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Hi, is it possible to create ‘Post Feed’ section on homepage ‘by tags’? if not, would it be possible to get this help with renewed support license? thanks

Hi iamhrliao, currently it’s not possible, but perhaps we’ll add such option in the future. Thank you for you suggestions.


I bought your theme a while ago and love it. Suddenly the gallery and slider started having issues, and wouldnt show at all, just a large blank space.

I tried reinstalling the entire wordpress installation with a fresh installment of Simplemag- but the problem is still there!! I dont have support included anymore, and I really don’t feel like paying a fee when this issue apparently stems from the theme. I’ve tried absolutely everything, and with a fresh installment I really thought it would work.

Can you help me with this, please? Thanks!

I can see the slider with three posts and each post have an image. Everything works fine, please refresh the page a couple of times.

This is how i see the slider

Hi! It works now, THANK YOU! :)

One more question, the gallery is showing like this: inside posts.. I thought it was possible to have the carousel, but see nothing in the documentation about how to do that.


In the documentation it’s described in the “Post Options” part.

Currently this gallery works with “Above the content” option selected in “Media Position”, what you need is “Full Width”.

You can change it globally site wide or per post. Go to Theme Options -> Single Post and see the “Media Position” options. If you select either first or the second, the change will apply for all posts, if you select the third option “Define per post” you can change “Media Position” in each post.

If you have selected the “Define per post” option, go to this post with the gallery, find “Media Position” in “Post Options” box and change to “Full Width”.

Hi, I bought this theme but I would need to know if you are offering any update. I am having issues with spam on my website and I need to know if you could offer a new update to fix it. Kind Regards

Hi carlosmorgado,

Sure, we will upload an update very soon, but please note that theme does not have a a fucntionality to deal with spam, theme is only a visual presentation of the content you publish. What you need is a spam prevention plugins like:

Akismet –

WP-SpamShield –

Antispam Bee –

or just Google for other similar plugins.

Please also see this article:

Hi ThemesIndep,

Thanks for your answer. I´m actually using some of them, but I have the same problem, so I hope you can launch a new update soon. Would be great!

Keep in touch and thanks!

Kind Regards


romeing Purchased

Hello! how can I add an html tag (a simple hyperlink) on the Footer Text?

Hi romeing

<a href="">Link Name</a>

galerna Purchased


Is it possible to add social media icons in the bar menu with it’s own grahic and link?.

I tried to add a link in the menu but I don’t see the way to asign a graphic.

Tha’s all.



galerna Purchased

Hi again.

1. No, I don’t to replace icons, I need to add the social icons in the main bar menu of this web :

I’ve worked with other themes that allow to add the social icons adding a tag. This is what I need, not to change the icons.

2. Related with the shortcodes, I told you about using this shortecodes in the post pages and how to add multimedia and varios elements to the single page posts.

I see that the demo page and the main web, don’t explain or show the use of shortcodes and it’s results.


1. Unfortunately we do not have a quick solution to solve it. I can recommnd you to copy the social icons code from top strip and add it into the main menu container or enable the top strip and social icons in Theme Options.

2. To add shortcodes, download the latest theme version from the Downloads page of your Theme Forest account and unpack it. Inside the unpacked folder find the shortcodes archive and install it as any other plugin. After the activation you’ll see the [S] icon in the editor of each page and post. Click on the icon and add the desired shortcodes.


galerna Purchased

I will do that.


Hi, Some presale question: I am launching a new website in March or april. I am testing it offline using Wamp Servers. I have tried your theme on my test site and its amazing so I have decided to ppurchase it. But I have few question before i purchase. 1. Is it possible to show Featured posts and Homepage Slider posts in random order? 2. Can you please add an option to show an ad inside post? Thanks

Hi gaganjosan420

Thank you for interest in our theme.

1. it is possible with code customization, and instructions on how to do that are provided on our support forum.

2. This option already exists in the theme.


Kelz101 Purchased

Hi ,

Please i need the code to show the “Last Updated Time” of a post. And where can i edit it?

Hi Kelz101

Please open a new topic on our support forum, and we will help you:

Unfortunately, we can’t provide support here in comments.

Hi Dear Author If the DEMO DATA IMPORT available? where?

Hi, demo data can be found after theme purchase is complete.


vertopia Purchased

Hi, it is possible to replace videos with a custom image for mobile instead of showing the first frame as it does now? Thanks!

Hi vertopia

Please open a new topic on our support forum, and we will help you:

Unfortunately, we can’t provide support here in comments.


vertopia Purchased

thank you, i have submitted a support request, I look forward to hearing back from you.