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Hi, I am using the pop up gallery within a post and it looks great but I am not able to make the captions visible on my iphone or samsung phones. How can I do that?

Hi kitchendesignnetwork, please open a new topic in our support forum

I have purchased Item Support but I still don’t have access to the Forum.

I want to create the Unique Wordpress Gallery exactly like your demo, but I’m not able to do it. It always appears as a slidshow. Can you help?

Thank you! All done :)

Please repost your question on the forum, we’ll be glad to help you.

I’ve figured it out :)

Thank you anyway, if I have any other questions I’ll post them on the forum

recently upgraded to 4.2 and now the sidebar on my homepage is gone. What happened? and how do I get it back?

Hi, you can select the new Posts Feed section, which can show Latest Posts, featured Posts, etc., and then select the sidebar from the Sidebar drop down.


nushret Purchased

The Best of Envato Good work guys :)

Thank you.


aluth09 Purchased

Any way to use the full width for the header and footer and fixed for the body?

Hi aluth09,

Please open a new topic at our support forum


Chedr Purchased

Hi there, How to get the post pages to have the full width slider like this please? Can’t find the option? Thanks!

Hi Chedr,

Full width slider option is available when you build the page using Page Composer.

I have purchased an extension for my Item Support but I am not receiving access to the Forum? HELP!

Hi DarcyLeaStudio

Sorry, it seems was a cache issue. I’ve cleared the cache on the Forum and now it’s working.

Please try to login again.


gsm13 Purchased

Hi ! For any unknown reason I have most images broken on my homepage, and lightbox is no longer working on pages/images. No changes have been done recently. Any hint?


gsm13 Purchased

No changes, except update wordpress and theme.

Hi gsm13, please share your site URL where we can see the issue.


gsm13 Purchased

Message sent with URL. Thanks for your help.

Hi, how can I add affiliate link disclosure at the very beginning of the blog post? So its under title, not as the blog post. Thanks

Hi olgaloucka

For support questions, please visit our support forum

hi, we purchased your item and install woocommerce succeffuly. But when trying to install woocommerce product slide the plugin does not correctly display ! there is conflict ithink ! could you help us ?

Hi ffdesignermag

Please repost your question on the forum, we’ll be glad to help you.


Is there a way to create 2 sidebars, one will be used on desktop homepage, the other one will be displayed on homepage for mobile user only? And is there a way to hide sidebar for mobile users?


Hi coffeetiger,

It is possible to show a separate sidebar for homepage with built in options. It is possible to hide the sidebar for mobile users with additional custom coding.

How can I remove the first letter drop cap ?

I use : .ltr .entry-content > p:first-of-type:first-letter { padding:0 !important; float:none !important; font-size:inherit !important; font-weight:inherit !important; font-family:inherit !important; line-height:inherit !important; }

But doesn’t work on Chrome navigator ?

Thanks in advance

Thank you.

But I’ve you tested with Chrome on this page :

Thanks in advance

Looking at your site using Chrome, I don’t see any drop cap. Have you resolved this already?


in single-article.php

I had just before <?php the_content(); ?> a blank paragraph (


agfuturo Purchased

There is a bug that doesn’t let me save post feed with no sidebar on latest version. What could it be?

Hi agfuturo,

We are not familiar with such bug. Please give us more info about what you are doing and what you get as a result.


agfuturo Purchased

This is what’s happening: If I place a Custom Slider before a post feed, it’s impossible do save the post feed with no sidebar. I select “no sidebar” but, after publishing, it sets automatically another sidebar.

If I remove Custom slider, it works fine.

Hi agfuturo, i was not able to reproduce the same issue on my end. I can think about two possible reasons:

1. If you are using WooSidebars to create custom sidebars, do not use the replace functionality, just create a new sidebar and that is it.

2. There is a outdated plugin that make conflicts with theme fucntionality. Please disable the plugin you are using and then see if the issue is gone.


fikir360 Purchased

hi, i want to create “site authors” page but i couldn’t. Can you help me?


fikir360 Purchased

i have installed “Shortcodes Indep” plugin, do you mean this? i don’t know how to use it?

After the installation you’ll will see an [S] icon in the top row of editor buttons on every post and page. Click on the icon and then select Authors from the dropdown. Change the settings accordingly to your needs and click Insert.

On our support forum, you’ll find the most latest shortcodes plugin version available for download.


fikir360 Purchased

thanks. i found it.


adgestars Purchased

Hi, i have installed buddypress and have found that the styling of buddypress doesnot fit properly with the theme. Can you please help me beautify the buddypress components?


Hi adgestars, we have not tested BP with the theme or worked to make the design match theme styling. I can recommend you to hire a developer at Envato Studio to make BP to look like the theme.


adgestars Purchased

Okay, how much money and time will be needed to complete that.

I can’t tell you exactly as it depends by each developer in the Studio. They charge differently based on country of residence, some charge hourly and some per project.

Search for developers with good rating, positive comments and feedbacks and then talk to them directly.


franie47 Purchased

Hello. Can you help me see my website. Because adsense does not work well sometimes in SIDEBAR . thanks.

Hi franie47, please post your question on our support forum and we will try to help you to resolve the issue.

I have Simple Mag 4.1 and deactivated the mobile theme in my website’s early stage. Now I cannot figure out how to re-add the mobile theme. When you go to my website on mobile it shows the full site.

Hi jascreates, for support questions please register at our support forum

I’m interested in buying and have a few questions.

Can each page have 3-4 columns like this

For each main page there will be sub pages that will need to be on the left or right sidebar of that main page that was selected. So, each main page has it’s on sidebar, not the same sidebar for other main pages. is this possible?

Can I have a button next to the logo on the right?

Could i have the header like this—logo on the left, the menu comes up on the same line and a button on the very right on the same line?

the blogs on your demo have pictures, i’m not forced to include a picture for the blog post correct? It will still keep the same layout without a picture?

thank you kindly and looking forward to your answers

Hi Romulus2013, thank you for your interest.

1. Theme can have only two columns, one for content and one for sidebar.

2. It is possible to create a new sidebar for each page by using a free third party plugin, such as Woo Sidebars, supported by the theme.

3. It is possible to place a graphic banner or button on the right side of the logo and link it to a site or an external page. Please see an example

4. You can use only a top strop header where logo and menu are on the same line. See an example (ignore the menu under the top strip, it can be disabled).

Then you can create a Custom Link which can be a Donate link, as a last link in the menu, and give it a different background and color.

5. It depends on what sections of the page builder you are going to use. Some sections are better with pictures, but using pictures is not mandatory.

I need access to an updated version of the new WooCommerce files. Thank you.

Hi larissaparks, you can download the latest theme version from the Downloads page of your account.

I did and it is saying WooCommerce templates out of date.

For now please use the theme and WC with this message, it does not harm your site. We will upload an update during the weekend with the updates files.

Hi, I’ve got a license and just downloaded 4.3 version as I noticed I was using 4.2 version. However, when trying to upload it to Wordpress, it has failed as the ccs style sheet is missing in the zip folder. Could you advise?

Hi ggunel, you need to unzip the downloaded archive and install which you will find in the Theme Files folder.