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Hello! Thank you for this new update. Btw, do you have a changelog? Thanks again!

Hi barreoblique,

Pleas see the change log:


Moda30 Purchased

Thank you for the update. Just I miss something, to be able to customize the Mobile version of the website, I have a lot of traffic from Mobiles and I would like to be able to remove the sidebar and footer from the mobile version of the site, it would be a nice update to have some options to customize the Mobile website

Hi Moda30, thank you for the suggestion. We will consider it for future updates.

Hi, I just received the notification of the new update available. I just overwrite it over the old version?

Hi cwallace87, delete the old version and then install the new one or rename the new version to something like and install it without deleting the old version. This way you can keep both versions just in case.


robotgirl Purchased

Hi I’ve just installed a new installation and I seem to be missing the title lines function.. Any ideas how to fix would be very much appreciated.

This option is located in Theme Option -> Design Option tab. You can disable the lines or upload your own.


robotgirl Purchased

Yes it doesn’t work it’s constantly disabled, sorry that’s what I meant. I love the lines! Do you know what size they are perhaps I can add some?

Please email us your dashboard username and password, using the contact form on our profile page, we’ll take a look.

Hi, I am interested in purchasing your theme but I have three particular questions:

(1) Does the theme allow for a full header similar to my current site (

(2) Are there parallax options or a way to use a plugin for that option as well as a page builder? I wanted to be able to put text on the homepage before the blog starts.

(3) Is there a way to remove the sidebar from certain pages and even gray out the lines of the sidebar?

I love the style of your site and understand that its definitely suited for blog purposes, but I wanted to see if it possible for me to adapt it to be more of a blog/static site similar to my other website here - where I can manipulate full width pages.

I look forward to hearing from you!! Thanks so much!

Hi epdallas,

Thank you for your interest and very sorry for a late reply.

1. Unfortunately we do not have this option right now.

2. Theme comes with it’s own page builder where you can add an image with minimal parallax effect and custom text which overlays the images. Please see an example, “Fill Width Image”, on this page:

3. Sure, it is possible to disable the sidebar on page and post basis. In our demo you can find pages and posts with and without sidebar.

Where can we find what was added to the 4.4 update? Most of the theme on the market have those information available… Would love to know what will change when I’ll update my theme, so I don’t have any bad surprises… Thank you!


nick_yoa Purchased

HI, I have the Simple Mag theme v.01. the theme is working properly but I can’t upgrade it. I tried every time you release a new version, but when I upgrade mine all the layout of the site crashed. What can I do? Thank you

Hi nick_yoa

The version 4.x has a lot of improvements and new features, but it also has some visual changes compared to the old versions.

I would suggest you to install the new version 4.x separately, as a standalone theme, without overwriting your old one, to see if it fits you and have an option to switch back to the previous theme.

You can download the new version of theme from Themeforest, clone the “simplemag” folder and rename it to something like “simplemag_new”.

Compress it to a zip file, and then install it as standalone theme.


Moda30 Purchased

Hello! The adsense codes do not display between posts in the homepage, it is not a CSS problem because i fill the space for the ad code with text and I can see the whole text. Is it a problem with the theme or a change in Adsense policy?

BTW Great theme!

Hi Moda 30,

Please email us your dashboard username and password, using the contact form on our profile page, we’ll take a look.