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Hi ! Please, I would like if it is possible setup to appears 2 product per row (desktop device). Ex. I have 10 product (jewelry).. would stay on shop 2 per row. (285px each product).

Today, majority of theme shop put 3 or 4 product to row on desktop device.

We offer theme customization services: http://dedalx.com/theme-services/

2 product per row feature will cost around 30-40$.


ok… I will send a email for you now. with details about my necessity. thanks

Hi, why this template is no longer available for Prestashop ? :crying: Elodie

Unfortunately we stopped distributing for PrestaShop themes and don’t provide support for this platform now. We got problems from our dedicated PrestaShop team and can’t work with this people anymore. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Can I use this theme as multi-store setting for my 2 domain. Looking to buy (elegant looking) responsive theme with mobile framework (separate not same display as large screen; m.yourdomain.com) and all features for Jewelry store/ and another one for Collectibles. Please recommend me the right theme for OpenCart v1.5.6 with vqmod.

Hello, you can use theme with multistore but theme settings will be the same for both domains. You must buy additional regular license for every domain. Responsive is not a mobile site. This is layout auto adjust feature, your main site will fit mobile devices automatically, you don’t need m.* subdomain.

Hi, i would buy this theme for prestahop 1.5

is it available?

Thank you.

I just read the answer to Lawdi.

Submit a ticket http://support.any-themes.com/ in Other questions


Thinking about buying the theme, but in the demo the tags dont work? If you click on one of them the search results doesnt show any product? Is that a theme thing, or a OpenCart thing?

Cheers, Michel

Hello, this is common OpenCart 1.5.5.x bug, this is not a theme issue.

Hi, when i change the banner next to about us in content manager it doesn’t change on my homepage, also the twitter posts are not appearing? Please help! Cheers Ian

Technical support

If your already purchased our theme and you have some technical questions or need technical support check our FAQ page first (maybe your question already answered). If you don’t find answer you can submit ticket in our Support System: http://support.any-themes.com/.

Technical support working time: 10:00 – 20:00 GMT+3, Working days only (Mon – Fri)

I am struggling to add my slider. Could you please in idiot terms how to do it

We provided full slider Documentation with theme. You don’t need edit files and folders to work with slider. You need to use SimpleGreat content module. Please read documentation carefuly.

The thing I am getting concerned about is it says upload the rs plugin folder, but I do not see a folder on the server with RS on it neither do I see where the js, asset etc needs to go. Does it just go in the root? xx

You don’t need to upload anything additional. Slider already built in theme. Read OUR theme documentation how to setup slider. Read slider theme documentation to get know how to work with slides code (not how to setup slider, it already installed).

can the responive/mobile view be turned off?

The demo doesn’t look good on my phone in google chrome mobile. thank you

Hello, responsive can be turned off. We don’t see any problem in Mobile google chrome, maybe you have outdated chrome version.

I am trying to upload the zip file onto my WP theme uploaded and I’m getting a failed notice saying my stylesheet file is missing. how do i fix this?

Hi, was interested to buy but there is a major issue in demo on safari and mac. on product page.

let me know if you plan to fix it? thanks

Submit a ticket to support.any-themes.com

I am nearly finished setting up this theme and have to say it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The only issue I have is that I have set up my filters, but even moving it around on the category page as you have on yours, I cant get my filters to show up on the left side. Could you advise me on how to do this.

Many thanks and thank you for a wonderful template

Hi, does this template change the default files?

Thank you Jorge

This template don’t change system core files of OpenCart. It changes few controller files, but this changes is not big and does not change default opencart functional, so all modules should work fine with this theme.

Hi, I’ve installed the theme, (this is my second time actually, as I had to erase and rebuild my store), but this time, after following your documentation to the letter, when I view the store front, all I get is a blank white page. Can you offer up an idea as to why this has happened, please?

Hi, product tag search is not working (at least in Opencart last version). The problem is in catalog/controller/product/search.php, line 204, $this->request->get[‘filter_tag’]. You have to replace $this->request->get[‘filter_tag’] with $this->request->get[‘tag’]. Tag GET variable in search is ‘tag’, not ‘filter_tag’. By the way, it should be better to make changes in a vqmod file instead of replacing files :)

Hi, we know about it, but this is OpenCart 1.5.5.x problem, not theme, because “catalog/controller/product/search.php” is OpenCart core file (not theme file).

In Opencart 1.5.6 is fixed. But yes, Opencart has the bug. The problem is this template replaces that file, and replaces it with that bug. That´s another reason to use a vqmod file for changes, and don´t replace a core file.

Ok thanks!

Hi When loading products the additonal images for the products do not load in, I have to go out and go back into the product and still sometime the additional images do not load!!!!

Technical support

If your already purchased our theme and you have some technical questions or need technical support check our FAQ page first (maybe your question already answered). If you don’t find answer you can submit ticket in our Support System: http://support.any-themes.com/.

Technical support working time: 10:00 – 20:00 GMT+3, Working days only (Mon – Fri)

Hello ! I search simplegreat for prestashop ! I make a project with this template and now i can’t buy theme ! Can i buy this ?

Hello. I set up the template and it’s working great. I only have one issue to resolve.

In an Android tablet (but not a phone) a product’s title and add to cart buttons, etc show distorted. Please, see this screen shot http://prntscr.com/208k7m

What can I do to fix this?

Thank you in advance.

I understand customer support takes a lot of time and you have to find a better and efficient way to manage it, but if you are sending everybody to your support ticket system and they go through the trouble of explaining what the issue is, it’d be great if you made an effort to check and see what the issue is before firing of a canned one-sentence message.

One more time, the problem I have isn’t due to old browsers or software – I run Android 4.1 on my tablet and the latest updated stock browser and Dolphin browser. In both of them the individual product title/description looks distorted.

Again, this issue only comes up in an android tablet with a screen resolution of 1024×600 Pixels – AND not in phones. I’m not a genius but I can tell you that this has nothing to do with browsers and versions, but rather with the CSS styling for this particular screen resolution (since the template is responsive).

I thought that I am helping by submitting a ticket about what appears to be a bug in the template styling, but… may be not.

We provide support only in ticket system. Don’t post any questions here. Support staff does not read it.

Is the theme available as html/css/js files. I want to implement the theme inside a different shopping cart system is it available that way.

Unfortunately we don’t have HTML/CSS for this theme.

Dedalx, hello!

Please tell me, why i haven’t SimpleGreat Content Manager in module?

thank you!

If you read theme documentation you will know that you need to use Welcome module or copy translation files correctly.

I’m really sorry! Great thank for your’s theme!

Hello there,

Would appreciate it so much if you could help me with…

Ticket Number: 813354

Thanks so much in advance.

If you already submitted ticket wait for reply (up to 3 days after submit). Don’t post that you posted ticket here. We know about it. If you need quick answer in 1 day you can order paid support service.