your own blocks.

The whole site provides language options, only the Custom Block (animated folding) don’t provide. We would like to change the language display of custom block when we switch language. Do you have any idea how can we make it ? Many thanks.

This is not possible right now. We are working on this.

Could you please respond to my emails with regards to the messed up layouts after I have added products

I do not have a ticket id hence me posting on here ??

We provide support only in ticket system. We don’t received your emails.


We have an issue with the “Search” function on our website. You can see the issue on our website:

What changes do we need to make so it’s like you demo site with only the search results being displayed?



I think your right but where do I set the “Search Page” layout as I can not find any reference to this?


I fixed it. Thanks for the help and pointing me in the right direction.

Keep up the good work.


How you fixed this? Where was a incorrect settings?


I am considering buying this theme and would like to know if it is compatible with opencart 1.5.6.


Yes, fully compatible.

Hi Dedalx,

This is a message to confirm my purchase and request help regarding installation.


Okey, I see

Great theme! Just purchased and playing around with the Admin panel – I’m an opencart novice and it seems straight forward so far.

Is there anyway of changing the colour of the icons in the header bar – the basket changes colour but the others don’t. I am asking because I want to put an orange header but the icons are gold and are clashing.

Thanks for your time,


Check your browser/site cache. Images is static.

Cheers for that – seemed to work. But, it still says ‘buy it now’ and the image does not centre.

If you charge me some money – can you set it up, please?

Hi dedalx,

I’m running a multistore opencart setup. Is this theme also compatible with And does it change core files? (asking because i’m running multiple shops and other shops have different templates).


Theme compatible with and later. is not supported.

Hi there,

I just bought your theme. Do you have to create an account on Open Cart to access the admin panel?

Thank you, M

What you mean? You input admin panel account data when you installed OpenCart.

Thank you for your reply Dedalx. It’s good; I found the panel login M

Yes, OpenCart admin panel located in /admin/ folder.


I like your theme, before I purhcase I have a couple of questions. 1) can the category box and best seller box be added to the main page? and if yes, 2) can the banner be added on the right coulum underneath the catetgory box??



1) bestsellers yes, category no 2) yes, but not on product or homepage

I was wondering if there was a way to change the size of the top bar and the menu bar?

Yes, by Custom CSS.

I love this theme, I have one little question though: If possible, how can I make the URLs of the blog SEO friendly?

We are working on this Pavo Blog module function.