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Hi, is it possible to add drop down menu boxes for each product to select a specific item? For example I would sell one item but different colours and would prefer to have a drop down box to select it.

Yes, this is product options/attibutes OpenCart feture.

Oh right, thanks for clearing that up. I also wanted to know is it possible to change the size of the product category box? To put a bigger picture for example and remove the border around it. Also if it was possible to put the text underneath the box instead of inside.


Yes, with Custom CSS

Actual version of revolution slider is 3.0.93 Will it be adapted to your Opencart Simplegreat theme?

Of course we will update it in next theme release

Where is this line – div class=”fullwidthbanner revslider-initialised tp-simpleresponsive” id=”revslider-593”style=”height: 480px;” – ?

And how to change the height of the style=”height: 480px;” i wont height 445px ????

Fantastic template! Plenty of attention to detail went into this. Author has amazing support to top it all off! Highly recommend SIMPLEGREAT to everyone.


Hi there,

Someone asked you about the ‘Prestashop version’ ... what is the different between Prestashop version, open cart version, zen cart version etc … Im new to it and I don’t understand…

Thanks in advance

This is different shopping engines.

Last week I posted a ticket, but got no answer back. I’ve got two issues. 1: the continue buttons in the checkout is missing. 2: the category images in the top category won’t show. Can you help me?


All tickets answered. Login with your ticket id and email to see answer.


I just purchase this theme. I am running online shopping portal base on opencart version and i had already some module based only So i am not able to update my version because already its some work done. So kindly give us theme which compatible for

Regards Vinod

As you can see on theme description page: Theme compatible with OpenCart – 1.5.6.x


can i put the search box out from the menu bar? tq

Hi I can not find the css style for the specials badge colour. I have edited the .png but cannot find the background. I have found the rest at stylesheet.css but need to change the colour. cheers

Technical support

If your already purchased our theme and you have some technical questions or need technical support you can submit ticket in our Support System:

Technical support working time: 10:00 – 20:00 GMT+3, Working days only (Mon – Fri)

I am thinking of buying this template. Before I do I have several questions. 1. If I need assistance can I Skype you? 2. The simple great logo at the head of the template, van that be changed to my own logo? 3. I deal in Antiques & Collectables. The general layout is fine and fit for the purpose. However, I have several thousand cigarette cards which are currently listed on an old web site which is very clunky. But my clients love it because they can buy individual cigarette cards as well as sets and part sets. I have yet to find a web site that sells cigarette cards in the UK on an individual basis and have them listed on a web site. so you can see that is a unique selling point for me and I do well out of it. The question is can this template be altered to provide lists of items (as an example take a look at the following page of my web site and If not do you have a suggestion on how to incorporate a link or other method of keeping the lists in a similar format to their existing format? 4. If I need assistance loading the template into the opencart can you do that for me?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your speedy reply. Best Regards Nick

1) We offer support in ticket system only

2) Of course yes

3) I don’t understand what you need exactly. You can create additional pages in OpenCart to add lists of product items.

4) We provide installation service:

Thanks for the quick reply. The third part relates to how I can create a list of the card I have without listing them individually through the product pages. In other words can I put a link to a PDF with the card listings in the PDF? or do I need to list each card individually as a product?

Cheers Nick2

You can create OpenCart informational page and add any content on links on it. Then you can add custom link to main menu (where categories) to link your page to menu. You can’t just add PDF instead of real OpenCart category – this is not possible in any shop engine (OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop, etc).


So I had some trouble when I have other currencies apart from USD, specifically, in the product page, if I changed the option of a product (eg. color/size) it should auto update the new price on the product page. It works great for $9,000 for example but it doesn’t work for A$ or GBP (any currency with more than 1 character as their symbol on the left). It ends up showing “NaN” which means not a number. I examined the code and found that the number of characters for currency symbol is hardcoded.

If anyone has trouble, here is the solution. I hope the theme author can patch this as an update.


in catalog/view/theme/simplegreat/template/common/header.tpl
around line no. 112 (maybe different on yours, but it’s near those line numbers)

I changed
var OriginalCurrency = OriginalPrice.substring(0, 1);
OriginalPrice = OriginalPrice.substring(1);
OriginalPrice = OriginalPrice.replace(",","");
var OriginalCurrency = OriginalPrice.match(/\D*/g)[0];
OriginalPrice = OriginalPrice.replace(/[^\d|.]/g, "");

This function is beta and does not work with some currencies. We are working on it. Thank you for solution, we will check it, but it may not work with some special currencies that have currency symbols on different places.

Cool. Yeap I only patched it for currencies with symbols starting on the left. :)

hi, i hv few question (if i buy 45.00 license) 1. can i use traditional chinese verison to install. 2. Powered by SimpleGreat 2.0 – Premium OpenCart theme will be moved ?

many thanks!

thank you. pls adv how to remove the bottom text

sorry, how to add facebook share also. thank you !

Please check all theme Documentation and all theme admin panel features.

Just bought it. Great Work – Congs!

You mention “SEO optimized markup and layout”. Do you have the markup (structured data support) installed by default or should we do it manually inside the products page?

Thanks – Keep it up!

We don’t have this.

Nice theme. Just one minor flaw I saw: in catalog\view\theme\simplegreat\template\common\header.tpl, viewoprt values should be comma-separated. Now are ”;”, and is incorrect: “Viewport argument value “device-width;” for key “width” is invalid, and has been ignored. Note that ’;’ is not a separator in viewport values. The list should be comma-separated”.

Seo url is not used because used PavoBlog version does not support SEO urls. Latest pavoblog version support it but we can’t use it, because it have a lot of old and new bugs, we will update pavoblog version only when it will not have important bugs.

I didn´t mean SEO in the blog urls. I mean only the link to the blog section in the header menu (BLOG menu item). Instead of htttp://, you´ll have htttp:// (if SEO is activated). If is not activated, the url is as always htttp:// If you see all links in header menu and footer, all are generated with $this->url->link(), except blog, this is why I say it should also be generated with $this->url->link(). I have changed it in my web, and it´s working perfect.

OK thanks we will check this

How do I move the social bar on a product page under the description area?

Technical support

If your already purchased our theme and you have some technical questions or need technical support check our FAQ page (maybe your question already answered). If you don’t find answer you can submit ticket in our Support System:

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Please can you fix the option price update bug

Example price is £80 option is -£45 (negative)

Price should be £80 – £45 = £35

but price displays as £125


(I cannot open support ticket)

Please check our FAQ page

Yes thanks already know about FAQ

This bug has been known for a long time

The shop cannot go live until fixed

This is not a bug. You dont read faq if you have this question. You used price live update BETA feature. It available for testing purposes and simple attributes only. Disable it.


The text about product info is garbled on the product page. I have done multiple clean installation of SimpleGreat but the problem persists.

see screenshot:

Please help!

okay I fixed it a little by disabling ‘show right sidebar’. But how to get the two buttons of like and compare show up adjacent on same line? Do I need to edit any file to reduce size of ‘ADD TO CART’ button?

Please read theme documentation, you don’t setup theme correctly. Disable Category module on product page. You don’t need to turn off right sidebar.

oh got it, thanks!

How can I edit the related products sidebar to show two products at a time?

Theme does not have this feature.

When showing related products in tab, how can I sort the tab order on product page? I would like to show related products tab on top.

Theme does not have this feature.

Hi, I have been playing around with your demo site and using the ‘inspect element’ in Chrome to see what I can do. How do I go about moving the search box into the top header (to the right of the checkout button? The site I will be designing has a lot of menu items and I don’t think it will fit nicely floating to the right of them. Thanks :)

You can do this with adding some custom css styles.