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Does this theme support the Yummly recipe app? Also, any examples of someone using this theme for a cooking and lifestyle blog? Thanks in advance!

Hi allyskitchen,

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

Do you mean the Yummly WP plugin ? We have never tested the theme with this plugin, but i do not see a reason why it won’t work.

Here is an example of a cooking and al lifestyle blog

You will find more examples in our Facebook page

my support already expired as it has been a long while since i installed this theme but still use it of course. everything is perfect unfortunately noticed recently that the video format on my homepage no longer displays the video to play. you can only see the featured image. before you can click it directly and it will play accordingly. what happened?! any help?

Hi mahryska,

Please send us your site URL, where we can see the issue, using the contact form on our profile page

I cant install the theme, i keep getting this message… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi NorthernGem,

Please unzip the package you are trying to install and install only the archive located in the Theme Files folder of the the unzipped package.


bellaes Purchased

Hi there,

Can you please help me why my product page is loading so slow and sometimes it won’t load at all. This seemed to happen after adding multiple attributes, values, and variations.

It only loads if I keep refreshing the page at least 2-3 times.

How do I fix the slow speed? It’s really slow.

Thank you.

Hi bellaes,

Please send us your site URL, where we can see the issue, using the contact form on our profile page


bellaes Purchased

Thank you. Email sent already.


Presale question: Any plans on updating theme to WP 4.9 and WC 3.x?

Hi NeroBlock,

Thank you for your interest.

Theme is already compatible with latest versions of WP and WC. The info is now updated.

hello. can you please advise on how to put a space between paragraphs in Simplemag?

Hi paulebbo,

When you want to start a new paragraph in the Editor hit the Enter key twice. For more info please see “Tip 3. Single and Double Line Spacing” on this page

thanks so much for responding. Weird, it still doesn’t show paragraph breaks, although only one post does show breaks

Please share the URL of the post without paragraphs. You can use the contact form on our profile page to send it privately.

HI, bought the theme, registered on the support site with 2 different email accounts, after 14 hours i still got no access credentials? How that?

Hi meranomaia,

Thank you for registering at our support forum. Please check your email spam folder, perhaps it landed there. If not, please use the contact form on our profile page to send us your email you used for registration or the purchase id, we’ll check what is going on.

Why? ... I’ve been using this theme for years and I really like it. But unfortunately it was too slow to load, without the updates. So I decided to change to version 4.5.1. But EVERYTHING appears unconfigured. The menu does not appear, nor the highlighted image … it’s a horror. What to do? Is this what happens to the update?

10 minutes ago I received an email from their support helping me. really great!!

I need to say that the support service was perfect! On a New Year’s Eve! Great or not?

Updating the theme from SimpleMag Version: 3.0.4 to SimpleMag Version: 4.5.1 breaks so many aspects of my website? –

Hi togwire,

Please use the contact form on profile page and send us an email describing the issues you are facing.

Thanks what’s the link to that page?

Hi, just purchased your theme, all good so far. However, I cannot work out how to adjust the image sizes for the Asynchrony product layout. Could you give me a pointer, please. The images that layout displays are far larger than my images so the quality is being reduced.


Hi wonkydogltd, thank you for using our theme.

Please have a look at the solution ( see Option 1.) posted in the following topic:

Thanks, will check it out.

any update looking to apply on my website

Hi slashcoder,

The most latest version 4.2 can be downloaded from the Downloads page of your account. It’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress.


I am trying to create an alternative version of the composer template page. My problem is that, when I choose it from the templates dropdown, it does not show the composer but the default. Any guide on the rest of the changes I need to make?

Thank you for your time.


Hi NeroBlock,

Thank you for using SimpleMag.

Please register at our support forum, open new topic and provide us a bit more info about the steps that leads to the issue. If it’s possible add links to screenshots where the issue is visible.

I really, really enjoy the theme! I keep it updated all the times, however I feel like there are some bugs that I cannot fix myself and that I’ve tried to get answers to myself, but couldn’t.

1) I use the full width layout – but the footer area is still boxed. I would like to add an instagram gallery and some other things in a full width area in the footer (widget). How can I do that?

2) my catergory pages all look different – I can neither change the layout from list to grid to others nor the activate/deactivate the sidebar.

3) I would like to change all categories to look the same by using elementor – how/where can I do that? When I edit the categories, it doesn’t have the edit with elementor button.

Thanks so much in advance.

Hi ChronicWanderlust, thank you for using our theme.

It’s hard to troubleshoot without seeing it in action. Please contact us using the contact form on our profile page, including a link to your site, and we will check what is wrong.

Hi, i have a problem with the responsive version of the theme. I can’t make the posts to be visible with the featured image on top and the title/description on bottom. Here is an example of what i mean: Is possible to make the posts like your demo on the right, i’ve tried everything :( ps: i’m working on local so i can’t link the blog…

Thanks in advance.

Hi fabioediga

Please email us your question, using the contact form on our profile page.

Hi, I extend the support for another 6 months. However, when I login to the support forum, it shows that “Support has expired, and you need to purchase Support extension before you can access this forum again.” Would you please check this for me? thank you.

Hi roweroweporady,

Thank you for extending the support period. Sometimes it takes a bot of time until everything is synced. Everything should be ok now, please try to log in.