Discussion on SimpleMag - Magazine Drupal 7 and 8 Theme

Discussion on SimpleMag - Magazine Drupal 7 and 8 Theme

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You still have not sent me the promised theme for drupal, as stated in your description. I got an old theme that does not match the description on your theme. I ask you to return payment for an incorrect theme.

When I bought the SimpleMag theme, the link to the Live Demo on the theme page https://themeforest.net/item/simplemag-magazine-drupal-8-theme/13929581 was


After buying the theme I found that the theme for Drupal, which was sold by drupalet, contains a link to a theme for Wordpress and there are huge expenses in design and style. The theme for Wordpress has a Mega Menu, which we needed so much. The theme for Drupal is significantly different in design. The topic author provided inaccurate information when buying a topic.

Now the link to Live Demo themes for Drupal has been changed. But we have a completely different unnecessary theme. The author does not reply to messages.


I bought your SimpleMag theme and installed it on the latest version of Drupal. This theme does not correspond to how the theme looks in the example, this is a completely different layout. For example, the design of the slider looks very different, as well as menus, blocks with images, does not content Mega Menu. Even the site logo is not called SimpleMag, but SimpleNews.

Have you not downloaded the new version of the theme for downloading? Or downloaded some other theme? Please correct and send me the latest version of the topic.

Please check your mail Thanks

Please, check the url in my email.

Bought this theme – ran into some issues. Filed two support requests – no response whatsoever. DO NOT BUY

Theme design not bad, BUT: Ive been working with Drupal since v6.x and i NEVER HAD A CRAP DOCUMENTATION LIKE THIS! They mix up D7 + D8 + fresh install + sample install + theme/modules upgrade !! WTF ??!!

Want my $$ back ! Support 5 (days) ?! Are you living in North Korea or what ??

Hi, Does this theme support Drupal 8.1.1 ?

Can you prove Drupal 8 readiness based on the comments above? Does anyone have a D8 preview version?

we need drupal 8 mega menu ,But given template doesn’t suppport drupal 8 mega menu Please help us


Great looking theme. Before I buy, can I check if the Drupal 8 installation guidance has now been added and if the theme is fully compatible with the new Drupal 8.1 release? Thanks.

Looks very good and I have one pre-sales question.

The YouTube js is MASSIVE and is loading on this page without any YT http://simplemag.drupalet.com/content/standard-post How can you control loading via a page or path? OK I see it now in the footer “Cuba The Accidental Eden”. <figure class=”video-wrapper”> There is a missing https in the path BTW. Great, theme is fast enough to load.

One more Q - Using panels? display path? Will anything break…...?

Hi, just downloaded the theme and can not check out how to install with D8. Are there any instructions? I also found only things for D7. Please give me help …


You just need to unzip the file (SimpleMag-setup-new-website-Drupal 8.zip). Then importa database. Finally, just change the configuration database in the directory “sites/default/settings.php” (line 715)


Just bought the theme for Drupal 8 but it is listing views in the modules folder. In drupal 8 views is in the core. Are the modules checked for drupal 8 version ???

It seems that the drupal 8 files need to be extracted from the folder for a complete new setup with Drupal 8. This is confusing if somebody wants to use the theme files only for an existing install. It should be clear which files to use with Drupal 7 and which files to use with Drupal 8. The files in the folder “for existing installs” seem to be Drupal 7 files.

I am not too happy with the missing documentation and it is not easy to dig through the settings of the theme.However, I really like the theme a lot and I think I can start with the prepackaged Drupal 8 version that comes with all content types and settings. So I am going ahead and will give the theme a five star rating since I find it refreshing different from other drupal themes and I hope some better documentation will follow. The theme is cool nevertheless! So thanks for porting it to Drupal 8.

This is labeled as Drupal 8, even in the download file titles, but it ships with D7 instructions and doesn’t appear to contain any D8 code. WTF?

I apologize for the careless. Documentation for version D8 being Submit, and waiting approval.


Theme is nice but the support is not.

Hello. I have a problem. Please contact me by email: chelwolf@mail.ru. I already wrote support, but would like to be sure that you got my message.

Tech support, where are you?

Im having trouble syncing my xml sitemap with google webmaster. Is this down to the theme perhaps?

Since I want to start with Drupal 8 and really like the theme I too am curious to know when there will be a Drupal 8 compatible version of the theme. I am really excited to see the theme here (I already have the WordPress Version). Great addition to the Drupal themes!

Any update on the drupal 8 compatibility?

Hi there!

Congratulations on on such a beautiful theme! It’s exactly what we are looking for but we do have a few questions.

1) That’s great news about the upgrade to Drupal 8. Do you have a rough timeline of when that update will happen? For example do you expect it be completed in a few months or do you expect it will be next year? Will it be a free upgrade to existing customers?

2) The author of the original Wordpress theme is planning a major update this should come out this week that will include significant new features like e-commerce support? When do you plan to update the Drupal version to incorporate the features introduced in the Wordpress version?

http://themeforest.net/item/simplemag-magazine-theme-for-creative-stuff/4923427/comments .

3) Can you share the documentation for the theme? We would love to know what modules you used. We are also very curious how easily the layout can be changed.

4) You version is beautiful and I love that it’s on Drupal but surprisingly it appears to be much slower than the Wordpress version. In fact it’s among of the slowest Drupal themes i’ve tested here. Do you have an explanation for this? For your reference I have included the Google page speed tests below. I am especially concerned about the response time? I hope you can get it fixed immediately if it’s a hosting issue. Most buyers assume that the theme is working at it’s best on the sellers site.

https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsimplemag.drupalet.com&tab=desktop https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fthemesindep.com%2Fsimplemag%2F&tab=desktop


This is the Drupal Version of the successful Wordpress Template by ThemesIndep. Will it be available also for Drupal 8 ?

It will be upgraded in the shortest time!

Thanks :)


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