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Hi, I signed up for your support but did not get an email to login.

I have some questions and suggestions….

Is there an easy way to put in a background so it appears on the sides of the magazine? Any way to do a fullscreen video on the top and slide down like a parallax page to the rest?

Can we put in our own shortcodes yet?

Can we mix in our own content with your shortcodes? It would be so beneficial to have our own content like when we do a regular page as well as your shortcodes, as opposed to one or the other.

A transparent container may be good too so we could do (faded) backgrounds.

How can I put large headlines between the menu and where the logo is?

Is there a custom css section for each page? Each section of each page? Like the header, body, footer, etc.?

It would be really great to stretch the home page area between the menu and the newsletter to put a super large headlne as opposed to just inserting a graphic.

Is there an easy way to put attachments on a post pages?

is there an easy way to put a form in with the contact 7 or to have facebook comments, youtube comments, etc. on each post?

Thought these questions would be okay here….

Really great, clean looking theme….would love to get it to look a bit more funkier for my own purposes.

Happy 4th of July.


Hi, thank you for your quick response. I was able to figure out a simple way to do the backgrounds, however I am an issue with some graphical slider elements, can you email me so i can show you? Thanks.

Please use contact form in our profile page here on ThemeForest to send us an email

okay, I’ve emailed you

Hi there,

I just bought this theme and was wondering if it’s possible to move the menu bar to top before the portfolio box?

Also is it possible to have a slide show in the portfolio box instead of the square images?


Hi boberika, we do not have portfolio box. Are you sure you on the right theme?

Yes sorry it’s for a different theme, thanks for the quick response anyway :)

Not a problem :)

Still no advertising integration examples on the demo? It’s keeping me from buying…

Hi jeffcampagna, we will update the Live Preview after the update 1.5. The ad places already exists.

Good to hear. Yeah, I just want to see how they look and react to different devices before I make the purchase.

No problem, just please be patience till we finish with the update :)


I’m looking into buying this theme, but I’m wondering if I can move the social media buttons up on the home page and if the home page can have a sidebar.

Thank you!


I’m looking into buying this theme, but I’m wondering if I can move the social media buttons up on the home page and if the home page can have a sidebar.

Thank you!

Hi herfantasyfb, in update 1.5 we have added social icons near the search, will be uploaded soon. Sidebar can be only with Latest Posts, as you can see in Live Preview.

1. It’s a beautiful theme, really loved it. 2. Does it support RTL? my website is in Arabic language.

Hi klamtech, thank you for your interest in our theme. Without additional work the theme does not support RTL.

Hi there,

I’m thinking about purchasing your theme but I wondered a few things:

- it’s imperative to my website that I have icons for all of my social networks. Are you planning on implementing social icons either in the top search or somewhere in the header?

- Are you planning on implementing Font Awesome icons so that the icons themselves are ready for retina screens?

- Is this theme compatible with WooCommerce and their shortcodes?

Many thanks,


Hi hindutimes, thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. Now we finishing update 1.5 (available soon) where we made social icons near the search. It can be configured from Theme Options.

2. Currently social icons, you see in Live Preview, are font, not Font Awesome, but another font that works exactly as Font Awesome.

3. We have not tested the theme with WooCommerce.


Dear author, I have one question :) : on the homepage, it’s possible to put only one column of content (with big big pictures) instead of three like now ??? Thank you,

Hi mekasiat, sorry, but it’s not possible. You can have three columns or two columns with sidebar.

Thanks you for your reply. I readed that background is not supported on the theme, right ? It will be available integrated in the next updates one day ?? Your theme is still the best on themeforest and works so great ! :) Thanks,

Hi mekasiat, can’t promise you anything about the background feature.

Hi there, love your theme and wondering its support Woo Com? If yes we will buy it.


Do you mean WooCommerce? Currently there is no integration with it.

Hi yes, thanks

Hi. Is this theme GPL compatible for use on

Hi mattcerrone, does not allow the use of themes not from their repository.

I’m a VIP customer and can use outside themes, but they must be GPL compatible. Do you know if this theme meets that standard?

Hi I already downloaded the version 1.1 before and now should i download and install the new version? Excuse me for asking very new to wP.

Hi aspenextreme, Thank you for buying.

Yes, you should download the new one and install it.

Thank you for answering my inquiries fast. Not only do you make quality design but you have excellent customer service. Definitely a FIVE STAR!

Hi aspenextreme, thank you very much for your feedback.


How do I make posts with a sidebar? currently they’re stuck on full-width.


Hi awetherill, if you mean in Homepage, then you should add Latest Posts section and enable the sidebar.

I mean an actual post as in a blog post. Whenever I make a post/article they are full-width, I want them with a sidebar like this:

Hi awetherill, you see it full width because your sidebar is empty. Drag some widgets into the “Magazine” sidebar.

Gorgeous blogging theme. Was thinking about purchasing for one of our client…. BUT…. No 1 column Blog? Come on guys – you’ll get more sales with that feature :) Now i have to look for another theme :(

Hi businessrocket, thank you for the interest and the suggestion.

As an admin, can I not assign who wrote the post in the post editing panel? The option isn’t there for some reason.

Hi JonahKaner, at the top right of your dashboard find and click on the Screen Options button, after it slides down check the Author checkbox. The Author box will appear below the editor.

Love the look of this theme, but many of my posts don’t include images. Any chance you could include a sample post that doesn’t contain any images (featured or within the content area) so we can see how this type of post would appear alongside posts with featured images? Thanks!

Hi blairwarren, the post will begin from the top starting from the category/date line.

Great. I know some themes use a default placeholder image and I just wanted to make sure SimpleMag didn’t. Thanks.


Beautiful theme. Just bought it. One question, if you can help me: what is the optimal size for an image in order to be properly displayed on homepage? I am asking this because some are smaller, some are bigger, some are blurry. Thank you!

Yes, but the banners in the sidebar do not appear on homepage. Only if you click on a post. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Sorry. Got it.

This sidebar is the same sidebar that appear in single page.

Hi, I’m a great fan of this template. I’m wishing to buy it but don’t have enough amount at this moment. missing it…

Hi Ebrahim6, thank you for your comment. We making some changes to the theme and updating it, maybe everything happens in the right time.

Thanks for your reply! Just to see your template I’ve decided to publish an online newspaper for my city. Will purchase asap!

When are you expecting to release 1.5?

Hi jeffcampagna, we doing our bets to help other buyers and finishing the update. Please, a little more patience.

Hi there, will you be adding IAB standard ad units? for example 300×250 for the side bar and is the homepage customizable to add a sidebar?

thank you

Hi wonderwoman, starting from version 1.4 it’s already exists. Widgets and sections in the page composer.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’ll download it again :-)